10 Best iPhone Data Recovery Tools

In this article we are sharing a list of Best iPhone Data Recovery Tools and complete details and features. No further saying, iPhone has turned into a fundamental piece of our life. We have now a place of vital data and information in your hands. The iPhone information is always on the brink of being erased or mixed up, lost, or stolen. It gives us an extreme discourage, particularly when the information you’ve lost was quite an essential thing you had. But, sometimes a situation arises where you may need another support to get your phone data to a secure place. This is where you are going to want to need one or some of these Best iPhone Data Recovery Tools or Software.

10 Best iPhone Data Recovery Tools

There may be some questions though if the app supportive? Does it find compatibility with your iPhone version? And biggest of all, Do I have to pay for that? It shouldn’t be an unimaginable thing to pay if you have the right application to recover your data as it was residing in your device. There are lots of date recovery softwares OR Tools are available, but which of the recovery tools are useful to you it is a bit difficult to guess. To overcome your dilemma here, we’ll get list of best data recovery tools for iPhone. Here are selected iphone data recovery software’s that are available online to suit out your needy purpose. Some are paid while some do not want to any penny from you. Let us have a look downward.

Wondershare Dr.Fone

This app also available in list of best data recovery app for android devices also, provided it is available for free use besides just a premium use (Try it only if you lose your data too often). Dr.Fone is the first iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch information recovery tool that is developed by the team Wondershare.

It comes with a wide range of tools to get back the lost information covering messages, photos, recorded media, saved reports, call logs, schedule, notes, updates,browser bookmarks etc. from your device. In case your device is damaged, or has a crashed framework, or even facing an OS dysfunction, you can rely on Dr. Fone. Now, let’s talk about online storage, where Dr. Fone is renowned for getting your data from iCloud and iTunes hence, supporting all the new and older versions of iOS. Like I said, free for a limited use, if you really have a bad experience with iPhones, you can purchase it, which certainly, is costly.

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  • High rated iPhone data recovery
  • Recover Photos, videos, contacts, messages, notes, call logs and much more
  • Recover data from iPhone, iTunes and iCloud
  • Support almost all iPhone series

iMyfone Data Recovery for iPhone

Deleted your files accidentally, lost them, damaged the device, jammed between factory reset, or encountered a virus? All the problems have one solution. Even in the case of setting a lockcode and having a hard time remembering it? The software gets you a three-way solution to recover your lost data that is from iTunes, iCloud, and iDevice. The data types recovered are the basic media files such asimages, videos, recordings, audios. Furthermore, it keeps the tab on the lost contacts, call logs, and Whatsapp history. It is comparatively faster than the other apps also, letting you have a preview of all the data that needs to stay on your phone. It can be tried for a free test, if you liked it, buy it.


  • Up to 4 data recovery mode with utmost probability of data retrieval – recover data from iPhone & other iOS device, iTune, iCloud
  • Support up to 20+ data types include Whatsapp, Kik, WeChat, Photos, Messages, Contact, Notes, Videos etc.
  • Recover data in very easy stapes – Connect device > Scan & Preview > Select & Recover Data that’s it.


This software is the second that tops the list because of these underlined features and capabilities. But, first of all, let me have you know, it is available free with all the essential features you may need. SynciOS enable you to recoup 12 types of data files including messages, contacts, apps, browser bookmarks, camera-shot photos and videos, notes and schedules. There is more to mention like Instagram-photosand iTunes documents. You can get it free for Windows and MAC PC.


  • 3 recovery modes to retrieve data from iphone, iTunes, iCloud backup
  • Recover Images, Messages, Contacts, app data (Whatsapp, iPhoto, Instagram etc)


FoneLab works with several iOS devices including the most recent iPhone, iPad, iPad little and iPod touch. It is feature-loaded software that is available for Windows ( Best data Recovery Software for Windows) as well as MAC users recovering documents that have been lost or incidentally erased from your iPhone or iPad.You can get your records like contacts, SMSs, call logs, Media files (all sorts), browser history, recordings and other data types easily. The data that you may have lost by accident or someone erased it on a purpose, download AiseesoftFoneLab and feel worry-free. There are a couple of things to look out for, the pricing (Only if you intend to recover your data too often), and the time (it takes a little longer to recover your data fully). It is safe and secure to use though, with more features when purchased.

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EaseUSMobiSaver is another data recovery tool taking back your collected information and data back into your safe hands from the broken or damaged device. Apart from iOS devices, it remains the information iCloud without any hiccup. If you have had any accidental damage, unexpected or mistaken tap on your important data; all taken care of by EaseUSMobiSaver on the go. Like Dr.Fone, the free trail can ease your problems but if you want some advanced features, go for its paid version. Messages and logs from the third party apps can also be recovered using this software keeping an entire stream of multimedia in the safe zone. The contacts and logs can also be saved in the formats like VCF, HTML, and CSV. Go for the unlimited usage and unlocked features after availing its paid version.

LeawoiOS Data Recovery

LeawoiOS Data Recovery is available for all the iOS devices including the recent and the older versions. Before retrieving the data, you can review a file type if it’s important for you or not. Regardless of how you missed out on your data, it can recover it from any nonphysical damage. Messages, attachments, videos, audios and other media files can be easily retrieved with the help of Leawo. And did I forgetto mention it can get your photos a safe landing? But, there is a little reason to wonder, the data it gets you back can’t be saved on your computer, this feature comes with the paid version only. To let you be informed, it isn’t as expensive as the other ones on the list.

iSkysoft iPhone Data Recovery

It gets you data recovered in bulk, easy to use, and is the most [preferred data recovery tool. It can look for the data stored on the online services like iCloud or iTunes and is an ideal solution for those who damaged their phones or going through an up gradation failure. It is also capable of recovering devices OS from the recovery mode loop but may take a while during the recollection. Also, some users have reported about its unexpected ceases in the middle of the recovery process. Lastly, it is also available for free (Trial Version) and only for Mac users.

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iMobiehas an easy to understand and use interface is an advanced recovery tool that not just outranks the other tools, but also outnumbers features of some of the free applications up there.It has got support to retrieve 22 different types of data files including texts, logs, music, videos, voicemails, ringtones, and browser bookmarks. Significantly, your Whatsapp, insta, or some other apps are also not at stake if you are worried about them. If your phone got jail-broken or stopped during factory reset or while upgrading, it can get your data back from the mist. Beware, that a free trial won’t give you the much-needed data in the least amount of time, I mean all of it. Only the paid version can have you the quick and reliable experience.

AnyMP4 iPhone Data Recovery

All your precious iPhone data can be recovered using another hand from AnyMP4. The program efficiently works while scanning and searching for the lost data. The data types that are dealt with are photos, audio/video, texts, call logs, contacts, calendar, and Chat history. Whetheryour device stopped while resetting or got jailbroken, it can still get the job done. Alongside, your data is at home if it is residing on iCloud or iTunes. Be sure to have enough time to wait while executing this software. It is also available for a free trial besides the paid version, have a try.

Tenorshare Any Data Recovery Pro

Now, how good is to review this tool? It is the last on the list, but always a surprising experience to share with you. Tenorshare can regain up to 550 different file types from any iOS device. It does it quickly and can even do it in the case of a virus attack accidental file deletion, drive format, or a system crash. Not just your iPhone, if you want to try it for your Mac PC, go ahead. And have forgotten again? Windows users can also entertain its best in the market algorithm to recover their data.

In Conclusion

The Android, as well as iOS market is just beguiled with daily evolving apps and software. Keeping a good eye on the ones that reach a certain benchmark is my take. There are many other applications besides these 10 Best iPhone Data Recovery Tools that can get you a better and advanced experience. Let me know if you know that I don’t know. Comments box seems empty.


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