10 Best Fantasy Football App for Android 2021

No matter if it’s summer or winter, those who love football, are always high on its fever. For those restless fans who live and breathe this game, the Best Fantasy Football App for Android 2021 are here to add fuel to fire. When it’s difficult for you to find the best apps to play fantasy football on your phone, you need to have a look at this researched piece.

The Best Fantasy Football Apps definitely have something for you in the vault; all it takes a sharp specialist’s mind to win it all. If you are looking for fun as well as way to earn easily, I must say don’t just be a bystander, participate in the fantasy league and give your best shot by predicting the match. Read AlsoBest Fantasy Cricket App for Android 2021

Top 10 Best Fantasy Football Apps for Android 2021

As a reminder, you should have in mind that playing fantasy league is completely legal almost everywhere. It’s an excellent way to get into action and compete with other masterminds of the game. Take a good look some of the international and Indian Fantasy Football apps you can play for fun and some money, of course.


Fantasy Football App for Android

HalaPlay is your daily dose of Fantasy Football league and club matches. Enter a league, select a match, and build your team to play against other players. With less competition in Football and cricket fantasy leagues, this app has a unique payout structure where you can play your favorite game as well as win big prize money. This app tests your instincts and sports knowledge to let you earn points based on the actual statistical performance of the players in real-world competitions.

There are both paid and free leagues to play; you can play both types. The paid leagues are restricted in some parts of India though. If you reside in Assam, Odhisha, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Sikkim, or Nagaland, you can only enter free leagues. This app helps you analyse patterns and improve your playing skills. Its popularity has grown among nearly 4 million users already.


highest paying Fantasy Football App for Android


Fanfight is the favorite for around 100 million users and is known as a virtual platform where you can compete with thousands of others and win points as your selected player performs. Remember, these points are what are going to be turned into cash for real. For every fan of football, real-time football league matches are going on to add to their amusement.

Fanfight is a top-class platform with a fantastic user interface where you just have to select your favorite sport, whether cricket or football, select your fixture, choose the cash contest, and create your dream team. This app is free to play and 100% legal, where playing fantasy league is entirely based on your skills. Download this highly secure app to start playing and winning cash.


Fantasy Football App for Android

PlayerzPot is your only hub to enjoy as the biggest fan of football fantasy sport. This app is dedicated to players with a knack for football where you can join 2 million+ users and win up to 1 Crore Rupees every day.  This app is user-friendly and will help you to get familiar with how to play fantasy football leagues.

Once you are all set up with the app, you are just a few moments away from turning into a pro fantasy league winner. PlayerzPot is where you’ll put your best playing and predictive skills to work. Register at PlayerzPot, select a match, and join in with a squad of your 11 fantasy players. You get to choose 1 Goal Keeper, 3-5 Defenders, 3-5 Midfielders, 1-3 Attackers/Forwards by investing your 1000 virtual gems. Your tactical skills and patience will be the key to win you cash rewards.

RealFevrFantasy Football App for Android


RealFevr is your one and only ticket to enter the world’s biggest football games ever for free. The developers pride themselves as the best fantasy football app that helps you complete in the real international competition. UEFA or FIFA world Cup, you name it, and you’ll get it. The salary cap and draft modes allow you to use your managing skills and optimize your prediction skills.

Challenge your friends and develop an uncrackable strategy to win. This app also has a salary cap model with loads of cash prizes and offers you multi-platform support. There are dozens of fantasy leagues to choose from and apply your tactics once you choose your teams and compile the playing 11. Get the latest updates and live stats for every ongoing match and turn the game in your favor. It’s an entirely free app to try and test your gaming skills.


best Fantasy Football App for Android

Unleash your hidden fantasy football fan and join the massive brigade of strategists and fantasy football players. This app covers all the league and Football championships around the world to make it easier for you to participate in any live match you want. The winnings go straight into your account, which you can cash easily to your bank account.

Name any popular league, La Liga, EPL, EUFA Champions League, or FIFA World Cup, get started by choosing your teams, Place your playing 11, and start predicting the game. Any game you choose isn’t hard to win, as there is low competition on KhelChamps and increases your probability of winning. You can choose a maximum of 6 teams where the combination to choose the best 11 is 1 Goal-Keeper, 3 to 5 Defenders, 3to 5 Mid-Fielders, and 1 to 3 Strikers. Choose the vice-captain and captain of your dream team, and game on.

Dream 11

Fantasy Football App for Android

What’s your favorite sport? Is it Football? Good, because Dream 11 is the right place to be when you have a live football match ahead. Use your best tactics and prepare a gameplan selecting your favorite footballers playing in the match. This app is about two years old and has gained the global attention of fantasy players. Right now, the app has crossed the 90 million users mark, rewarding R.50 Crore as the winning amount daily.

Dream11 is a universal platform to hone your skills and make handsome money as you watch and predict every game’s outcome. Create your private groups, chat with your friends, and challenge to a contest. Invite your friends to join the chat and win an Rs.100 cash bonus for each referral. This app hosts different kinds of cash contests, each with a minimum entry fee and prize money. The app is free to try and make a handful of earnings.


best Fantasy Football App for Android

MyTeam11 hosts 100+ contests daily where you can make easy money by entering into a contest per your liking and take away the prize beating your real-time opponents. This app brings you to live stats, scores, and scores to prepare your strategy easily, pick your players, build a dream team, and win the contest.

Not just Football, there are plenty of other options as well. Chose the league, pick a match from a plethora of sports, namely, Volleyball, Kabaddi, Basketball, or Hockey. MyTeam11 whet fun is not just limited to Football or Cricket. This is where fantasy players make up to Rs. 5 Crore every day.

UFL Fantasy Football

top Fantasy Football App for Android

UFL Fantasy Football app brings you a new thrilling experience every season. This app is at the top of the 10 Best Fantasy Football App for Android 2020 list for several reasons. Covering all the matches of famous Football leagues, this app is a permanent home to 1 million+ football fans worldwide.

Choose the fixtures and draft your two favorite players to build your strategy. This is how you can earn points during live games as the players perform per your expectations. The more points you earn, the higher are the chances to cash them out. There are power-ups to boost your players so you can trade them out. As your [predictions go accurate, you’ll climb up the leaderboard and show your opponents who’s the real fantasy player of all time.



11Wickets was initially started as the cricket fantasy gaming app, which has swiftly turned the attention of fantasy footballers within just a couple of years. Bring the live-action of fantasy sports into your living room as it’s one of the platforms to win real cash every game won. 11wickets is where you’ll need to churn through the knowledge and skill to create your wonder team within a budget of 100 credits and multiply it.

Apart from cricket, this app also hands you an opportunity to try your strategy on several football leagues based on selecting your favorite footballers before a match begins. Don’t wait; it’s time to build your online football game teams, join exciting free and paid leagues.


Fantasy Football App for Android

Don’t be disguised by the name; the Ballebaazi app is where you can put your expertise into football leagues too. This is where the real fun of playing, watching and building gaming strategies doubles.

Get the live updates and follow the news of every second to deliver your best prediction. Manage your team of perfect 11 players and score Fantasy points as every player performs as per your predictions. As they perform well, your fantasy points keep increasing. Since you manage the team, you choose the Captain and Vice-Captain, including the midfielders, goalkeeper, defenders, and strikers. It’s entirely up to you how you smartly you select your playing 11.

Don’t waste a Moment

Spare yourself some time and find out which app meets your expectations. Most importantly, do not try to search for these on Google Play Store; most users get frustrated as there are counts of offshoot apps to waste your time. If you want a genuine Fantasy Football App to win cash, try the links given in these 10 Best Fantasy Football App for Android 2021. Don’t forget to let me know about your experience with these platforms, and which one did you like?