10 Things to Remember Before Buying a New Smartphone

The technology behind mobile phones is developing so fast that people can change their devices more often than ever before.

You don’t have to wait for several years to get a mobile phone that will have significantly better performance than the previous generation. Today, a new version of your phone might be released only a year or less after you’ve purchased your machine, or there will be advanced devices launched by other manufacturers.

On the other hand, some users don’t feel the urge of changing their mobiles so frequently.

No matter what group of consumers you belong to, you should go through a checklist of priorities while buying your phone. Here are some common things that you should pay attention to.

Things to Remember Before Buying a New Smartphone

The version of the operating system

The users of older Android-powered phones know how inconvenient it is when new versions of the OS don’t comply with the older ones.

In that light, the users of Marshmellow (Android 6.0) or Lollipop (5.0) can experience serious difficulties if they want to run some cutting-edge apps or tools. The same goes for the users of Nougat (Android 7.0) and Oreo (8.0). Even if you were promised the option of updating to the newer versions of Android, the mobile phone you bought five or more years ago, when the operating systems above were new, have slowed down and they can’t run the newest Android operating systems – Android Pie, Android 10, and Android 11.

So, if you want to buy a new mobile phone now, don’t go lower than Android Pie, while it’s recommended to get either Android 10 or Android 11.

The design ergonomics

In the past, mobile phones used to be large. Then the trend was to buy as small phones as it gets.

However, with the rise of the smartphone market, the-size-matters principle again became important. This time, it’s a matter of practical need: modern mobile phones come with so many demanding software and hardware features that they can’t be small.

As reported by the Statista website, it’s expected that by 2022, smartphones with screen sizes between 6 and 7 inches take the largest share of the market.

This means that current buyers will have to find the right balance between the trends of the market and their personal taste. In our opinion, the layout of jacks, buttons, and other elements on your phone is more important than its size. For instance, if the charging port and the jack for headphones are next to each other, it might be inconvenient for people who are frequently in meetings on their phones.

In that light, it would be good to hold every potential smartphone in your hands before you buy it, to check that its ergonomics meets your needs.

The manufacturer of the device

Smartphones aren’t only a necessity today, but they’re also status symbols. If you’re a teenager or you have a child of that age, you’ll see for yourself that the trademark on the phone is crucial for this target audience.

Since we wouldn’t like to enter the parenting arena, we’re going to stick with adult smartphone users. Before you make your final decision, compare some other smartphone models to check out their value vs. price ratio. You might come across relatively unknown brands with stronger machines than the one you were aiming at. Still, in that case, double-check the warranty details and do some research on forums. While we think that paying an arm and a leg for a smartphone is irrational, going for completely unknown trademarks is equally unreasonable.

The battery life

The largest number of middle-of-the-road smartphones in the market have abattery life of a maximum of 3500 mAh. This amounts to one day of battery life if you’re using your mobile intensively all day long.

For average smartphone users, this is enough. If you always keep a power bank as a backup in case of emergency, such a battery is an acceptable option.

However, this is not the right choice for people who are frequently on the road or for those having long meetings on a daily basis. If you belong to this group, you need to choose from the array of smartphones with a 5000-mAh battery. The longer the battery life, the lower the level of risk of ending up with a dead battery during an important meeting.

The machine configurations

When it comes to the smartphone processor and the RAM-features, state-of-the-art smartphones come with configurations that match those of desktop computers and laptops.

In that light, the average configuration would start from dual-core processors and the clock speed of at least 1.8 GHz.

As for the RAM, 4 GB is recommended for advanced users, such as businesspeople who want to run demanding business apps at the same time.

Ordinary smartphone users will manage to get by with 2 GB of RAM.

The features of the display

At this moment, there two main technologies behind smartphone displays: AMOLED and LCD. The former is a better choice for people who need more vivid colors and stronger contrasts. The latter is a better option for those users who are going to use their device in bright sunlight, as they’re more compatible with brighter surroundings.

As for the picture resolution, Full HD has already become a standard for modern smartphones. When it comes to picture sharpness, the next frontier is 2K and 4K screens. Still, if your local providers don’t ensure strong enough a connection for such data transfer, don’t waste your money on these devices.

The size of the storage space

A significant section of the internal storage of every smartphone is taken by the operating system. Still, this doesn’t mean that everybody needs to go for 64 GB+ storage space.

When deciding on the storage space, mind the fact that we all make a lot of videos. Since video files take a significant portion of memory, it’s advisable to get at least 32 GB of storage space, with a memory card as a backup.

Even if you don’t think you’ll need that much space, you’ll see for yourself that 16 GB of internal memory space is not enough for anyone anymore.

The package deals and mobile operators

If you’re a business owner, you’ll need to land the right package deal with one of the mobile carriers in your region.

This is something that will affect the decision related to the choice of the new smartphone. If you can get a flat rate or some bonus data from a carrier together with a phone that meets your preferences, grab that deal. Business owners and people who handle their business operations via the phone can never get enough data for online communication and collaboration.

If you do your homework, you’ll find the right package for your business needs and combine the right smartphone and data package for your needs.

The visual features

This is the world of visuals. In that sense, your smartphone camera is a vital part of your entire business agenda.

If you think this is an overstatement, imagine a situation in which you can take a perfect photo for a blog post you’re writing. Instead of getting a crystal clear, impeccable picture, you end up with a blurry, ineligible visual that you can’t use on your website. As explained by the web professionals from a Houston design company, authentic and original business visuals can make a difference in terms of increased traffic and lead generation.

Therefore, you’ll need a camera powerful enough to make professional HD-videos and take photos for your website.

 The charging options

Last, but not least, it’s important to be able to charge your smartphone fast.

Because of that, you should ask whether the smartphone you’re considering comes with a turbocharger or a regular one.

If you like everything else, but there’s no fast charger in the manufacturer’s package, shop around to order this device on time and have it as soon as possible.

The smartphone market has never been so saturated with powerful models. Choosing the right model for your needs can be a long-lasting and time-consuming process. Because of that, we’ve shared some general tips on what elements to pay attention to when selecting the right device for your needs.

Apply them in your search and you’ll come much closer to the device that will serve you well for both business and personal purposes.