11 Best Live Call Voice Changer Apps For Android In 2021

Best Live Call Voice Changer Android Apps – Have you ever tried something to play a prank on your buddies and loved ones changing your voice during call on your phone? Remember the horror movies? Now recall the worst ever voice that scared the hell out of your best friend. You can surprise or me being more specific, shock your friends with such voice when they call on your number. Or you can easily find some funny moments to share with your other friends calling from an unknown number leaving them to wonder what just happened? How to do it is what these Best live call Voice Changer Apps for Android have to get you an answer.

Yes, there are such apps, I am wondering what’s not that an app can’t do? Here are some of the best 10 apps which will turn your voice into something like Optimums Prime or the recorded voice in the Saw series. These names just a start, there are different modes and tones you can try for your kind of prank.

Best Voice Changer Apps for Android

Google Play store offers many voice changing apps that will get you a voice of your desired character, best celebrity, or transformation. There is a bucket full of them in the android market, yet some are just not worth being kept. In the list, I have narrowed it down to the ten best apps. Let us see further.

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Super Voice Editor – Effect for Changer, Recorder

live call voice changer for android

It’s one apart from best Live Call Voice Changer or Android and also a free tool that lets you apply multiple effects to your voice. You can change your voice into a range of characters and make ringtone and tune audio files. Being a messenger voice changer, this app contains plenty of fantastic characters to change your voice into male, female, child, superhero, or even an alien.

SVE is your ultimate stop to record funny sounds and trims ringtones as many times you want. This app is freely available at the Play Store. The app has released its new update a per user-reviews. Go ahead and check them out.  Included features of Super Voice Editor: Audio Editor, MP3 Cutter, Ringtone Maker, and Audio Tuner.

Celebrity Voice Change – Voice Changer Apps for Android


This app lets you talk the way your dream actor or actress does. Celebrity Voice Changer enables you to parody a number of celebrities along with most favorable characters like Hodor, Magneto, and Heisenberg besides other movie and TV favorites. You can speak in their voice and if it, by any chance, sounds funny, you can download the audio clip to share it with your friends.

It is free of any charges and if you are affected to a celebrity’s voice that you’ve always wished to say some fun things in their voice then, this app lets you be your favorite voice. This is not just it there are some other celebrity voices that you will like.

Voice Changer with Effects – Voice Changer Apps for Android


This voice changer app is available free at Google play Store. If you are a die-hard fan of the Batman’s Series or the robotic accent, Voice Changer with Effects is the right choice for you. You can record a new and cooler version of audio with one of many voice effects and then share it online or save it to set it as the ringtone. This app gives you many effects that you can select from. To add more to your amusement, there are effects like the cathedral, extraterrestrial, zombie, the dark side, etc.

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Voice Changer Plus – Android Voice Changer App


Voice Changer plus requires you to pay $2.99 for full version including its total features. It includes a “Bane” effect from the dark Knight Rises theme that will be loved by you if you are one of the many fans like I am. The app lets you import recorded audio clips to help you share them wherever you want. Additionally, you get to choose from numerous sound effects like echo, robot, mosquito, DJ, scary place and many others. You can also shorten down the length of any audio clip to get it shaped according to your need. Finally, set a ringtone if you really loved one.

Best Voice Changer– Voice Changer App for Android

best voice changer for android

This Live Call Voice Changer Apps For Android is free available to install and put use to and can be found on Google Play Store. The development team has been able to keep its name quite well. What makes it different from other apps is its ability to let you use your own music or audio files to change their voices. You can even add your favorite soundtracks, music, or recorded voices from your friends or family to add more funny elements. Moreover, you have a number of cool effects like a drunk, robot, monster (Movie), the smurfs (movie), God of death and others.

Helium Voice Changer – Voice Changer app for Android

helium voice changer

Ever wondered how would you sound like after inhaling Helium? Try this one app and you’ll get the answer. It is incapable to give you multi-effects for your voice except for the hilarious Helium but still, outranks the other competitors in the race to the top ten due to its simple looks and accurate functioning. Once you record your voice and put some Helium in it via the button, share it with your friend circles.

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Voice Changer Androbaby– Android Voice Changer App

It is available free with in-app purchases and is easily gettable from Google Play Store that simply looking and renders its capable functionality at your end. What you have with Voice Changer Androgyny is an audio recording, and effects applying. Further effects can be added from the limited list of lazy, monster, echo, trembling, bee, kid, the smurfs and a few others. You can share it wherever you like but lacking the advanced and additional features makes it less famous among the others.

Voice Changer Calling – Voice Changer App for Android

This app makes you call your friend or someone in a cool voice which the developers say that a weird voice. There’s been a good review for Voice Changer Calling but still few people have given some bad reviews about the app. The only con about this app is, you will need to buy credits for making calls over the app. besides this, the app is cool.

Robovox Voice Changer– Voice Changer app for Android

Most loved and famous app to change voice during call on Android is Robovox Voice Changer pro that comes packed with a limited number of effects in a free version. However, the paid version does have 32 different types of robotic sound effects to add to your liking. It has the finest user interface that is even bettered by the voice altering effects like parrot mode and headphone mode. Later, you can share it with your circles or at Soundcloud.

Ultra Voice Changer – Android Voice Changer

The version of Ultra Voice Changer is available freely at Google Play Store that lets you record your voice in 16 free different voices. Try the free version first, if you want this one to stay on your phone, get a premium version and explore many other voices.

Change My Voice – Best Android voice Changer app

This app named Change My Voice works while you make a call helping you to play a prank on the person you want. This app is also packed with limited features for free downloaders, but if, you want to explore further, get its paid version to enjoy more.


What I see is these all are unique apps when talking about the effects and echoing voices, who knows which you’d like. If you happen to see something interesting in the list of Best Voice Changer Apps For Android here, let me know, comments box needs your words.


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