20+ Amazing Telegram Messenger Tricks You Should Know in 2021

This interesting tutorial will show you a huge list of Telegram Messenger Tricks and hacks. Which, you can make the telegram usage easy and interesting. In other word, you can say that you can use telegram like pro.

Telegram has undoubtedly become one of the best messenger apps of this age. This app has grown a vast number of user-base stealthily, and users worldwide are carrying out personal and business communication flawlessly. When you have many dependencies on a tool like this, these Best Telegram Messenger Tricks you should know in 2021 come handy.

Everyone wants to have a cool app that can outperform others easily. And when you master such a tool, you have your moment of pride and satisfaction. Why not share your messages smartly, more securely, and in no time to the other end. Without further ado, let’s dive in.

Telegram Messenger Tricks and Hacks

Telegram Tricks and hacks

Below given all Telegram Messenger Tricks and hacks are working and ready to use to act like pro users. So, follow step by step guide of Telegram Messenger Tricks and hacks and enjoy… Read Also:- How to Recover Deleted Telegram Chats, Messages and Images

Telegram Tricks 1:- Self-Destructing Messages in Secret Chats

Yeah, if you are a big fan of Mission Impossible, you just might have figured out what it means. Leave no evidence for the spying eyes around you. If you are looking for a feature like this, try this trick rather than selecting any messages manually and deleting them. Telegram comes with self-destruct messages on a secret chat option. You can set a timer for however long specific messages should stay in your chat.

How to set self-destruct timer in Telegram

  • Swipe right on the homepage.
  • Tap “New Secret Chat” to add recipients.
  • Tap the clock icon, set the self-destruct timer as per you want from 1 sec to 1 week. The timer countdown shall display on your screen.

Telegram Tricks 2:- Edit Photos and Videos before you sending them

A built-in photo and video editor in telegram make this app evermore a favorite. You can use on the go editing features once you attach a picture. You can use different options to give it a finishing touch before you finally send it. Some of the features include crop, adjust colors, contrast, and adding emojis. FYI, these tools work on videos too.

Telegram Tricks 3:- Terminate Active Sessions

Take the necessary measures in case of a mishap or someone takes it. The messages in your chat window cannot be disclosed to anyone once you terminate all the active sessions using your computer. Given that Telegram is easily operated through MAC, Linux, and another Web client, you can easily do it.

How to Terminate Active Sessions

Settings>Privacy and Security>Active seasons.

This path shows all the active sessions including your device’s details. Choose the one you want to terminate.

Telegram Tricks 4:- Hide Your ‘Last Seen’ information from selected users

Unlike WhatsApp, you can limit your visibility to specific users by hiding your last seen details. This cool feature of Telegram lets you stay undisturbed from annoying users.

How to hide Last Seen         

Settings>>Privacy and Security>>Last Seen & Online.

You can hide last seen from certain people on your contact list, nobody, nobody or everybody. You can configure hiding your Profile photo and phone number from certain people the same way.

Telegram Tricks 5:- Drafts

It’s the worst feeling when you type all the necessary things in a message, and someone interrupts you in the middle. You would not want to start writing it all over again. Telegram gets ahead by assisting you with drafts. Just like Gmail, your messages are automatically drafted and saved. Whenever you switch to a particular user, your message will continue from where you left.

Telegram Tricks 6:- Custom Folders

You can filter important chats, groups, or channels in separate custom folders. For example, if you want to move the unread messages to a particular folder automatically. You can spot chat folders in the sidebar of the desktop version of Telegram. Swipe between Tabs to locate the folders in your Telegram mobile App.

Telegram Tricks 7:- Clear Telegram Cache

You can easily manage the storage and space of Telegram on your device. You can delete media files shared via Telegram directly to save device memory. Do remember that all the files, once deleted, will stay on the App’s Cloud forever. In case you want to retrieve those files, you need to re-download them all. You can wipe all the cache and local database by following this path.  Settings>>Data and Storage>>Storage Usage.

Now, choose however long you want to keep it on your device (3 days, a week, 1 month or forever).

Telegram Tricks 8:- Auto-download and Auto-play Media

You can enable/Disable auto-download of media files on the mobile. If you are much-concerned about your cellular data, you can check for a file size before it opens. If it’s of significance, download it otherwise, save your mobile data. Way to enable/disable auto-download settings is: Settings>>Data and Storage>>Turn off automatic download “when using mobile data” and “when roaming”.

Telegram Tricks 9:- Custom Themes and Message Corner

Personalizing your app theme and chat interface gives you an amazing feeling. Telegram allows you to change Chat background, Color-theme, Message corners, and day and night modes, besides enlarging Emoji size.

Telegram Tricks 10:- Share Live Locations

When every minute is of great significance to you and your colleagues’ business meeting, it’s smarter to share your live location. Let them know that you are really stuck in traffic by sending them pings in every 15-20 minutes. You can also use this feature within a group in the form of an interactive map. Go to Attachment>>Location>>Share my Location for…

Telegram Tricks 11:- Locking Your Conversations

Telegram saves you from downloading another app to lock your private conversations by adding its own lock function. You can hide all your personal messages by setting a passcode. Here is how you should do it.

Settings>Privacy and Security>Passcode Lock. Type a 4-digit passcode and confirm it. Upon successful passcode creation, “unlock the app with fingerprint” and “auto-lock” options will be visible to you.

Telegram Tricks 12:- Creative Stickers

Express yourself in a creative way that’s even funnier to look. Sometimes, these stickers are better to express and convey your thoughts than plain conversations. Telegram has thousands of stickers in Chatbox where you are free to choose the ones you like to add to your conversation. Head to the chatbox to find more stickers that are updated frequently.

Telegram Tricks 13:- Keep-Alive Service

Telegram adds a special Keep-Alive Service to your notification panel by reminding you of every message that comes in. This messaging app remains active in the background so you can’t miss out on any update. Here is how to enable this service.

Go to Settings>>Notification and Sounds>>Other.

Telegram Tricks 14:- Telegram Chat Bots

Just like Tumblr bot, Telegram Chat bots are also programmed chat accounts to answer your queries with best recommendations.  You can find more interactive bots such as @ImageBot to send pictures related to your query and @RateStickerBot to rate random stickers and discover new sticker collection.

Telegram Tricks 15:- Free Unlimited Cloud Service

A few users have been able to notice that Telegram offers a free cloud storage service for your messages, notes, links, media files, and contacts given that their size is restricted within 1.5 GB. Here is to access this feature:

  • Swipe right on the homepage and tap on “Saved Messages”.
  • This is where you can store your personal data on Telegram Cloud and then access them from any location or any device whether Linux, MAC, Windows, etc.

Telegram Tricks 16:- Customized Telegram Channel

You can create a public or private channel to broadcast messages and maximize your reach. It’s the best option to get noticed among your audience who is also your potential client. Telegram channels support unlimited number of Channels where you can post content only of you are the admin. You can search for a public channel to join it. While to join a private channel, you need to receive an invitation first.

  • To create channel, tap three horizontal lines on the top left of the app homepage.
  • Tap New Channel>>Create Channel
  • Name it and add its description.
  • Select the type of channel whether public or private.

Telegram Tricks 17:- Send Uncompressed Media

Telegram eliminates the problem of pixel distortion and lousy quality of documents. You can send the media file in an uncompressed format, especially the video and images. In contrast, you can only send a picture in other chat apps after converting them into PDF format. You can choose to send without a compression option to send the data directly.

Telegram Tricks 18:- Scheduled Messages

There are lots of features in Telegram messenger that will direct your attention. Besides, scheduling your messages for a particular time, you can specify a date for certain events like birthdays. Don’t worry if you tend to forget your loved ones’ birthdays, Just tap and hold the send button and select the date and time you want this message reached to the other end.

Telegram Tricks 19:- Silent Messaging

The silent messaging feature is most valuable feature when you are tending to meeting or event where keeping silent is an obligation. But staying in touch with your friends is also important at the same time. Send a message as usual, and they won’t hear it when the notification pops up on their phone.

Telegram Tricks 20:- Edit Sent Messages

Can you edit a sent message? With other chat apps, no, but with Telegram, yes. Typos are usual errors that everyone would admit to having made. With Telegram’s quick edit feature, you can edit your message right away even if you have pressed the send button, tap and hold the sent message and tap the edit button. To assure you, your modified message will be labeled as edited when sent.

Telegram Tricks 21:- Search People by Username

Whenever you create an account on Telegram, you are to specify a unique username like social Instagram and Twitter. This unique username lets you identify other people easily. Regardless of not having their contact numbers, you can find your old friends easily provided you known their username, and they have set their names searchable to other users. On the other hand, you can also set your username visible instead of disclosing your phone number to strangers.

Here is how to configure your username: Settings >>Account>> Username. If you want, you can also add a little self-introductory par, which will also be displayed on your profile.

Telegram Tricks 22:- Add Nearby Telegram Users

If you and the other people residing near you have set your profile visibility to public, you can connect with each other easily. You can type the user’s name and exchange the contact info. The same goes for groups if there are any available in your area or the neighborhood.

Telegram Tricks 23:– Highly Secure

MTProto protocol is one of the highest levels of security implemented by Telegram Messenger. This security protocol ensures high-speed message delivery over weak connections. MTProto is based on a two-layer encryption technique for both cloud chats and secret chats.  MTProto uses a 256-bit symmetric, AES encryption 2048-bit RSA encryption, and Diffie–Hellman secure key exchange.


Telegram out competes other messenger apps in terms of reliability, security, accessibility, and user-friendliness. These hidden features must be impressive enough for you to try it and test it. High-end security and extensive features of Telegram are the key reasons it’s the most suitable for personal and business use.