Top 3 Most Popular Platforms to Watch Anime

So, you are a fan of anime, and searching for the best online platform to enjoy the latest one? If you feel thrilled to find the fuss of the ‘Neon Genesis Evangelion’ or love the evergreen, beautiful characters of the ‘Sword Art Online,’ you need to select the best anime streaming service to get into the world of Japanese animated videos.

Japanese animation has surpassed the border and become an effective way of spending time both for young kids and adults nowadays. It is no longer considered suitable only for the kids under twelve, but a productive utilization of time for adults also. Good always triumphs over evils in these animated movies. They promote friendship, teamwork, and healthy practices. Thus it can be an excellent source to teach kids to become optimistic and also a source of relaxation for the adults. If you are searching for the best streaming services, like GoGoAnime TV, to enjoy Japanese animations, we have come up with the best three platforms. So you can enjoy your preferred one legislatively for free.


What is Anime?

If you don’t have much knowledge about what anime is, let’s get into it first. It is the abbreviation of animation pronounced as ‘ah-knee-may,’ a core part of Japanese culture that has streams of fame for ages. This ‘different’ form of entertainment has crossed the border and has gained much popularity in the UK and West. It has become popular worldwide because of its unconventional and unpredictable nature. The storyline leaves a soft spot in the heart of anime lovers. The simple yet visually stunning artwork of Japanese animation presents the story and characters in a fresh way involving the viewers emotionally.

No matter what your preference is, Japanese animation has everything to stun you. If you are a worshipper of romantic comedy animations, ‘Fruit Basket’ will thrill you, while ‘The Count of Monte Cristo’ will excite you if you are a fan of the classic theme. You will also find animes specially meant for kids like ‘Pokemon’ or ‘My Neighbour Totoro’ for teens, and so on.

Best Streaming Sites to Enjoy Anime

 To get into the realm of Japanese animation legally, you need the best streaming platform. We have listed here the most popular 3-platforms. Thus you can enjoy the latest animated movies or series as soon as they get released.


Crunchyroll is a great platform to enjoy anime, manga, and Asian series. This site was started in 2006 in the USA and has become a popular source to stream Japanese animated movies and videos, especially in the United States. It is enriched with a massive library of Japanese animation movies and dramas. Serving more than 900 anime ranging from some rare to famous one like Attack on Titan, or Naruto Shippuden, Crunchyroll is enough to check your temptation for Japanese animation.

The uncomplicated interface of the website lets you search your favorite animated movie according to the category, alphabet, or genre. If you want no advertisements to interrupt you, you can go for the premium version of Crunchyroll that shows no ads and offers some fabulous features. It is the best site for people outside of Japan to enjoy anime with subtitles.

 If you are the biggest fan of Japanese animation, you might have heard about Kissanime, which offers all Japanese animation videos and newly released anime movies 24/7. With more than 4000 episodes streaming daily, Kissanime has become very popular among anime lovers worldwide. It is one of the most popular websites that offer you all categories, including drama, movies, science fiction, horror, sports, series, comedy, classic anime, and many more. You will find a wide range of fabulous Japanese animation in its thumbnail view with the facility to arrange your favorite one on the homepage.

The best thing is, you can enjoy your favorite animation movies online for free and download to watch them later. For people who love Japanese animation but don’t understand the Japanese language, Kisanime serves them with the facility of English audio and subtitles. It doesn’t let you compromise with the quality when you are enjoying your favorite anime movie or show. On kissanime, you get animated videos from 240p up to 1080p.

You can enjoy your favorite anime movie or show for free without creating an account on Kissanime. But to manage the shows, you better have a Kissanime account.

GoGoAnime TV

It is another widely used go-to platform to enjoy your cherished anime online for free. In GoGoAnime TV, you have the facility to sort your favorite anime content based on its type, genre, or the release time.

GoGoAnime TV offers you to select your server from various options while streaming videos. Thus you don’t have to compromise the quality and speed of the video when a single server is burdened with traffic.

GGA offers the anime lovers a free streaming app available on the play store. You can also download it from a third party APK provider. To avoid any malware that can attack your computer, ensure you enable the ad blocker and malware detection software before accessing this site.

Final Thought

Japanese animation has become a popular means of recreation worldwide, targeting both kids and adults. With its simple, yet exceptional storyline, anime alone is enough to enchant you. Using the above three convenient platforms, you can enjoy your favorite Japanese animated movies and shows online for free and legally.