How to Hide SMS and Call Logs On Android Phone

Well, why do we often need to apply some strict private measures on our device that apparently is the closest to us all the time? Even I keep scratching my head sometimes when someone from my family or closest friends getting even closer to my stuff. But, what more distressing is when the stock apps take over the device and land us in the ocean of vulnerability. Here I have a guide on How to Hide SMS and Call Logs on Android Phone.

But what exactly makes you initiate this step? Not just the friends and families or some stranger distressed one wanting to make some urgent call it is the third-party apps. Yes, there are thousands and thousands of apps that are always sneaking and leaking your private details to some other parties.

How To Hide SMS And Call Logs On Android Phone to Keep Logs and Messages to Yourself

To be safe, we think deleting the logs and SMSs is the affordable and like-a-walk-in-the-park solution. Believe me, it isn’t, because by the time you deleted the stuff, the apps would have done the spying job already. There are different ways, and the best and easiest ways are being explained in the coming segments as you keep rolling the page.

Shady Contacts

Shady Contacts, given as the best solutions to hide the contacts and sensitive message, takes the top spot on the list of the apps keeping your privacy un-compromised. All you need to do is download it from Google Play store and install it on your phone. It is just 1.8 Mb in size which I don’t think would make you delete other apps off of your device.

How To Hide SMS And Call Logs On Android Phone Using Shady Contacts


  • Once you install it, you are asked to access the call logs and SMS’s via the app.
  • Tap accept button to allow it to access your data.
  • After finishing the installation set the unlock pattern by pressing the “Continue Button”.
  • Draw the desired pattern.
  • Now record it.
  • A different screen will appear containing the call logs, SMSs, and contact numbers.
  • From the list of these, you can choose the desired ones hidden from the log, and message list.

The features include:

  • What you get with this app is hidden SMS and call logs both from prying people and from the third party/stock apps.
  • An unlock code PIN /pattern protection.
  • Ability to avoid the app from interacting with the launcher which by default, you can un-hide using ***123456###.
  • Auto-lock, auto-destroy, and quick lock features.
  • This app also restores call logs/ texts from the stock apps.
  • It comes with a holo theme, that means you won’t have any memory-based trouble.

There are, no doubt, other apps to let you take the security measures. The other ones are given here. Because the installation and execution steps are quite similar to that of Shady Contacts, I thought to skip the repetition and just stick to their features. Here they are

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Best apps to Hide SMS And Call Logs On Android Phone

Keep Safe

It is yet another app not just made for hiding the SMSs, but also to take care of your private call logs. This app is easily comprehensible and gets your chats and logs confidential. Select the messages and set the data in the safe zone. Security is enabled using a PIN pattern pad. Use the hide text feature to secure your messages. You are the in charge of your private logs and SMSs which, after all you need to be.

Private Space

It is another great android application to let you enjoy your private space. Hide your contacts, logs, and messages with ease by setting up a personal space on your phone, also keep adding as many people you want to the secured contacts list. After you get the thing done, you’ll have a separate space for incoming/outgoing calls and texts that normally would have shown up in the common logs and text history.

Hide Pro

Functioning identical to private Space, Hide Pro gives you the full authority over your contacts, call history, and messages (incoming and outgoing). Security is the topmost priority, which in fact, should be. All the dubious hands would be no harm to your privacy when you install Hide Pro. No one can access your data in call logs or chat history without your permission. Even after you lose your phone, your privacy level is retained by the app’s unbeatable security protocol. Add new contacts, add them to your vault and implement further security using Call log Protector. Enjoy privacy.


Yeah, even I was also like, what? But, what this app does is creating an undercover system to hide your logs, desired contacts, and, SMSs. Since the name makes us believe that we would have to put a+b+c kind of activity, it does allow us to use the vault only when we enter “123+=” at the interface. Once, you reach the home screen of calculator, you can add as many contacts as you wish, hide however many texts and call history as you want. Feel free landing your phone in the vulnerable hands, your privacy will never be compromised ever again.

In Conclusion

There are more and more apps that you can lay your interest at. The question appears is whether this app you chose is efficient at work or not? This is why I compiled the list of these apps (tried, trusted, and most importantly; rated by worldwide users). That was my how to guide on How To Hide SMS And Call Logs On Android Phone. If you feel something is missing, I have the comments section for you. Let me hear from you.