Top 11 Best Free Workout And Fitness Apps For iPhone in 2021

Best Free Workout And Fitness Apps For iPhone [2021 Update] – Did you ever think about that? a smart app to get you the fitness stats about you. In the Best Fitness And Workout Apps For iPhone, I’ll be giving you a lot to think about the fact that keeping a tab on your health is what these apps do. Are you bored of endlessly pounding treadmill? While you can easily track your speed and distance when you’re on the treadmill, running in the real world is a completely different experience.

The running is a great way to burn out a few extra calories and lose weight, lift up the mood or build your stamina. But in the real world, you don’t know how fast you’re going, how far you’ve gone, and whether you’re edging towards your fitness goals. Luckily, your iPhone now has all the tools required to track your runs, monitor the overall progress, and keep you motivated by using these Best Workout And Fitness Apps For iPhone.

Best Workout And Fitness Apps For iPhone

Achieve your fitness goals and you could win gift cards, workout gear, and equipment! What’s not to love in that? If you’ve been struggling to find the right running app, here’s a list of some of the best running workout and fitness apps designed for your iPhone. All have certain features and supportive properties that can amaze you. Let us read more about them down here.

FitOn Fitness App iPhone [Update 2021]

fiton iphone fitness app

FitOn is a promising name when your focus is on finding a workout app for iPhone for free. This workout and fitness app is available for Android and iPhones, which is simple to set up and start your training. Create a free account, enter some details regarding your lifestyle, workout preferences, and fitness goals, which are pretty usual ones.

The app will line up your personalized schedule as soon as you provide your information. In case you don’t know what workouts to start with, FitOn suggests you with some fitness workouts based on your target area, duration, and intensity. You can also track your food intake and share your progress with your friends online. Although the free version is pretty much enough, you can also take a paid subscription to unlock more FitOn Pro features.

Nike+ Running (Best Fitness Apps for Iphone)

Best Fitness Apps for Iphone

Nike+ running is one of the Best Fitness Apps for Iphone It has gone beyond trainers and sports clothing and really embraced smart fitness with the likes of the Nike FuelBand SE. Nike+ Running is another such innovation. It allows you to track the distance, pace and time of your runs and it’s smart enough to pause and start up again when you do, so if you need to catch your breath you won’t need to stop the app.Once you’re done you can then share your route on Facebook and sync it with the website.It’s a slick, pared back app and while it may be light on features it’s easy to use, looks good and does what it sets out to.

Nike Run Club Key FeaturesFull Apple watch series support, track and store runs, audio guide runs, global and custom challenges, personalized coaching plans.

Jawbone Up (Best Fitness Apps For Iphone)

You might already be familiar with UP as a wrist-worn activity tracker but the brains of the operation are actually found in its companion smartphone app. By using your phone’s built-in sensors, UP collects all the data it would get from a dedicated tracker, provided you bring your phone along for the ride. Best of all, the UP app is completely free to use.It’s a simple feature, but it goes a long way to ensuring that UP feels more like an aid than an annoyance. UP learns from the data it collects and can automatically send a helpful nudge when you’re having an off day, or thumbs up for exceeding one of your goals.

In addition to monitoring your activity, UP can also keep a log of all of the food you consume. Unlike most trackers that start everyone out at the same 10,000-step-per-day goal, UP cleverly suggests a good place start with your goals by showing you were other people with the same height, weight, and age averaged.

Jawbone Up Key Features – Step count, distance, dietary calories, active calories, sleep analysis data, weight, body fat percentage, body mass index, lean body mass

Fitocracy (Best Fitness Apps For Iphone)

Best Fitness Apps for Iphone

Fitocracy Workout and Fitness Apps for Iphone does its utmost to make fitness fun. At its core, it’s designed to let you log workouts so you can track your progress. But to keep you motivated it incorporates points that can be earned, achievements that can be unlocked and quests that can be beaten. Essentially it turns fitness into an RPG and it works pretty well, almost making it feel more like you’re playing a game than working out. Add to that an attractive interface and a supportive community and Fitocracy could be just what you need to stay motivated when the exercising itself starts to feel like a chore.

Fitocracy Key FeaturesWorkout with expert trainer to get fitness goals, easily track any workout you can imagine.

MyFitnessPal Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker

Best Fitness Apps for Iphone

As the name suggests, MyFitnessPal another best Workout And Fitness Apps For iPhone, basically it is a calorie counter and diet tracker, though it can also be used to keep track of how much exercise you do. With over 3 million foods in its database it’s likely to have the things you eat and if it doesn’t you can easily create a new entry. Logging exercise is just as easy and on top of tracking calories, you can also track fat, carbohydrate, sugar and more. Then once you’ve been using the app for a while you can view charts of your calorie consumption and weight changes over time, to see just how much progress you’re making.

Yoga Studio

Best Fitness Apps for Iphone

Yoga isn’t the easiest thing to get to grips with on your own, but Yoga Studio does a good job of helping you out. With advice and instructions for over 280 poses, you’ll be doing the downward-facing dog and feathered peacock in no time. But not only does Yoga Studio teach you the basics, it also includes 30 yoga classes with HD video and lets you easily create custom classes. So whether you’re a beginner or have been practicing yoga for years, Yoga Studio can help.

Cyclemeter GPS (best workout apps for iphone)

Best Fitness Apps for Iphone

There are loads of iphone running apps out there, but the selection of cycling apps is rather smaller. Thankfully there are still some great ones, such as Cyclemeter GPS. You can use it to time your rides, track how far you’ve ridden, view route maps, and see graphs of your performance over time and more. With the help of additional sensors, it can also record your heart rate, bike speed, bike cadence and bike power. In other words, Cyclemeter GPS is about as comprehensive as you could hope a cycling app would be. Announcements will let you know how you’re doing while you ride, you can compete against previous times and even configure interval training, zones, and targets.

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Runtastic Pro

Best Fitness Apps for Iphone

Runtastic Pro is a full featured iphone running app, allowing you to track your speed, distance, elevation and burnt calories while running. But those are just the basics, it also lets you set up training goals, create and find routes, view graphs and historical data of your workouts and control your music from the app.It can even be synced with MyFitnessPal, so if you already use that you can easily add your run data to it.You can also get audio feedback for every mile or km that you run and manually enter other workouts so that you can keep track of all of your exercise from one app.

Carrot Fit

Best Fitness Apps for Iphone

Carrot Fit is the military boot camp of activity tracking apps. Carrot combines a basic tracker with a built-in exercise trainer that aims to “put you through hell.” There are no leaderboards, and you can’t log other things like food intake or sleep, but if all you want is a simple way to record your progress, Carrot Fit is quick and easy. Forget to open the app and do some training and you’ll get notifications like “Time to get off your fat rump and move around meat bag.” But its goal-setting features are limited, and it doesn’t have the comprehensive meal tracking of our top pick.

Strava Running and Cycling

Best Fitness Apps for Iphone

If you’re a hardcore runner or bicyclist, you should be using Strava. You can track your run or bike ride with GPS and see your exact route along with detailed info like pace, elevation changes, power, and cadence. Strava’s biggest selling point is its large active user base that allows you to do things such as see which of your friends are out on a run or compare your best record to other people of the same age, weight, and height. You can also set up custom notifications for when you’ve taken a certain number of steps as well as scheduled progress reports for a more detailed overview of your days. But it’s really designed to be a companion to workouts or specific activities, not as a monitor for your everyday step count.


Best Fitness Apps for Iphone

Digifit is mostly made to be a detailed journal of workouts or specific activities, not a behind-the-scenes activity tracker. There are hundreds included in the app with images and text instructions for all of them, video instructions for some and new exercises being added all the time. The second purpose is to log workouts and motivate you to keep at it. There are 30 routines included with the app, along with the option to create your own, so you can keep things varied and interesting. Plus if you’re working towards a specific goal or want to target a specific muscle or body part, Full Fitness has you covered there too, as the exercises are all labeled accordingly. But it lets you start recording basic info about your workout with a lot fewer taps than most other apps and gets out of your way when accessing the raw data.

Final Say

To make the workouts even more effective, the app also offers a rigorous diet plan that you can follow to multiply the effect of workouts. For instance, you can browse through the delicious healthy recipes in the app and create your own personalized diet plan that perfectly complements your fitness goals. From hundreds of app, we have compiled a list of 10 Workout And Fitness Apps For iPhone. They have been sorted on the basis of Customer review and ratings. From high-end, advanced training apps to fun-filled, versions, these apps promise to make your runs more immersive, predictable and enjoyable than ever.