Top 11 Best Alternatives to Evernote for Note-Tracking in 2021

Evernote Alternatives for Note-Tracking : Evernote is a must have app for your mobile & desktop devices. Most of the business person including bloggers and students has to do many important tasks in the daily routine. Evernote is a great app for saving and organizing pretty much any and all things digital. Features for the basic free version include syncing across devices, messaging and sharing in the app, and easily saving notes as well as clips from the web. But here we are about to tell you the Best Evernote Alternatives that you must try for a new user experience for better features and change.

Evernote can help you whether you are student, office-going professional or businessperson. There is one thing I’m hoping you infer from those two facts: that Evernote has been around for nearly a decade, so they have had some time to craft a well-made product and fix bugs and change with the times and demands of the consumer.

If you don’t know about Evernote, it is a note-taking & organizing app for your business & personal needs. It is available for almost every popular operating system. It includes Microsoft Windows, OS X, Chrome OS, Android, iOS and much more. All note you take via Evernote can be easily synced to your different device. So you can take your notes on any device at any location. So let us process further and check the alternatives to Evernote.

Best Evernote Alternatives for Note-Tracking

Microsoft One Note

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In the new world of Microsoft, every platform is an opportunity, and the company has made OneNote a universally accessible note-taking application. Based on the following platform and device list, OneNote is close to winning the comprehensive coverage award.

OneNote has a perfectly intuitive user interface, and it syncs with the OneDrive service (which grants more free space than Apple’s iCloud).The benefit is good, if you are a Mac user (either for computers or for mobile devices) and think that you consequently won’t have access to this app, rest assured that Microsoft OneNote is free for all users.

In the latest additions to this suite in OneNote, which is the same sort of organizer we’re talking about here: you can type, copy, paste, insert photos (and other multimedia) or even doodle in it like a whiteboard space.

Microsoft One Note is available for almost all platform such as windows (desktop, tablet, phone), Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android, cromebook.


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The elephant is a note taker with a classic interface you already know. Keep your notes to yourself. No accounts or clouds. For syncing use Dropbox, Github. No feature bloats or redesigns, ever. Elephant stores notes in plain files and folders. New versions will never offer weird functionality. There will never be a chat feature and it will never show stuff from Financial Times.

It will help you to keep your notes to yourself. No accounts or clouds. For syncing use Dropbox, Github etc. Elephant stores notes in plain files and folders. No databases and no migrations. Notes can be plain text, styled RTF, markdown or HTML (HTML is read-only).It has a Cross-platform for Mac, Windows, and Linux. It is built for longevity with a classic interface. New versions will never offer weird functionality. The Premium is free and has no ads of any kind.


Think of Simplenote as the WhatsApp of Evernote alternatives — in that Simplenote favors ease of use and a streamlined experience over any of the myriad of options or bells and whistles you may find in the other apps listed.

SimpleNote is another simple and free note-taking app that is light on system resources. The app is very easy to use when compared to Evernote. You can use it on Android, iOS, MAC, Windows, Kindle Fire, Linux and as the web app. It’s instant searching and tag feature allows you to search your notes with ease.  You can synchronize your note on various devices you use. The app is developed by “Automattic”, the company behind popular


Evernote Alternatives

Turtl lets you take notes, bookmark websites, and store documents for sensitive projects. From sharing passwords with your coworkers to tracking research on an article you’re writing, Turtl keeps it all safe from everyone but you and those you share with others and that too very easily.

Turtl stores your info encrypted, unlike Evernote. Much more private and you can easily share boards of bookmarks & notes you can sync files & images its cross platform & free

All data is stored in plain text files with wiki formatting. Various plugins provide additional functionality, like a task list manager, an equation editor, a tray icon, and support for version control.


Evernote Alternatives

Together is another Evernote Alternatives note-taking app for MAC systems. It allows you to keep your data at one place. This data includes text, docs, images, videos, sounds, web pages, and bookmarks. It is a great app for those who both want to extend the usability of their devices and exercise a little personal choice in the software they install on their devices. Together takes the simple notes functionality and it adds useful features like multi-screen support and tabs.

It also organizes your data in groups, folders, tags and on the basis of rating. Your data will be available on other Apple devices with the use of iCloud.It is available for MAC, iPad, and iPhone.

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Zoho Notebook

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Zoho Notebook comes with the pretty clean interface. Note-taking will be more fun in this app. With it, notes can be taken in form of text, checklist, audio, and pictures. You can choose between 25 covers. The interface of the Notebook app is clutter-free as menus & buttons are at the minimum.

It also supports Apple watch for audio note-taking. The checklist is its one of the coolest feature. Its built-in checklist card allows you to focus on your most important tasks. Where Evernote takes the fee for cloud-sync of their note, similar is provided for free by Zoho Notebook and the service is completely free.


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The dark horse in this race is Quip, maker of a new collaboration suite that can be thought of as a pared down Microsoft Office or Google Docs. Quip goes far beyond note taking, with collaborative features across documents and spreadsheets. For syncing use Dropbox, Github. No feature bloats or redesigns, ever. Elephant stores notes in plain files and folders. The quip was quick to jump on the bandwagon to help disgruntled Evernote users. This import feature is only available in the web version. But once your notes are imported, you can access and use them across all devices and platforms. On that front, Quip does a very good job at device and platform support.

Google Keep

Google Keep is the note-taking app from Google. Some of its useful features include list creation, color coding notes, sharing, geofencing and more. You can also even search on the basis of colors. It also allows you to set reminders in notes. These reminders are accessible to Google Now app. One of the finest features in Google Keep is its ability to extract text from images. To do this, it uses Optical Character Technology. The Notes can be categorized on the basis of labels. It also supports Android Wear. It is available for Android, iOS, and Chrome OS.


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Alternote is not an Evernote alternative but an alternative Evernote client. It means you don’t have ditch Evernote as it uses Evernote’s backend and same data. You will use the same service from Evernote but with the refreshing interface.Some of its notable features include the clean & simple interface, built-in fonts, font’s size and more. as the name implies, does one thing well, which is the synchronization of plain text notes across devices. If you need rich media functionality, look to OneNote or Keep.It gives you features like tab, I mean, think of all the times you just want to copy a note from one file to another, but you can’t do that ever easily in Notes, because every time you switch from file to file, you go right to the beginning.

Dropbox Paper

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Dropbox Paper is another best alternative to Evernote that saves every key detail and document on the cloud, making accessing and sharing easier as you work with a team of professionals.  Supported across all platforms, Web browser, Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, etc., DropBox Paper is the best Evernote alternative that you can use to share ideas, chat with your peers, create documents, and keep your stuff centralized.

It’s more functional than Doc or Evernote as you get to brainstorm and collaborate together in one place. Compile, edit, brainstorm, review designs, manage tasks, run meetings, or share blueprints of your project; anything is possible with dropbox paper. You can also sift and search through saved notes by integrating them with the calendar app and access them quickly date-wise.

SOHO Notes

SOHO Notes is one of the best note-taking apps for MAC. It let you store text notes, PDF’s, voice recordings, videos, forms,  images and web archives. Its widescreen view helps you to better work on the app.  You can also filter-notes on the basis of tags assigned.

You can also store bookmark or web archive of a web page in this app. Its interface is really cool. There are three types of views for navigating notes including List View, Cover View, and Icon View. Thus with its NoteLife app, syncing of notes including text, images, video etc. will be very easy. It will only sync to iOS. The app is not all about taking notes. It also provides you with useful features for organizing these notes. It organizes your notes in folders, sub-folders, labels, tags and database. It is one of the best apps for note-taking if you are a MAC and iOS user.

In Conclusion

In Evernote, you can take notes in form of voice, photograph, web page and text Although Evernote is the best note-taking app in terms of features & usability but if you want to use any free note-taking app then you may consider this list of 11 Best Evernote Alternatives. As an Android and Mac user, I placed my main investigation there, but all of the following options have a decent level of coverage across iOS and Windows too.

These apps I appreciated were because of the downloadable applications across devices, including both mobile and desktop devices. In short order, I was able to come up with four solid choices. Hope that you like reading. Please do not forget to comment below.


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