Top 6 Best Email Marketing Software Programs to Build Blog Audience

Summary: in this article we are sharing a top 6 list of Best Email Marketing Software Programs that will help you to build your blog Audience.

When we write a blog or an article then we look forward to monetize it for commercial purposes. There are two ways by which a blog or a website can be monetized for commercial purposes.

Often bloggers use the Google platform to make money. Google products like the AdSense, paid reviews and banner ads help the bloggers make money. The other way includes using the blog or the email list to increase the readership.

If you use the Google platform to make money then you are unaware when the Google will levy some kind of penalty on your website, costing you sales, traffic. If the user builds a list then there are many ways of monetization.

I show, most of successful blogger and online marketers making their thousands of dollar from their email lists. In easy words, Email marketing presents great opportunity for your products and sales and drives a profitable return on your investment.

 Build Email List

It is understood that a significant portion of the income generated from internet marketing actually comes from the email list. This is not Email marketing software, we just talk about building your own email list.

The email list helps the bloggers and the internet marketing professionals to make money. The greater value one puts into the list, the more amount of money the software generates for the user.

Irrespective of the type of content that one is writing, blogs or articles, the email list is ideal to make money and helps to increase one’s online influence.

Having an email list not only helps you increase your money but also helps you:

  • The email list helps to bring traffic to the blogs, sales or product pages
  • It quickly builds awareness about the services or the products that one promotes
  • It helps in building a strong rapport with the audience

Ways to build and grow the email list

  • Start using reputed email marketing software in order to enhance your email list. On doing that you will be able to send promotional emails, email newsletters and sales pitches with an objective to boost your income from the email list.
  • There are more than 250 emails marketing software solutions available online and therefore picking the right one is really a challenge.
  • It is up to the blogger to make a selection of the email list based on their needs, choices and preferences.
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5 Best Email Marketing Software Programs

1.       Constant Contact

Constant Contact is one of the best Email Marketing Software, fascinating choice for the bloggers and the internet marketers. This utility is commonly used by small enterprises. The software offers a 60 days free trial use and for that no credit card payment is required. As part of the trial use the user can get complete access to the marketing tools. However, with respect to the software, the pricing starts at around $20 monthly. The software can be used to build an email list of more than 500 subscribers.

Discussing the various uses of Constant Contact

  • There is the drag and drop template design which makes it easy for the user to create attractive and professional looking emails quite easily.
  • Email editing and simultaneously customizing them with a suitable design is simple and convenient.
  • Email personalization makes ConstantContact, popular email marketing software. For example, if the user creates a friendly and personalized email to send to a friend/customer/reader, it routinely sends an email on a special day that you have created already. That special day can be a birthday.
  • The user can have direct access to stock photos. The user can use them in the user’s email templates whenever the user needs.
  • The software in context has both Instagram as well as Facebook integration and that makes it easy to include the audience from different social media platforms.
  • When compared to other software programs like GetResponse or AWeber, the pricing is a bit high. Though, in this respect, it is important to say that the features are almost the same.

2.       Active Campaign     

The ActiveCampaign, another best email marketing software program, quite popular among the email marketers as it can be used to build a list of 500 subscribers. The pricing plan of this software is quite affordable. It is roughly $9 on a monthly basis.

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The reasons for going with the Active Campaign

  • The ActiveCampaign has several fascinating features that make it popular among the users. By using the software, the user can see full information about any individual who is there in the email list. The software allows the user to see when the email account was opened, replies, pages that were visited. This helps the users a lot in comprehending the email subscribers.
  • The software helps the user to build automated email campaigns. Each automated email campaign is targeted to different segments of the user’s list.
  • The software pricing is unbeatable. It is available at $9 on a monthly basis. The user can build a list of 500 contacts using the software.

3.       iContact

The iContact is yet another best email marketing solution. The software is quite popular across the world. There are around 100, 000 customers using the software globally. The software pricing commences at $14 on a monthly basis and it can be used to build a list of about 500 subscribers.

Advantages of iContact

  • There are a number of well crafted and easy to use email-templates that are a part of the software.
  • The software offers superior tracking and reporting. It is because of which it is regarded as one of the best software in the field of email marketing.
  • The software helps the user to integrate their social media accounts easily.
  • The software offers to track campaign. It uses responsive email templates. The use of auto responder and A/B testing helps to make the building of email list, easy to use.

Disadvantages of iContact

  • The software doesn’t have effective API integrations when it is compared with other services such as GetResponse, AWeber or MailChimp.

4.      AWeber

The AWeber is widely used in online marketing. The web marketers use the software to manage their email lists. What are the features of the AWeber? Easy customization of the email templates, offering excellent delivery of the emails are some of the important features of the email marketing software. The pricing options of the AWeber are flexible and they vary. For more information about the pricing options about the various emails marketing solutions the user needs to visit the relevant online links.

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Benefits of using AWeber

  • The email templates of the software look attractive.
  • The newsletters are mobile responsive.
  • The software allows the user to perform split testing on each email.
  • The software is quite popular among the internet marketing professionals.

Disadvantages of the software

  • The software is a pit pricy when it is compared with other software programs like the GetRsponse.
  • Unlike the GetResponse there is no webinar option.

5.       MailChimp

The MailChimp is also a best and popular email marketing service. It is free software that allows the creation of a list of up to 2000 email subscribers and up to 12000 emails every month.

The software has a number of advantages:

  • It has a free plan. As part of the free plan the user can send up to 12,000 emails on a monthly basis to about 2,000 email subscribers.
  • The user can use their, own HTML email design templates. They can also use any pre-designed, email templates.
  • The user interface is convenient to use.
  • The emails are mobile responsive.

Disadvantages of MailChimp

  • The emails can be labeled as spam as these emails have the ability to add anyone to the list.
  • The user can’t send promotional emails by using the free plan.
  • By using the free account the user can’t automate the newsletters.

In conclusion

There are a number of other email marketing software’s that are often used by the online marketing professionals. The choice of the software depends on how effectively it contributes to the business causing minimum hassles. The using of the software is important. Most of the email marketing software’s are available online along with user reviews, features. Interested users require visiting the relevant links and browsing the features associated with the email marketing software’s to know more about them. They can later choose to download and use the software according to their needs and requirements. Many of the software programs that are described are free of cost. Some are premium software’s. Some are offered to the users on a trial basis for a limited period during which the users can enjoy all the features of the software’s. The software product has a set of features, advantages as well as disadvantages, which are listed corresponding to the software. It is recommended on the part of the online marketers to invest on the software that offers the customers a good value for money.


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