Things to Consider When Designing Apps for Seniors

When it comes to technology and your business, you are probably focused on creating apps and websites that are easy for people to use—and that usually includes younger individuals who grew up with mobile phones and laptops. While that generation probably does download the vast majority of apps, you are missing out on other potential markets. Working with UX research companies, you will be able to determine who your target audience should be, but don’t underestimate the importance of creating apps for seniors.

You may not think that many seniors use technology to access information, but you would be mistaken. It has been found that 67% of people 65 and older get on the internet, while 42% of them use a smartphone. As the population continues to age, the number of people using technology will grow. Thus, this is a market you shouldn’t ignore when it comes to creating apps or improving user experience on your website.

While seniors can be a great market to target when it comes to UX research companies and creating apps, you won’t create these items in the same way as you would for the younger generations. Below are few things you will need to consider when designing apps for seniors.

Keep It Simple

Many seniors lived in a world where technology had simple applications. For example, when they wanted to turn on the TV, one button on the remote accomplished that task. They also used one button to change the channel and turn up the volume. When microwaves first came out, they had simple dials with pictures that aided the user in cooking food.

Now, technology and accessories have multiple functions. Keyboards and a mouse can do many different tasks, as can smartphones. Touchscreens have made devices even more functional. For people who grew up using this technology, knowing how everything functions come as second nature. The same isn’t true for seniors.

Thus, when it comes to developing apps for this demographic, it is advised that you keep things as simple as possible. That means making each screen easy to navigate, as well as each button only capable of doing one thing. You can also add pictures to help seniors know exactly what each item does. By keeping your app simple, you will get more people using and enjoying it.

Add Some Text

In addition to adding symbols to buttons to help make using your app easier, you might also consider adding text. It will help seniors remember exactly which buttons they need to push to accomplish a task, as many of them may not recall what the pictures mean. Since this can make screens feel crowded, having only a few options to choose from is recommended. It will also ensure that older users don’t get overwhelmed or confused when using your app.

Mind the Size

Another consideration to think about when developing apps for seniors include the size. As people get older, one of the ailments that impact them is the loss of eyesight. Thus, to ensure that they can see the information on your app, you need to make sure it is large enough to see and uses language that the older generation can understand.

Everyone has been impacted by technology, but some generations are better at using it than others. However, that doesn’t mean that seniors and older individuals shy away from advancements. If you are looking to create apps for seniors, this could be a successful endeavor, but there are things you will need to consider to do it right.