Top 11 Best PayPal Alternatives for Online Payment Service

Hello Bloggers, Freelancers & Internet marketers, if you are looking for PayPal alternatives to complete your transactions with ease and securely, I got Best PayPal Alternatives for you. PayPal is one of the largest money transaction systems on the web that is used for online banking by many yeah, that includes me as well. Thousands of internet users can’t seem to use PayPal due to some reasons, if you are one of them, get your suitable option at your fingertips; the official link is given in the list as well.

Online money transaction gateway as PayPal helps online users transferring their money more securely. The number is getting a great slant nowadays. I’d like to get other payment options to you but, before start talking about some of these gateways might not be available for every country and are domain specific. There are some with details, while some with fewer specifications.

Best PayPal Alternatives You may Need for Online Transaction

These payment gateways or alternatives for PayPal have been suggested, reviewed, and rated by many worldwide reviewers and readers. Do mind that you can also leave your say in the comments section where this list ends. Now let’s do it with further ado. Read AlsoEarn PayPal Money


If you are looking for another PayPal alternative with a more secure payment gateway and less transaction fee, Venmo is your go-to app. This digital payment service offers you to make payments and transfer money to the bank via mobile devices. Once you are done linking your bank account or Debit Cards to your Venmo account, you are ready to accept and send money to your phone contacts.

Venmo lets you transfer money by recipient’s @username, phone number, or even email. You can store the balance in your Venmo wallet and use it later for payment purposes, or when the sum gets enough to be cashed, you can withdraw it to your bank immediately. Venmo is highly recommended for its robust checking system. You can tag or share comments with your friends through Venmo feed. There is no fees for payments through debit card and bank account. However, it charges a 3% fee for credit card payments, while from a Venmo account to a debit card, it’s 1%.

Google Wallet


When you Google out something, it’s impossible to miss out on something offered by Google. It is free of cost payment gateway and a suitable alternative to PayPal. Your money can be sent and received online across tightly, securely, and effectively. Supported well by other Google Services, the online transfer process can be done using different sort of cards. There is a bit of a hiccup, though, the users except the US region can’t be able to put the wallet in their possession.



Starting with the one that also happens to be my second choice for converting currency easily, it is quite similar to PayPal. However, I prefer both for online transactions, no second words. Its features include a dual- security, free to set up, user-friendly interface and everything you want to do is right beneath you thumb. International clients and merchants must be well aware of its currency exchange feature that makes it even easier for everyone, the sender, and the recipient.



The third one to mention on the list is Payoneer offering prepaid services like MasterCard Debit Cards for payroll and travel type expenses. Companies based on e-Commerce can partner with Payoneer. Doing so, will permit them to pay the employees and associated members via a MasterCard. It is a suitable option to go for the startups and small enterprises.

ProPay (For US clients Only)


Yeah, another alternative to PP is another PP (ProPay), but like I just parenthesized above, is meant only for the US clientele. Users can only sell their products to the people residing around the globe, provided they are selling it sitting somewhere in the USA. The one thing that matters while passing the security check is SSN (Social Security Number) which is a must to be authorized. Ebay is also set up into your ProPay account to get you a PayPal-like ease while selling your items and stuff online.

Amazon Payments


Via Amazon Payments users can also use their amazon account to make personal transfers of funds between other account holders. Having an Amazon payment Simply pay account gives a client to use it their this portal as a suitable payment processing option for any online bound customers. Be sure that the receiver also has an existing Amazon Payments account. Also, to make you aware that if your monthly turnover is par $1000, you’d be charged 1.9- 2.5 % including $0.30 per transaction.



It’s one of the best available picks for those carrying their iPhones or iPads for secure business transactions. Users are charged $0.15 surcharge for any transactions entered manually, while for swiped transactions 2.75 % fee + 3.5% for processing fee is charged. Through Square, users can square off their payment accepting the credit card payments with the freely available app and a card reader. Fund transfer is directly linked to your bank account. After finishing the transfer, you can send the notification to the receiver/sender via an email.



BlueSnap being available in 145 nations is so far the best Alternative Payment Gateway to PayPal. BlueSnap makes it easier for merchants to choose a “buy now” model or shopping cart model managing the subscription billing and enables the worldwide merchants to deals and promote their merchandise while checking out. BlueSnap handles the payment modes for online sellers with physical goods and digital stuff like music, apps, and games. That too is around the globe.

We Pay

PayPal Alternatives

The development team has kept it technology-specific that requires an end-user having a little techie sort of knowledge and operating capability. The gateway is open only for the US clients that, I believe should be a factor of a negation for residents of other domains. For users like USA’s, there shouldn’t be a reason to worry while transferring.



It is hard to believe but the MerchantInc has been in the online market for 10+ years. It is a bit of a unique payment model which offers a simple yet effective policy no setup/no cancellation fees. Another reason to switch to it is the transaction fee is comparably affordable to PayPal. MerchantInc provides a compatible credit card processing service to the sellers from the US and the other countries.


There are many other PayPal alternatives for sure, and by the time you read these 11 Best PayPal Alternatives right now, there will be much more. Depending on the user’s liking, some of them would be making it to the top ten charts. Let me know via your experience and liking to a specific one. Leave me your say through the comments box below.