Top 10 best Equalizer Apps for Android 2021 to Improve Sound & Boost Bass

Here we are mentioning the best ever equalizer for android to improve with extra boost sound quality for your phone and tablets. The equalizer and bass boost do a lot of job for its users. You feel superior to use these best android apps and enjoy with an enhanced sound/bass booster.

Best Equalizer App for Android 10 Band Equalizer

10 Band Equalizer is an equalizer that has ten bands which is unique in itself. It adjust the frequency level from 31Hz to 16 kHz with a range from 10dB to -10dB and the beast part is that we get equalizer presets, a volume booster, bass booster, treble booster having left-right adjusting balance. It’s a free equalizer apps included with a built-in music player which works with most other music players as well.

BlackPlayer Free Music Player

Best Equalizer For Android

How good would that be if you had a separate music player in an all-new dark theme and five-band equalizer? I know that’s merely enough compared to what you need, but BlackPlayer Free Music Player is more than what just expected. This app plays your local content in a highly customizable environment that, too, without any hindrances. You can enjoy non-stop smooth music as well as intriguing animation throughout the playback.

This music player+equalizer app keeps your playlists sorted and managed most simply. You also get to play your music on the smart start page using ‘Play Now’ with automatically generated suggestions. The equalizer works on MP3, WAV, OGG, FLAC, and M4A sound formats, while BassBoost, 3D Surround Virtualizer, and Amplifier settings keep the sound quality optimum.



Equalizer is an old version Android which won’t work well with the newer version devices based on new version Android but be pretty with the older version Android. It consists of 11 presets, a five band equalizer, reverb and even an audio sampler to test the settings. An Android app which is free but need to pay for all of the best features.

Equalizer and Bass Booster

equalizer and bass boster

Equalizer and Bass Booster is one if the simpler equalizer apps and it should work on most devices and includes a five band equalizer, ten equalizer presets and a bass booster. The developers state that it should work with most music players, video players and FM radio. It should not be left ideal open in background as it will close sometimes.

Equalizer FX

equalizer fx


Equaliser FX is an improved version of Equalizer apps with a five band equalizer, bass boost, virtualization and even a loudness enhancer (Version Android 4.4 and up only). The developers has stated that it consists with a widget along with presets , should work with most music players including Spotify, Google Play Music, Pandora and more. This app is also free and a minimum pay to have the paid version.

Music Bass Booster


music bass booster

Music Bass Booster is an equalizer app that work well enough for our desires. A standard five band Equalizer with ten presets with antiquated design but can work with most of your devices. The app provides a volume booster, bass booster and more. It is also totally free to use.

Music Equalizer

equalizer apps for android


Music Equalizer is one of the better app version for free included with a five band equalizer, a bass booster, a virtualizes, includes ten presets, a four-by-one widget and more. It will also close in background in idle position. The $1.99 in-app purchase is to remove ads.

Music Volume EQ and Bass Booster

music volume eq bass boster


Music Volume EQ and Bass Booster is all in all a true skill of the developers that it should work well with most videos and audio players. It supports the standard five band EQ along with nine EQ presets and with volume control, bass boosting, loudness enhancement and even more. It’s free to download and ads support.

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A unique equalizer app that asks you to listen to sounds at various frequencies and can approve you to check on how well you hear them. Once you are done, the app will auto-generates an equalizer preset on the speaker or headphones you wear’s. The new free version lets you to create as many as presets you need while only one with the pre version. Also, we suggest you for re-doing the audio test with each new set of speakers or headphones you plug in as they will create different results.

Equalizer by pingpong

Equalizer by pingpong is colourful EQ app comes with the basics, a five band EQ, a bass boost, a volume booster (Android 4.4 and up only), ten EQ presets, boosts a 3D surround sound effect and visualizing effects to improve the sound of your music and also with the boost ability to save your own. It’s free with various features while some features require paying.

The best part with the app is that it has far more control than any of the normal equalizer apps on Google Play as it is installed to the system partition.