7 Best Free Reminder Apps for Android In 2021

Best Android Reminder Apps : Reminders are what we generally wish for to have when we have serious real schedules to work for the day or the weekends. Of course, there are many such apps that have frequently built a great reputation in the whole tech market and of course in the internet applications market. While there are many such Android reminder apps that simply just offers a great feature of working with the best of the free reminder apps without any issue or causing damages for sure. Hence, to help you and assist you well with it we have all created and hand-picked a great bunch of reminder apps that are completely free and can be used without any hurdles for sure.

Best Reminders Apps for Android

You have these simple apps that you can download it immediately and note down all your to-do and reminders for your particular day and for the weekends for sure.

To-Do By Microsoft

Best Reminders Apps for Android

To-Do is a must-have app, a recommendation apart from the best Reminder Apps for Android mentioned here. If you need a perfect time organizer and planner, head to Microsoft’s official app. This app handles your worries of bill planning and managing daily tasks easily.

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This app comes with integration support to Microsoft 365 and outlook account. You can also add multiple Microsoft accounts as you like. You can also organize and simplify your plans, wheat’s it’s for work, school, or home. Having a hard time planning your bills? Get To Do and join 5 million other users who use it as a Bill planner, Shopping list, Reminders, and other purposes.


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Well, you have got the best of the reminder apps for android in front of you. Yes, it is one of the best apps that you can simply make it work the best for your android smartphone for sure. This particular reminder app is completely packed and wrapped with a broad range of features that are generally preferred by many of the users all around the globe. This app is quite popular and is preferred even by the tech junkies for sure.

Google Keep

free android reminder apps

Google, needless to say, that is the most worthy and a well-known brand that you can simply trust with your closed eyes too. This app simply refers to do lists which is the best reminder app that seamlessly works for every smartphone with a variety of platforms for sure. Of course, as its Google’s it has a simple interface using which you don’t have to worry about for sure. The handling of the app is just easy. Read More :- 10 Best Android Widgets


free android reminder apps

Wunderlist is another popular app that you can make use of within your android smartphones for sure. However, many of the users still consider this particular app as the most under-toned app that is still lagging somewhere behind. But for most of the users are still using this particular app as their best reminder app to keep all the, to do lists completely available and remembered.

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Another popular app that we all tend to use or are probably pre-installed in our android smartphones, yes its Evernote. This app is quite popular and is used by many of the users around the globe. It is very much helpful and works the best with plenty of the features and the benefits that you are always looking for in a reminder app. You May Also Like :- Evernote Alternatives

Any. Do

free android reminder apps

Any.do is another such wonderful app that is generally used by every smartphone users for their reminder and to-do lists for sure. It again has various features task customization and benefits just like any other reminder app like cloud sunc between devices, reminder based on time and location etc.

To Do Reminder with Alarm

free android reminder apps

Another lightest and features android reminder app which awesome to remind daily todo tasks, homework, meetings, taking medication, bill payment, remember birthdays and anniversaries etc. you can set reminder alarm easily. The app also synchronize birthday and anniversaries of your friends and relatives from facebook, phone contact, google calendar. The app widget will show you all reminders on your phone screen.


You can simply choose apps from these best and top 6 picks to get the best out of your reminder apps for your android smartphones.


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