10 Best Torrent Apps and Fastest Torrent Client for Android

This article will show you Top 10 best torrent apps for Android. Torrent file is very easy way to share and download big files without any treble. By using android torrent client or apps, you can enjoy movies, most popular TV shows, listen your favorite song and download stuff you love to use directly on your android Smartphone. But before we starting our tutorial of best android torrent apps OR best android torrent clients, First we talk about what is torrent file and how it works.

How torrent Apps Works?

Torrent files are small files that contain details on how to download a large file (like video, audio, big PDF file etc) using bit torrent protocol from the internet in other word a torrent file is a medium to distribute large files in a shared manner. The torrent file does not contain any information about content of the file, but contains information about location of different peered pieces of big target file. Buy this way user can download big files easily without any treble. Now start our topic best torrent apps for Android.

Best Torrent Apps for Android

Bit Torrent

best torrent apps android

Bitrrent is one of the most used torrent client for download torrent file on desktop or laptop. Bit torrent client also available for android with a very clean design with user friendly features. You can search and download any torrent file directly from here. Here is also another option to download torrent file where you want to download like phone memory or MicroSD card & also support WI-FI only mode to save your phone data. Bit torrent App is free available on goggle play store.

  • Download torrent files on your device at high speed using BitTorrent P2P protocol
  • You can setup, save date in WI-Fi only mode
  • Remotely add torrents to BitTorrent Classic

flud Torrent Downloader

best torrent apps android

Flug torrent android downloader is another simple and beautiful bit torrent client for android device. flud Torrent downloader supports various download features like sequential download feature that download one file at once, RSS feed support with automatic downloading.

Here you can select which files to download, specific file/ folder, RSS feed support with automatically downloading, magnet link support etc.

u Torrent

best torrent apps android

uTorrent is another one of the best and most popular torrent file downloader app which is developed by developer who also developed BitTorrent. uTorrent is one of the highest downloaded android torrent client on Google play store. This app comes with beautiful clean design with various downloading features like comes with unlimited download speed with no file download size limit, RSS subscription, Wi-Fi only mode and also torrent search.

In uTorrent Android App simply search desire torrent file and start downloading on desire file location like Phone memory or Memory Card.

T Torrent

best torrent apps android

tTorrent is another best torrent downloader apps for android which support P2P downloading. It’s also offers lots of downloading features like multiple downloading support, proxy support (SOCKS, HTTP), option to download through WI-Fi, torrent search dialog, multiple parallel downloading, option to push download etc.

with this android torrent client you can download very large files such as free music albums, software programs, free MP3 files, video files, education related files and other files to your phone very fast.


best torrent apps android

TorrDroid is another best android torrent client who comes with some impressive features like this is collets torrent client cum search engine that features a unique experience of searching and downloading torrents file.

In this app you need to enter a search terms and file type to initiate a torrent search within built search engine. After that the results appear in the app itself ready for click to download. You torrent file will start downloading in high speed.

Vuze Torrent

best torrent apps android

One of the best light weight and fastest torrent app for android, this torrent app brigs complete torrent management directly to your android phone or tablet. It’s simple, fast and light to use for torrent downloading. There are two versions available on play store, free and paid. The pro version of Vuze torrent comes with AD free and battery saving features.

Some of noticeable features are – simplest torrent search and discovery, manage torrent downloader, control upload/ download speed, Wi-Fi only mode is available, task completion alarm and more.


best torrent apps android

Another android torrent client which is a blazing fast torrent downloader, based on the Bittorrent protocol. Downloading torrent files with we Torrent is very simple – download torrent files directly to your android Smartphone in just one tap.

Some impressive features are – Beautiful and clean user interface, download in high speed, multiple simultaneous downloads, torrent file support, magnet link support. Open, view and delete downloaded files from the app directly.


best torrent apps android

aTorrent one of the unique torrent client for android which comes with a unique user interface as you see in screenshot. The features of this torrent downloader is bit same as other android torrent apps such as torrent search dialog, magnet link support, add torrent from file, close download folder, single and multiple parallel downloading, option to limit download by Wi-Fi, pause downloads when external power supply is not connected, up to 4 GB maximum file support.