How to Exit safe Mode on Windows 10 [ 100% working Tricks]

This tutorial will guide you all possible tricks on how to exit safe mode on windows 10.

Our laptop and computer are hardly perfect devices and software like windows can from time to time run into various issues. Some time its can be very easy to fix there issues, but some time, the problem can be a little difficult to detect properly. Booting into safe mode makes it easier to detect windows issues. That’s why sometime it is recommended that users boot into safe mode on windows 10. But before proceeding, let us know what is safe mode.

What is Safe mode?

Safe mode is basically a fundamental troubleshooting service, it can also say troubleshooting mode. The feature is available in windows since 1995. It put your computer into the most basic and barebones version of windows, where the concept behind that by stopping all software’s from booting up, it will give you a chance to retry and figure out what could be causing the system issue. It is useful to find out the issue and fix them. But when you fix the issue, how to exit from safe mode?

Now, let’s understand. How to exit safe mode on windows 10?

How to Exit Safe Mode on Windows 10

In this tutorial we will know 3 methods to exit safe mode in windows. But before that try to restart your computer to exit safe mode.

Sometimes when you restart your PC or laptop, you will have a option to “Start Windows Normally”, which can also exit from safe mode. However, if this trick won’t work. We have some more tips to fix safe mode. Lets start

Exit Safe Mode Using System Configuration

Press Windows + R to pop-up the “RUN” tool OR right Click on Start button and select “RUN

Type “msconfig” and press enter OR click on “OK”. The System Configuration window will open.


Select the “boot” tab > Uncheck “SAFE BOOT” option and click on “APPLY” then “OK

system configuration

Popup will open, click on the “RESTART

When your windows restart, it will open with normal mode.

Exit Safe Mode on Windows Using Command Prompt

Press Windows + R to pop-up the “RUN” type “cmd” and ok

run command

In command prompt window, type “bcdedit /deletevalue {current} safeboot” and press the enter button on the keyboard.

exit safe mode cmd

Restart your computer by typing “shutdown /r” it will exit from safe mode.

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