How To Remove Password From PDF File [Step by Step Guide]

This tutorial will show you easy and working methods to Remove Password from PDF file. All step by step guides like How to remove Password from PDF file Using Google Chrome, Acrobat and also using third part apps.

I have been receiving my Bill for Credit card and Electricity or even my Bank Statement online in the form of PDF. Well, and they have a complex password that is not possible for me to remember after months when I look back at my reports. This is where this post will help our readers who are often stuck in this sort of a problem. We are going to show you How to remove password from PDF File (using Google Chrome, Acrobat, and Third Party Software).

How to Remove Password from PDF File

The methods discussed to remove password from PDF are easy and Economical and you can follow any of them as per your Convenience. Some of these Password breaking tools for PDF are from the third party but are included in the list based on user reviews and ratings. Let us look at some of the best PDF Password removal methods.

How To Remove Password From PDF File


How to Remove Password from PDF File using Google Chrome

The Google is affecting our day to day life in many manners. It has one of the best online Cloud Storage facilities that provide the user with layers of Online Security for Authentication. If you want to upload any document to Google Drive Storage then it need not be password protected always. Te Google Chrome can remove the Password from your PDF file without any hectic process and delay in operation. Just follow the steps mentioned below.

Google Chrome is one of the smartest browsers and has a built-in PDF writer and Reader. If we look from a different perspective then we can use them both to remove a password from any PDF File.

  1. You can just click and drag any password-protected PDF file into your Google Chrome browser.
  2. The Google chrome will now ask you to enter the password of the file. It is obvious that you do not know the password. So, just enter “123123123” or anything that suits you more.
  3. After entering the passwords just hit Enter and try to open the file.
  4. You need to go on to the Options shown in the upper left corner and head to the File menu in Google Chrome. Give Print Command and carefully select the location where you want to “Save it as PDF” and proceed further by Clicking on the “Save button.”
  5. The file will now be saved by the Google Chrome to your desired location but it will not be having any Password Protection associated with it.

Remove Password from a PDF File using Adobe Acrobat

The Second Method is the Official Method for Removing a Password from PDF File. There is a paid application in the name of Adobe Acrobat Pro. You need to purchase the full version depending on your need and requirement. However, a free 7 days trial is available for the user after which you will need to purchase the pro version. The steps are very simple to follow and are mentioned below.

You need to download the Acrobat Pro from the website and you will not need any Third-party application after that software.

  1. There will be lock icon on the left side of the software that you will need to Click.
  2. After that head to “Permission Details” and there you can remove the password from the PDF.
  3. The other method for doing that is the reach to File > Properties > and click the “Security” tab.
  4. There you will find a box and just by Clicking on that box select “No Security”, and proceed further by clicking “OK”. Thus you can have your Password protection removed from the PDF file.

Remove Password from a PDF File using Third Party Apps

We have sorted out Top 3 Free Password Remover that work without Advertisement and it will do the work of removing password within Seconds. Now let us look at them one by one.

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Instant PDF Password Remover

The tool is in the top of our list for a reason and to be honest it is the best that I have seen so far in this category. The additional features such as copying, printing, digital signature, sticky notes, comments and marking texts give it an edge. It works like a charm and that is why it is loved by most of the users and rated so high on the list. The version is free and you will not be having any problem if you install it today on your computer and starts to work. This tool allows users to process multiple files, so remove and delete passwords sitting relaxed.

 PDF Password Removal Tool

This is one of the most used software for the Password removal of PDF. It can decrypt a PDF easily but if you have the free version, you will not enjoy its full features or full file Recovery. It is one of the fastest methods to do the needful and supports all the versions of windows. It can bypass the security and will solve your purpose. There is nothing that comes with a faster method to remove the passwords. It takes care of one file at a time and supported all Mac and Windows including both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

 4Dots PDF Password Remover

This application excels in many ways and is both effective and reliable when it comes to a tool that can remove password with minimum effort. It has a simple interface and supports all the newer versions of both Mac and Windows. With just a click away you can remove a password. It is absolutely free and from the list of PDF, it can work on any of the File. You can select the file and just keep on Clicking and it will start working like magic.

Final thought   

All the Tricks and software that I have mentioned above are compatible with Mac and Windows Operating Systems. We always hope that you like to share and read our information on the website. Hope you learned today How to remove password from PDF File. For our motivation, just keep on visiting and suggesting us the way to improve in the Comment section below.