10 Effective SEO Tips for New Bloggers

SEO- Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important things to improve your blog rank and also your blogging experience. Without blog optimization on proper way you can not improve your blog rank and also not to get traffic from search engines.

So, This guide includes top 10 basic SEO tips for new bloggers. SEO- Search Engine Optimization. Search engine Optimization is the only term that helps all you to rank your blog on major search engines. There are two things to you work on one is On Page SEO and Off Page SEO these two are the sub categories of SEO. This guide is for newbie bloggers as well as for advanced bloggers. So here our guide includes most of On Page tips and some of Off page tips too.

Most of the newbie bloggers always use blogger as the blogging platform and it is also right place to start blogging and here we covered tips for both Wordpress and Blogger users.

What you will learn From This Guide?

Up course you will learn basic SEO tips but what are the things you will learn were given below.

On Page (SEO) Search Engine Optimization Tips

  • Search Engine Submission
  • Keyword research
  • Use Header Tags inside the posts I mean optimizing blog posts.
  • URL Structure of the post.
  • Image Optimization.
  • Interlinking the articles.
  • Improving page load speed.

Off Page (SEO) Search Engine Optimization Tips

  • Building Natural Backlinks
  • Blog Commenting.

Seems interesting just go with the guide.

On Page Search Engine Optimization Tips

Below given Search engine optimization tips and tricks is beneficial for to optimize your blog for major search engine like Google. So, read given tips and tricks very carefully and apply all them on your blog and improve your blogs popularity on search engines.

Search Engine Submission

If you are create a blog and then next thing to do is submitting your blog to major search engines. What is thing Search Engine Submission? Saying the search engine that to index your blog and things those we do in our blog and to fix the issues. How to submit our blog to search engines? First create a sitemap for your blog and then add you blog and verify it then add the sitemap to search engines.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is one of the major important parts of SEO. You want to make sure you are creating article about any topic that your audience is search for. You can use any best Keyword research Tools Free and Premium to streamline the keyword research process. I think, If you go through Free Keyword research service than Google Keyword Planner is the best free tool to do keyword research and to find long tail keywords.

How to do Keyword Research?

Sign up for Google Keyword Planner with Google Account then and start researching. Just enter the main Keyword that you are writing for and find the keywords those have low competition and decent searches to get targeted traffic.

Placing up of Header Tags and Keywords

In the blogger platform by default there are available H1, H2 and H3 tags and to add more you can use special widget while in Wordpress platform there Header Tags available by default. Use all H1, H2 and H3 tags in right way and include your main keyword in all Header tags. Add your all sub keywords and main keywords for every 100 words and add the main keyword in Title.

Avoid Keyword Stuffing

What is Keyword Stuffing?

  • Keyword Stuffing means using the keywords repeatedly in the same place of post.

What happens if we do Keyword Stuffing?

  • Google thinks adding many keywords repeatedly in the same place as spam. Then it can de index your blog post or penalize your blog.

How to Avoid Keyword Stuffing?

  • It is too simple add the main keyword in all Header Tags and add sub keywords and main keyword for every 100 words.

URL Structure of Post in your Blog

URL structure of the post I mean link of the post. URL structure plays a major role to rank your post on Google. For the blogger users the URL structure of the post is Post/Date/Postname.html and this is the best. You can also edit it yourself by adding Title or main keyword in post name structure of the URL. Don’t use numbers or anything other than Keywords in your Blogger and Wordpress blog. While the Wordpress users have to change the settings in permalink structure of your blogs by just choosing %postname.

  • /category/postname.html
  • /category/postname.php
  • /year/postname
  • %postaname

Image Optimization

Image Optimization means compressing and adding ALT and TITLE attributes for images to rank images in Google Images and it is also ultimate way to get targeted traffic. Compressing the image makes your web page load quickly and adding ALT and TITLE attributes with right keyword to rank on Google. Image optimization in Wordpress is quite easy by using plugins where as in Blogger you have to compress the images using some third party software and add ALT and TITLE attributes by manually. Wordpress users can use compressor and Smush It plugin to automatically optimize the images. While for Bloggers can use any photo editing software to compress the images and use the widget that by blogger widget developers and ALT and TITLE attributes automatically.

 Internal Linking Posts

Interlinking the article has many features and most loved process to increase over all authority of your blog. Interlinking posts means adding related articles links of your blog in the present or high ranking article. Interlinking the articles, you can increase page views of your blog and you can also rank the article which is not doing well on search engines. You can increase domain authority and page authority of your blog and also Alexa Rank of your blog.

Increase Blog Loading Speed

There are many tools available to check your blog loading speed and if it takes a lot of time to load your blog page then just do following things. Wordpress users have to remove their unnecessary plugins and Bloggers have to remove their unnecessary widgets in your blog. These plugins and widgets decrease your blog loading speed and Google love those blogs which loads fast and have better experience. Soon we will write post on this topic.

Off Page Search Engine Optimization Tips

Building Backlinks In a Natural Way

You are doing blogging means you know something about backlinks. Backlinks means adding the link of your blog on other blogs. Here is the guide to build backlinks.

How to Build Backlinks in a Natural way

 Comment on Other Blogs (Blog Commenting)

Comment on other blogs it may be a Dofollow or Nofollow it will increase your site authority and give you targeted traffic. It also helps you to build the relationship with other bloggers and helps you to share the tricks.

Final Words

This is all completely for all newbie bloggers and here we end this guide top 10 basic Seo tips for new bloggers. If you have any problem, confusion or suggestion then you may clear or suggest by commenting using below form. Stay tuned, we will come with more advanced SEO tips.