How to Import Photos from iPhone to PC [4 Easy Ways]

It’s quite cumbersome when you are new to putting work to Transfer Photos from iPhone to PC. And when it’s Windows you are working on, the task gets a little considerable. Unlike, MAC there are a stream of third-party applications to get the job done, iTunes apart.What ifs you haven’t got one latest version installed? Better run along with a thought on How to Import Photos from iPhone to PC before you lose your pictures due to lack of memory or attention.Backing up is always a smarter way so as long as those memories hold great significance to you.

Counts of complaints have been blatantly and constantly floating around many websites. These are all about having troubles and shortcomings with Windows 10. Probably due to incompatibility issues or some related to connectivity. Why not, a huge proportion of iPhone owners still use Windows form of Desktop PCs.I suggest nothing about Windows Photos App since many of the readers are still unable to locate it on their Windows.

Transferring Photos from iPhone to PC Using Windows Explorer

Transfer Photos from iPhone to PC Using Windows Explorer

Getting to Connected to Windows First

Unlock your iPhone and get it tethered to your Computer initially a popup shows up soon afterwards on which you have to select allow. A few moments for driver exchange and the Windows Live Photo Gallery should start to get to work on your photos.If there is no show yet, try the easy alternative using the following path.

Go to Windows Explorer> My Computer and check your iPhone>Internal Storage>DCIM>Pictures.

Next up, you can choose to cut or copy to paste your images anywhere on your Computer.

How to Import Photos from iPhone to PC

transfer photos from iphone to PC Using icloud


The second alternative to DropBox and the second easiest way to put your Photos to a safe place on Windows PC. It’s an online storage space where your only part is connected to your iCloud account and let the cloud servers take the rest of your stress of uploads and saves.What you will need is a stable internet connection like a WiFi otherwise, the data charges are going to trouble you. Make sure you have chosen a storage subscription plan according to the size of your images.

Saving Photos from iPhone to Windows PC

Third Party Apps

What I recommended you here might seem out of nowhere, but if it serves righteously, you need to have to have to this path. Post-test results showed that some third party apps took the game away entirely. Provided your images are drastically and gravely important to you, you can opt for ArkMC Home Media Center to ensure your media files including iphone photos are safer than ever. Add more to the party table, it saves your time as the image can be transferred via wireless streaming (MAC Users Only).

How to Transfer iPhone Photos to Windows (Airmore)

Airmore (Free for Windows Use)is the second best competitor you would find to your liking.

Steps needed are

  • Install it on your iPhone from App Store at first.
  • Either Launch it and san QR Code or tap the device name within Radar.
  • Once you see two devices connected, choose “Accept” and connect your iPhone via Airmore.
  • Select the “Pictures” iconon your PC User Interface and start transferring your Photos.
  • Make a selection of the photos you want to Move to PC by hitting “Export” Button.
  • The base need is to have a stable network and to save more time, chose to setup both the devices to the same network.

Last Resort

Try Google Photos as it overcomes all the limitations of the cloud service providers I just mentioned previously. Free to use, online backup, and unlimited space are some of its favoured features (As I always keep putting up now and then). There have been recent glitches spotted and reported by a measure of users about Windows Photos.Want to Move Photos from iPhone to PC, these options would definitely be a good use. Let me know how helpful these suggestions turned out for you.