Tips To Find Your Perfect Free Makeup Samples for Summer

Good quality cosmetic and beauty products don’t come cheap because you need to update your makeup kit to avoid bacteria. While many stores provide testers or samples, you can’t test the product in various settings and lights. It’s a good thing that a lot of cosmetic companies are offering free samples through different platforms, and this is what you’ll learn in this post.

Visit Free Websites

Because of digital technology, you’ll find a lot of stuff for free on the internet, from personal hygiene products to electrical equipment. Giveaway monkey is an excellent example of a free website, which is a great resource of freebies, like free makeup samples. Also, free sites offer other product giveaways and hold a contest, and you’ll receive special prizes.

Get Freebies From Beauty Brands

Giant beauty brands, such as L’Oreal, MAC, and Bobbi Brown, want makeup lovers to buy and patronize their products. That’s why these big companies offer free makeup samples in store and through online channels.

Here are some of the famous cosmetic brand sites you can check that may give away free makeup samples:

  • It’s a famous cosmetic brand where you can find free samples of makeup and other fabulous products, and you can pick three free samples, such as Prada Sugar Pop, Cover X Power Play Foundation, perfume, and facial cleansing products, every time you order online.
  • L’Oreal USA:- This cosmetic giant offers a beautiful opportunity for new members to join the Consumer Participation Panel. You’ll be invited to on-site events to test and keep great makeup products, and you can receive samples by mail if you can’t attend such events. While you can’t get to choose the products, it’s a great way to try new makeup and hair products for free and before anybody else.
  • The new site offers fresh and vibrant makeup products for free or a minimum of $1 with any order. Get free samples of moisturizer in sachets, eyeshadow duos, and many more.
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Social Media Sites

Social media websites are not just a great place for chatting with family and friends and sharing your selfie photos. Facebook is a great place to get makeup freebies.

Here’s how you can score free makeup samples on Facebook

  • Run a quick search and enter ‘free makeup’ in the search bar.
  • The site will bring up results and options for groups and pages, like the Free Beauty Samples page.
  • ‘Like’ the page so you’ll receive freebies and beauty offers on your Facebook feed.

Beauty and Cosmetic Product Testing Panels

From time to time, cosmetic product suppliers, like other industries, want to know your opinion through product testing. In exchange for your opinions and product reviews, cosmetic product testing panels will send free makeup samples.

Here are some of the legit product testing panels you can try:

  • Oprah Magazine DevOtee Panel: If you’re an avid fan of Oprah, DevOtees is the perfect place to get free makeup samples, and you can win prizes too by participating in surveys.
  • L’Oréal Consumer Testing: It’s offered by L’Oréal, which is strictly for beauty products. Also, L’Oréal provides onsite opportunities in Ohio, Illinois, and New Jersey, and mail out free cosmetic products for home testing.
  • Condé Nast Style Society: It’s an online community that comes from fashion magazines Vanity Fair, Glamour, Vogue, and more. Answer a five-minute questionnaire to check if you qualify.
  • Allure Beauty Enthusiast: It gives you access to VIP events, product surveys, and exclusive offers.
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Get Free Beauty Products Using Coupons

You can get free beauty products using coupons at Target, Walgreen, CVS, Rite Aid, and other drugstores. For instance, Target once had a promotion wherein you’d receive a $10 Target Gift Card if you purchase three products. You’ll also get a percentage-off via the Target Cartwheel offer and L’Oreal coupons.

Check Influencer Platforms

You can sign-up to influencer platforms to seat in the front row and hear the announcements of the latest beauty events and cosmetic products. Online resources for makeup lovers can use these platforms to find out new beauty products and get to try real products for yourself.

Be an Amazon Prime Member

Amazon is a global giant, and one of the benefits of Amazon Prime membership is getting free samples through Prime Samples. While there’s a monthly charge to become an Amazon Prime member, you can quickly get paid for the fee with freebies and free delivery on all products you order from this online marketplace.


As long as you know where to search, you’ll find a lot of online sources to get free makeup samples. Search engines, like Google, social media sites, free websites, brand sites, and influencer platforms, are just some of the best places to find and receive free makeup samples. Enjoy your freebies and stay fabulous and beautiful, wearing high-quality cosmetic products from the best brands in the market today.

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