Top 10 Best VPN for Windows in 2020

I previously talked about Best VPN for iPhone, Best VPN for Android, and Best VPN for MAC. Today, our discussion is all about 10 Best VPN for Windows and which ones are the Best VPN for Windows. Let us have small talk about what they are actually. Cause, I am sure some of the readers are still not sure what a Virtual Private Network is and how it works.

What is VPN?

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is something that secures your identity against numerous threats, provides you a safe passage to let you access the target website or server without exposing your data or identity while browsing. Purposes are many if talk about its uses, such as accessing your country’s site from a region where it’s restricted, accessing home-network from a foreign territory, keep your identity anonymous and hidden against any vulnerable attack, to secure browsing activity and view censored content or media, to play or watch media not accessible in your country (Mostly, Netflix), and finally, Torrent/Heavy files downloads.

Let me set you a comprehensible example here, when you use the internet, you contribute to network traffic your IP address discloses your identity not just the target website, but also to some snooping eyes. But when you access the net using a VPN service, you become secured through a private network where your IP address is hidden, and your privacy stays unharmed. The IP address you have now is the one provided by the VPN service, which may belong to any country or region based on your choice. Eventually, you have nothing to risk while you browse through some-blocked sites or download the country-specific videos. What you get through a VPN is Potency against vulnerable threats, Government restrictions, and freedom from censorship.

10 Best VPN for Windows

Here is the list of 10 Best VPN for Windows that I assure, would be a little help to your search.

Surfshark VPN

Surfshark VPN

Surfshark VPN will be a great option if you are finding a very secure and cheapest VPN service. The Surfshark VPN is both very secure and affordable VPN service which is cheetah fast. The VPN serves 1000+ different location seem to be enough to keep those MBPS high, and 60+ countries provides global coverage. With the help of camouflage mode, you can even use it in high-censorship countries.

Surfshark VPN will be a best option when streaming and torrenting. It’s based in the British Virgin Islands and easily unblocks Netflix and streaming platforms alike.


  • 1100+ Servers in 60+ countries to ensure worldwide coverage
  • Fast online, fast on the device
  • Whitelister, you can allow apps, websites and services to bypass the VPN
  • Kill-switch disconnects your internet if the VPN connection drops.

VYPR VPN (Best VPN for Windows)

best vpn for windows

It is Powerful and reliable application to get you past blocked content and gets you freedom over regional restrictions by far. The list of serves you get to choose is 70+ that too, without any glitchy network or lousy bandwidth. There are over 20K IP addresses you can select to to access the net securely and privately comfortably. 700 active servers help you further to locate the website of your need along with BBC iPlayer or Netflix which are more geo-location based. So far, there is no limitation whatsoever, if you are more into a long-time relationship with it, purchase its premium version once you get familiar with the free version (limited to surfing worth 500 MB). Supported on all sorts of devices, VyprVPN takes the top spot, when it’s about Windows. If you are leaning more towards Vypr, go for it, its first-month bill will get you 50% off.

Surf Easy | Best VPN for Windows

best vpn for windows

I tried it for quite a long span, and it kept my hopes alive to try a free service. Surf Easy comes free to every user from any part of the world. There is a paid version though, but if you have no massive search or downloads to do, why pay for it. Just be prompt to the ads and 25 seconds video ads and add some extra Mbs to your data. Also, sharing it on Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms, will bag you some more data. It’ free to avail for the Google Play Store and has earned 4.5 on the rating board. Expect the Linux it works fine on the rest of the Operating Systems.

NordVPN | Best VPN for Windows

best vpn for windows

With double encryption ability and a 2048-bit Secure Socket Layer, user privacy and online safety are in good hands. NordVPN has a zero-logging policy too, that ensures no track of your online activity. There are around 800+ active servers across 55+ countries to bring you the maximum level of search and download speed and never let your browsing come to an end due to any pesky technical reasons. Suited best for torrent downloads, Nord takes on more burdensome downloads pretty smoother allowing users to switch between servers. Its paid version is preferably a sufficient investment to make. If not to your liking, you can claim your money with its 30-day money back guarantee. Along with Windows, it is also compatible to run on Linux, Mac, and iOS.

Express VPN | Best VPN for Windows

best vpn for windows

Fetch it @$6.67 per month because; Express VPN isn’t available for a tryout. Aimed at users’ ease, its UI is intuitive and is easily settable for the beginners. Servers are located in 90+ countries with an unlimited number of IP addresses to choose from. No trace of geo-location and no logging for your active session. It is the easiest to install and easier on your system resources. And I forgot to mention; you can also customize it based on your preference and choose the service that fits your wallet either monthly or yearly.

CyberGhost | Best VPN for Windows

best vpn for windows

CyberGhost allows users a trial period to let them know how easy and comfortably you can connect to any location and with any server with a secured identity. For a free trial, you have 500 Mb to spend and later on a purchase; you’ll see some advanced features to unlock. It is, so far, the application to put your interest if you are more into heavy data usage. Bag its two-year subscription for $69. Rated four-start on Play Store, currently, there are 3.5 million people already using this service.

Hotspot Shield | Best VPN for Windows

best vpn for windows

Hotspot Shield is a free to install and use application for Windows. With more than ten million active downloads, four-star ratings and, bunch of energizing reviews, this application is well-known for keeping safety and security measures up top. Since it’s free, the usage is limited to a particular bandwidth and interface displays ads whenever you launch it. This problem shouldn’t trouble you I suppose, firstly, it’s a free service, and secondly, it easily accesses the blocked or censored.

Browsec | Best VPN for Windows

best vpn for windows

Browsec is compatible with Windows and can fit any browser like Mozilla, Chrome, Safari, Opera comfortably.  Free service is secure to access the media on the internet securely, and you’re about to like it after reading user reviews and ratings it earned on Play Store. There are 1.7 million active users till date and a 4.5 rating on the board; mainly because of zero ads and reliable speed.

Spotflux Lite | Best VPN for Windows

best vpn for windows

Lite is as lite does, you can install it as Google Chrome extension and find it easier to manage on Windows. With a 4.5 rating on the Store, Spotflux is known for its handy use such as SSL encryption method, Masking IP addresses, unlimited bandwidth, and zero logging to safeguard users’ privacy. Other than Chrome, it is adjustable on many browsers.

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In the End

To find out more supported VPNs, don’t forget to look at the previous list of VPNs for MAC and iPhone. Go try to have a suitable match for you in the Best VPN for Windows I just finished here. I am scratching my head if I have missed some important to mention application here. If so, let me help find it. Drop me your thoughts in the rectangle.