How to Put Cover images Or Picture to MP3 files

This tutorial will guide you How to Put or Change Cover Images OR how to add picture to mp3 file…

Hi Friends, if like me you prefer to store your music collection in your PC or Phone, I have interesting tips for you. Change an existing default image or pictures to new MP3 album cover image are really interesting and funny. But most of us don’t know how to do this. So, Here I am sharing full tutorial to add a new image or cover picture to MP3 files.

These added images which are embedded with MP3 files are called album art, MP3 cover image. Its show, when we play MP3 in Album art visualization mode. Let’s start our tutorial ‘How to change or put new Album cover photo or images to MP3 file.

add picture to mp3 file

How to Add or Put New or Existing Album Cover Photo for a MP3 Song

First we know about common trick to put new or Existing Album cover photo for a MP3 song. You can do this on your computer, follow these given steps

  • First Copy any image which you want to add in your favorite MP3 file
  • Open windows media player and find the song in media Library which you want to change with your image
  • Right click on the MP3 file and click on ‘Paste Album Art’. That’s it

Alternative way to Change Cover images Or Picture to MP3 files

Friends you can also change or put image in MP3 file with freeware software called MP3 tag. Its support all windows OS like windows 7, 8, XP, Vista etc. you can download MP3 tag from its official website and is allow lot of features like add, remove or customize etc. you can also edit or assign any details of MP3 file. Let’s start Step-by-step guide how to Change Cover images Or Picture to MP3 files through MP3 Tag.

First download MP3 tag from its official website and run it

Select the directory where the mp3 files are located

Chose file which you want to change (you can chose and change more than one file at once)

To add image click on extended tags (located on menu bar)

When you click on extended tags a new windows will appear. From here you can change any details from ‘Metadata’ located on windows left side

In cover selection which is located on the right side will allow you to change cover pictures

Click on ‘Add cover’ to add or change mp3 cover picture

Select any image from your computer then click ok.

The new images will add in selected Mp3 file.

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In Conclusion

This was our tutorial How to Put Cover images Or Picture to MP3 files. How did you like our article, you must write your opinions and suggestion in comment box. also write If you have any query and any other tool or software to put cover images to MP3.