6 Best Free Reminder App for iPhone in 2021

Best Free Reminder App for iPhone : Life is full of complications, and we all have to face various distractions and many tasks during our daily routine. All most of us tend to busy all the times, and that is the reason why we forget different essential things that we need to do as per our priority. To keep our daily tasks orders, we all need to take care of various daily routine tasks such as paying off electricity bills, and other measures, attending a marriage function or meeting, etc. fortunately we are associated with iOS devices that can help us in keeping our tasks well tracked.

We need to set up some reminders to keep ourselves organized and to monitor the progress of our ongoing projects and increasing productivity. Apple has introduced the feature of reminders in all of its devices whether it is iPhone, iPad or Mac computer system. We have listed below one of the best and free reminder apps for iPhone to track the various tasks.

Microsoft-To Do

microsoft to do

As convenient as it can be, the To-Do App is a great reminder tool to help you take care of your knickknacks. It’s one of the 5 Best Reminder Apps for iPhone sophisticated app for you if you want to learn new habits and get new suggestions for things that you need or do in the future.

Detailed notes, sub-task options, setting task priority, color-coding events, due dates, and many other features that must grab your attention. There is a lot you can do besides setting reminders. Prepare a list of tasks, customize each reminder’s background, Attach a file up to 25 MB. You also have a to-do list for Bill planning, shopping, etc. It’s Microsoft’s Official app so expect accuracy and perfection.


free reminder app for iphone

Adding up the first name in the list of best reminder app for iPhone, Due is the name that is being designed to offer you super quick reminders, and reusable egg timers with a few easy clicks. The app lacks the complexity of the task manager and hence easy to use and work on.

You can easily add reminders here for anything you want and can give it your preferred due date and time options. Once you get the reminder, you can even snooze it for 10 minutes or an hour as well or can also push the same to the next day as well to follow the same further.

Things 3

This iphone reminder app is specially designed to work efficiently on iOS devices, it is one of the finest and skilled grade reminders that offers greater ease of work. You can easily set up the preferred reminder here along with the due date and time options. It is one of the most liked and constant reminders by the iPhone users who help you to retain organized and create a perfect balance in your life by tracking your tasks consistently.

You can easily set up a new reminder here, create to-do lists and notes, and reschedule them and various other things with the help of this task tracker. You need to take immediate action to stop the nagging reminder. You May Also Like :- Best Free Video Downloader Apps for iPhone


If you are looking for a perfect all in one solution to schedule and track your various tasks, Any.Do is one of the most elegant solutions to deal with it successfully. It is a perfect source that you can use for creating different lists and setting up reminders for anything you want. Coming up with extremely friendly and easy to use interface, you can even setup alarm based on your geo-location as well. It is a cross-platform app that you can easily use through our different iOS devices.

The app offers you real-time updating of grocery lists and daily chores and also makes it easy to get collaborated with the different people to enjoy various group tasks. You May Also Like:- 10 Best Camera Apps for iPhone


best free reminder app for iphone

This one of the 5 best reminder apps, it is known for its simplicity. Along with a very clean and clear interface, you can easily create several lists for different tasks of you’re here and can add up some items with intuitive gestures as well. You can easily assign the due date and time to the designated topics and gestures to get notified when required.

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best reminder app for iphone

It is another one of the most straightforward apps that makes it track various tasks of you’re in a well-organized manner easily. The interface being included here is friendly and interactive, and reminders can be easily set up as per your language preferences with the help of Quick Add feature. Moreover, you can add up due dates and times for the tracks to be followed and can complete things on time.


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