Top 10 Free Best Android Dialer Apps In 2021

This List will show you 10 Best Android Dialer app 2021. We’ve consolidated it into a single list here. Here are the best dialer apps and contacts apps for Android. Dialer apps and contacts apps are a bit of a niche market. In most cases, the stock dialer and contacts app is more than good enough most of the time. This makes the dialer on a Smartphone, the most used and significant feature accessed.

Best Android Dialer Apps


eyecon caller ID

Eyecon is an iconic app in the category of 10 best Free Android Dialer Apps that smoothly syncs your contacts and call logs, including your Facebook, WhatsApp, and Viber contacts. Once you are done with syncing, you can add photos to your dialer app. Not that you have to do it manually, it will be done automatically. Now you can even identify the unknown callers.

This dialer app also adds your recently called contacts to a separate category called recently dialled contacts from where you can instantly access people. Another job is done by communication icons placed against every recently contacted person.



Drupe is a popular app on mobile covering all the basics and does many of them better than the stock app. It features a modern, beautiful interface along with a call recorder, smart dialer, call blocker and methods to deal with duplicate contacts. It can send GIFs to need to have Drupe installed for that to work. It’s free to download for the most part while some features require being purchase via in-app purchases.


ExDialer app is a dialer app and contacts apps with a support of 30 languages, includes a smart dialer (with T9), variety of plugins, gesture controls and boasts a faster as well as lightweight experience. It experience with a simple, easy, Material Design UI. It gives a five day trial and app costs $3.99.

Metro Phone Dialer and Contact



Metro Phone Dialer and Contact features solid colors, a simple UI, themes, contact searches and more features to make it good. It’s totally free with no in-app purchases. Also, it has a pro option to remove them.

Simpler Contacts and Dialer

Simpler features an improved caller ID, functions to control duplicate contacts, social network support, over 40 themes and more. An app which support call blocking, offline backup and tools to clean up your contact list.
The app is free to download with an optional pro version available on in-app purchase. Sometimes it wrong with bugs here and there.


Truecaller is one of the most popular and powerful contacts apps and dialer apps and works as an SMS app. It includes an SMS support and boosts the best caller ID out there. This app uses a basic Material Design and no doubt the only dialer apps or contacts apps with a subscription. It’s not necessary to use the basic features but is a little steep for our choice.

PixelPhone Pro

PixelPhone Pro is an android dialer apps that will give you easy, convenient calling and next level experience which is highly flexible app that completely personalized your phone interface from color themes to dialer, DIF font size and more with a sustainability upto 3 SIM cards having auto-selection.

Quick DialApp: Instant Dialer

Quick DialApp is the best Android apps that will redecorate your Smartphone dialer and insists rapid speed dialling, can access entire contact list with just one tap of our finger reveals an efficient graphic design with grid view style.

Dialer One: Free Smart Dialer

Dialer One is a free smart dialer that give a lot more than just a default dialer like Tone dial and filter calls by type. It provides to swipe between screens with ease and enables to customize your app as per your needs and demands.

Swipe Dialer Free

Swipe Dialer Free is a smart dialer that allows you to swipe between contacts, favourites, recent calls and speed dial with ease and available in more than 15 different language and to index your phonebook and address book. It can help you to sort the contact number with the last name and facilitates performances without any trouble.


This app provides an advanced backup of your contacts, text and dialled numbers to make sure for your saved contacts. It control on your device to manage on blocking annoying and irritating call or messages and easy to use the app.