Top 10 Best Mobile Phone Insurance Company in India 2021

Let us imagine that you dropped your phone off your hands, might have slipped or someone snatched it from you when you were busy in the crowded market. It is hard to even think about it and forget about recovering it. The reason I am starting my topic is apparently unusual, isn’t it? Well, losing your favorite things even more painful. Ever wondered to get your device insured against damage or theft? Let me tell you about this Top 10 Best Mobile Phone Insurance Company in India that will save you from trouble, exactly speaking, it is your device that will be safe.

A mobile insurance is very vital if you are purchasing a costly mobile phone in India. Mobile phone insurance provides coverage for theft, loss, accidental damage and out-of-warranty malfunction. The policy covers the phone itself, standard battery, standard battery charger and SIM card. Smartphones are no longer thought or used as they once used to. What started off as gadgets that enabled us to do more than a simple mobile phone could accomplish have no morphed into style statements and digital hubs that our lives rely on.

At this point, it seems only fair for you to ensure that piece of digital treasure from any mishap. Mobile Handsets are as expensive as Laptops or High-end Electronic devices these days. In addition, Mobile phone is a vital part of our daily lives.

Best Mobile Phone Insurance Company In India

best phone insurance company in india

Think about our normal routine day without our mobile phone. I am sure we can’t even imagine such a possibility. We store all our valuable contacts and relationships in the small handset. Suppose we lose the mobile phone due to theft/accident/negligence, we stand to lose our valuable contacts as well as our investment.

One Assist

This mobile insurance company has been in India’s market for over a decade now. Started as a company offering data backup services, this company is now renowned as a big name on the list of India’s best Mobile Phone Insurance Company.

The company offers different plans protection plans against accidental & liquid damages starting at ₹ 999, and you can check for the company’s legitimacy by the number of happy customers. The company also offers a warranty and insurance on other electronics and gadgets. By far, One Assist is one of the most reputed service providers and continues to grow its trust among Indian users.

Times Global Insurance

Times Global Insurance company may not be known to many, but in our research, we found that this company is the most reputed in gadget insurance sector. The Delhi-based insurance company provides insurance not only for smartphones but also for Tablets, Laptops, TV and other electrical appliances. The Times Global Insurance provides 100% Cashless Insurance of accidental damages/water spills or screen cracks.

They also pay 90% of your smartphone bills in case of lost/theft/stolen anywhere in India. The company claims to provide 24*7 customers support and zero-hassle claims. And if you didn’t claim for any case, they might also refund your 50% and 25% premium amount in 3 years and 2-year plan respectively. The company has dedicated plans for iPhones and 3 different plans for other smartphones. For example, if the price of your smartphone is between Rs 3000 to Rs 15000, then you can choose a Rs. 2460/year plan and so on.

Warrantyasia apart from just providing insurance plans for mobile, they also provide insurance plans for all sort of electronic gadgets. They tie up with various gadgets manufacturing companies all over India. This company is based from New Delhi. At present they are considering insurance plans for mobiles and tablets. It also includes all other manufacturers who provide one year warranty from the day you bought the mobile or tablet. It provides you the insurance plans with a lot of terms and conditions. There is no assistance from the company if there is any damage to the screen within 15 days from the day of purchase.

This company also provides the insurance plans based on the price of mobile. Minimum insurance plan is Rs. 349 per year for mobile ranging from Rs. 1500 to Rs. 5000. Maximum insurance plan is Rs. 4299 per year for mobiles ranging from Rs. 45, 001 to Rs. 56, 000.

All these claiming of insurance are also based on the age of the device. If the claim is within 15 days from the day of purchase, then you can claim as the following. The 75% on the bill, if the damaged components are repairable on the damage and 65% on the bill, if the damaged components are not repairable. If mobile is lost, then you can claim 55% of the cost of the mobile and you need to submit the FIR Copy.

Quickheal Gadget Insurance

Quick Heal, a brand well known for its security suite is the next contender in our roundup covering a wide range of losses, namely-theft, liquid damage, fire damage or physical damage. Their plans start from INR 599 till INR 2,499 depending on the range of the device. As a bonus, Quickheal throws in their mobile security suite too. This insurance, however, is only limited to Android devices.

Syska Gadgetsecure

Syska gadget secures the tagline “Whenever life happens, you remain unaffected”. This says it all and what it is for. This is a startup company and provides various insurance services for various types of mobiles and gadgets. They even give solution regarding anti-virus and they also provide you the free home service (Pick up and drop), if you want any mobile repair service from them.

All their insurance plans are based on the price of the mobile. Suppose, if the mobile cost is in between Rs. 4000 to Rs. 10, 000, the plan which is available for you is Rs. 599 per year and there are more plans as such. The maximum plan is for mobile costing in between Rs. 25, 0001 and Rs. 60, 000 which is Rs. 1999 per year. They have prepared the list of insurance plans. To get the list of plans, visit website and choose “Policy Document” from “Claim and Policy” tab

Appsdaily insurance

Appsdaily Insurance incorporated with New India Assurance Company provides insurance for Android smartphones only. The Quick Heal Gadget Insurance covers smartphones from theft/burglary, physical, liquid, and fire damage. Apart from that, it also provides additional security such as Virus protection, mobile tracker, intruder detection and Cloud backup. The insurance plans vary from Rs. 699 to Rs. 3,499 depending on the price of a device. The plans here offer claims to reimbursed with the amount assured in your insurance plans.

Onsite Go Insurance

This network provides insurance for almost all the tech gadgets like smartphones, laptops, digital camera and lots more. This was launched in 2010 in Mumbai and this provides its all the services online. You can also get the extended warranty of your device from this site. This network will pick the device from your door, get it repair from the service center and then return it back in your home.

Gadgetcops are the one which started such type of insurance services in India for Mobile Phones. They provide coverage for theft, accidental damage and other value added services. Every insurance plan will be of 2 years and they provide the repair service of any kind to your mobile. They do not charge you a single penny for service and the company will bear the amount for those repairs. Gadgetcops provide you the “Extended Warranty” scheme, which allows you to extend the one year warranty period which was provided by the mobile company by default to 2 more years. This includes all the advantages of insurance plans which are applicable for mobiles. There are some cases for which claims are not valid.

Warranty Bazaar

Warranty Bazaar provides extended warranty and accidental damage protection plans for mobile phones and tablets. If your phone or tablet is not older than 90 days then you can purchase Warranty Bazaar extended warranty for phones. Accidental Damage Protection is designed to protect the owner from the cost of repairs which is not covered by the manufacturer. 12 Months Accidental Damage Protection for phone and tablets protects your device with all damages, spills, drops and more for 12 months. You May Also Like :- Best Free Antivirus Apps for Android

New India Insurance

This is one of the trusted sites that provides mobile insurance, and this is bases in New Delhi and there is tie up of this site with other manufacturer companies like Apple, Samsung, Sony, LG, Micromax, HTC, Lava, Xolo, Alcatel, Panasonic, Gionee, Oppo, Xiaomi, Asus, Karbonn and many another manufacturer that provides 1year warrant. The insurance plans in this start from Rs349 for the device ranges from Rs. 1500/- 5000/- upto Rs. 4299/- for the mobiles in the range of Rs. 45001/- – Rs 56000/-. You May Also Like :- 8 Tips for safe and Secure Online Banking

Onsite Secure

Onsite Secure provides insurance and warranty not just for smartphones, but also for tablets, laptops and digital cameras. The extended insurance coverage includes typical faults such as hardware failures, malfunctioning touch screen, charging port issues and more. As they are specialized in on-site service, they will pick the defective device, get it repaired at the authorized service centers and then sent it back to you.  There are different plans being offers based on the cost of the device. You May Also Like :- 8 Ways to Stay Safe while shopping online

Final Say

So, we declare that Times Global and Syska are the Best Mobile Insurance Companies in India. They offer some of the most competitive prices in the India for the mobile phone insurance. The customers can expect some of the bargain rates in their products and services related to the mobile phone insurances.

Different people may have different opinions on what is the Best Mobile Insurance in India due to various sides involved in the calculation. The smartphone or gadget insurance is provided by an insurance company to cover up the incidents like theft/loss/damage etc. to compensate the cost of the smartphone in accordance with certain terms and conditions. Simply getting insurance to your phone is a smart way to protect it. And what you needed to know is what I tried to provide you here in Top 10 Best Mobile Phone Insurance Company In India. How was the topic? Was it helpful to you? Do let me know, the comments box is placed right below. See you very soon.


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