Top 5 Best Free Duplicate File Finder and Remover for Windows

Howdy readers and browsers? Now how many of you are just as careless as me? Let me tell you what I used to do ever since I started using a computer. I used to copy all the contents in my computer; kept doing it, on an on from all the sources. And in no time, my computer’s hard drive got stacked. Result.., no more space left in memory. It took me some time to filter out the same files that existed in more than one directory. Had to do it manually; but here today I have Top 5 Best Free Duplicate File Finder and remover For Windows, so you don’t have to put too much of your time and efforts in such tasks.

Daily piling up data can lead you in all jinxed up situation. Once you start finding out which files are residing in different locations? It would kill enough of your time. Do you know 75% of the computer users worldwide use Windows computers? Is your computer’s Hard Drive filled with Many Duplicate Files? Have you got the Low disk space error message? You might be one of them If yes, then you surely must be struggling to keep your system’s hard drive optimized and redundancy-free. But ever wonder where on the earth your hard disk space is gone?

Best Free Duplicate File Finder and Remover

In order to free space on the drive by deleting old or unnecessary files, you should remove unwanted files from your computer to gain disk space. Apart from your important data, applications and program, it is also often clogged by duplicate data, cached data, temporary and obsolete files. Whereas all these files silently eat up the disk space, duplicate files are especially hard to find out.If you have identical files located in different locations on your computer then it can hamper the process and functions.

If you have identical files located in different locations on your computer then it can hamper the process and functions. You cannot find the right version to use. It not only creates the problem but it takes huge space too. For this reason, using the best duplicate file finder becomes essential. The duplicate file finder helps you to detect the files and remove it eventually. It increases the disk space and hastens the performance level. Some of the best free duplicate file finders are discussed below. Find out which one suits you the best depending on your needs. Let’s roll down here and know more.

Best Free Duplicate File Finder and Remover


Duplicate File Finder

It’s all about the programs that offer you help without any price. AllDup is one such free program and a trouble-free software to locate and delete duplicate files. Dedicated to Windows OS, this interactive yet straightforward tool features a powerful built-in search engine, a pacified search and removal interface, multiple methods to search for a particular file.

You can find a file by name, size, date created/modified, tags, file extension, etc. There are many ways to search and delete duplicate files you can imagine. You can also opt for a combined search to find duplicate texts, pictures, music, and movies. Be it a small-sized picture or a large Video file, AllDup has a robust algorithm to dive deeper into the drives and find duplicity. AllDup isn’t just restricted to deleting; you can rearrange the duplicate files and store them in a separate location.

Duplicate Cleaner Free

Duplicate Cleaner is the perfect tool to organize your files in a systematic way. Using that you can find the number of Duplicate or redundant files. This Application has nice User Interface; you can find any options without any trouble. This software deeply scans your hard drive for redundant files and that too with different search patterns like filenames, content, and size. You can search for the photos, music, films, video, Word documents, PowerPoint presentations and text files. If the file appears twice, it will show you in the list.

Official Site –

Note: Uncheck the system files option, before scanning for the duplicate files in this tool.


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Clone Spy

This Clone spy file finder has the simple interface and amazing features. Most of the options are features on the main window. This is very useful for quick search and removing duplicates. This allows you quick removal without too much hassle. It gives huge workspaces, which can be set as default while the program gets started. This device has a rating of four out of five. It is compatible with windows 8, windows 7, vista, and XP. You can easily use this as it has simple features.

official Site:-

Auslogics Duplicate File finder

This has the modern interface and is very easy to control. You can scan selected files by customizing the search. This allows you to search only desired files and locations which you want to search. You can stop the process anytime during the process. This is one of the best file finders as compared to other file finders. This has acquired a rating of four out of five stars. This is also compatible with windows vista, 7 and 8. You can download from its official website for free.

official site – Auslogics Duplicate File finder

C Cleaner

C Cleaner is a totally free and easy to use system optimization tool that is best suited for every computer out there. It can search for duplicate files on your disk. You can find duplicate files using different criteria Name, Size, Modified date, and Content. It also has a ignore list. You can search and find duplicate files and after getting results you can select the checkbox of duplicate files to delete. It is easy to use a tool.

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Easy Duplicate Finder

Easy duplicate finder is another useful and free duplicate file finder for windows platform. It is as advanced, accurate and user friendly duplicate file finder. The software work well on both windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10) and Mac.

Wrap Up

To run without any performance issues, your computer needs some free Hard Disk space. For that, organize the folders in your computer regularly. Even though, your computer’s hard drive might be filled with Duplicate files. At that time, use this best Duplicate file finder to remove those duplicate files. You can use all the above tools to find the similar or duplicate files in your computer. All applications support Windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows XP.

In conclusion

So, these are the Top Best Free Duplicate File Finder For Windows to help you flush the duplicate files. All of them are certainly good at their functioning. You’ll find the one according to your best fit. Hope, you found about some new things here and I hope I delivered you some helpful details here. Keep checking here for more and let me help correct myself. If you need some more information on some other topics, it would be an awesome thing to do. Just leave me your comments in the box below.