Top 11 Best Network Monitoring Software and Tools 2021

Best Network Monitoring Software and Tools:- As the Internet continues to burgeon at an ever faster pace, more and more people are looking for ways to monitor not only how the internet is used by their children, students, and employees but also how much bandwidth is being used. Here at, we have put together a list of Best Network Monitoring Software to help you find one that is suited to your needs. A Network Monitoring Software helps you have a comprehensive view of what is going on inside and with your network. You can track the total users in the network, bandwidth of individual users, resources present in the system, components of network & their health, detect and resolve issues and do a lot more.

What Network Monitoring Software OT Tools?

In short, a network monitoring software is a simplified way to manage the network and secure your businesses’ IT infrastructure. Today more and more people are using pay per use broadband to save money. Programs designed to monitor the amount of bandwidth are becoming more popular. We have selected a few network traffic monitoring Software who are designed to help you manage your online time effectively.

Why is Network Monitoring Software Important?

The use of computers in the workplace is commonplace, and as companies expand the job of the systems administrator can become a burdened with monitoring how employees are using their work time while online, our list of top ten includes some of the best ways to control employees online activities quickly and effectively.

Best Network Monitoring Software and Tools


Datadog is considered the best Cloud Service Monitoring tool, and many famous companies use its services. This tool marks its impact with best Network Monitoring Software by introducing its 400+ integrations that you can deploy on your network. Datadog is your easy and instant way to gain access to key insights of your network with the help of features like frontend metrics, backend metrics, visualize load times, and filter traffic by source or destination.

FYI, Datadog is a favorite among major companies like Samsung. Datadog, as reliable monitoring software, comes with different pricing plans apart from the trial version. These plans vary according to the number of hosts and organization type.

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Plans and Pricing:

  • Serverless — $5 per function a month
  • Log Management — $1.27 per million log events in a month
  • APM — $31 per host a month
  • Security Monitoring — $0.20 per GB of analyzed logs per mo.

Network Performance — $5 per host a month

PRTG Network Monitor

PRTG Network Monitor software is a tool that can control all the parts of your IT infrastructure- including every system, device as well as an application deployed on it. This tool is compatible with all types of networks, including LANs, WANs, and servers. It can be used for monitoring the performance of virtual environments and checking the accessibility of websites too.

PRTG Network Monitor has been around since 1997. It comes with a simple installation procedure, and takes just a few minutes to setup and start running.

A few of the most exciting capabilities and features of the PRTG Network Monitor are Auto-discovery of networks helps it to recognize all the systems and devices on a network, and create sensors using predefined templates, thus simplifying the configuration process. PRTG Maps can be created from the monitoring data, and it is available only for Windows users, though the mobile apps are available on Android and iOS devices too.

Cacti Network Monitoring Tool

Cacti are open source web-based network monitoring tools. This graphing tool designed as a front-end application for the open-source. By using Cacti network monitoring tools, the system administrator can monitor and graph network traffic monitor, system load, network bandwidth utilization, etc.

Cacti provide fast and advanced graphs with a useful user management interface. This network management software use industry standard data logging RRD tool. Cacti was released in 2001 and developed by Cacti group. Cacti used in mid-sized user LANs that contains many devices.

IPHost Network Monitor

IPHost Network Monitor allows you to monitor your network, ensure that your websites are online and keep a tab on the internet access. It has the capability to send across alerts almost immediately in case of a problem or any other issue in the network. The system administrator’s work can also be reviewed using this tool.

A salient overview of the features of this tool is that it can be utilized by companies and networks of all sizes. The Advanced monitoring capabilities with a simulation of the real user activity also access the Websites, databases, emails and all other servers, equipment and resources can be monitored.

Wireshark Network Monitoring Tool

Wireshark is very popular free network monitoring tools. This tool is an interactive network protocol analyzer and capture utility. Choose the interface you want to bind and click on green shark fin icon to start when you launch Wireshark, and these packets immediately start capturing data. When you collect all the information which you need, you can download the data file to analyze in another application.

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Wireshark allows you to analyze networks communications in as much as details you require. You can check connections and also other detail like HTTP. Most system admins use Wireshark because of its free and offering highly detailed data for network analyzing needs.

NetCrunch Network Monitoring Tool

NetCrunch is network monitoring tool that can be utilized with the infrastructure devices, applications, servers as well as virtualization hosts. It can be configured to deliver results from Syslog messages, SNMP traps, Windows event logs as well as a host of other correlation results. It offers a flexible and friendly UI and is available for desktops, mobile as well as web consoles.

A brief overview of the features in NetCrunch is that it Alerts, Performance and Network Traffic Views are linked to each other. Settings of multiple nodes can be changed with a single click is Equipped with Windows diagnostic tools. The Dashboard Maps allow reviewing the status and performance parameters.

Solarwinds Network Monitoring Tool

Solarwinds is another good network monitoring tools. More people are using SolarWinds to monitor vitalinfrastructures like servers, switches, SNMP device and more. This network monitoring tool is easy to install and easy to setup. Also, you can quickly add the device to Solarwind dashboard and to check lighted data fast.

Solarwind gives you real-time network detail and spots slow, sluggish or overwhelmed systems. You can monitor your system before it crashed. You will get a notification when your system gets down so you can resolve it before user call you.

WhatsUp Gold 2017

WhatsUp Gold 2017 is a network management suite for monitoring of network devices, servers, virtualization, applications and traffic all across the Java, LAMP and Windows environments. It can be used for assessing the availability as well as the performance of cloud-based and premise applications, networks and servers. The Unified application delivers an easy-to-setup and uses solution. It has a Log management for collecting and archiving Syslog, events and IIS/W3C logs.

Zabbix Networking Monitoring Tools

This is network management system software which is designed for monitoring and tracking status of various network services, servers, and other network hardware. Some of the features that it comes with are the Network, and Server Monitoring covers response time, packet loss and the metrics of network devices. The Bandwidth analysis helps keep a tab on consumption by applications and users.

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Zabbix network monitoring tool mainly uses MySQL, PostSQL, SQLite, Oracle and IBM to store data. Zabbix is simple and clean GUI so the operator can easily manage it. Zabbix also supports agentless monitoring with using technologies like SNMP, Telnet, SSH, ICMP, etc. This is most widely used open source monitoring tools after Nations.

NetVizura NetFlow Analyzer

NetVizura NetFlow Analyzer is a one-stop solution for collecting, analyzing and reporting the use of the network resources. It is primarily targeted towards bandwidth monitoring, analyses, investigation of network traffic and reporting. It helps administrators gain a better insight into the IP subnets, network devices, interfaces as well as end users to.

A few features of this tool are as follows it creates Alerts for traffic anomalies and significant bandwidth usage. Pinpoint applications and users contributing to excess bandwidth usage and various Diagnostic tools for uncovering network issues.

You May Also Like

Domotz Pro

Domotz Pro is targeted for those looking to monitor their network as well as ensure digital or remote support for their systems. It has an automatic inventory of all the IP devices in a network, speed test, internet health, alerts for devices down and faults and a remote power management web-app.

A few other features that come with Demote Pro is that you can Monitor bandwidth utilization by all devices in the network. It has a Simple setup and installation with a 90-day free trial. Set and configure alerts for all devices on your customers’ systems.

And Lastly

Network Monitoring Tool is one of the best useful software in network management platform. This is where Best Network Monitoring Software’s will helps whenever your system become slow or falling down it notifies network administrators by SMS, Emails, etc. Now a day, IT managers understand the need for network monitoring tools within the organization. But even with these monitoring tools, a simple accident can cost you millions.

There are tons of open source network monitoring tools available in the market to monitor system performance but choose best network management software which is affordable and easy to access. What you came across above was the list of Best Network Monitoring Software’s to track your devices, services, ports or protocols and analyzing traffic on your network. Stay tuned for more, and keeps posting me your opinions and suggestion in Comment box.

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