How to Recover Files from Formatted Hard Drive

How to Recover Files from Formatted Hard Drive:- With the boom in technology and increased sizes of USB drives, CD’s have become outdated and hard drives have become a necessity for storage of data. Nowadays, individuals have multiple hard disk drives to store data.

In fact, accidentally formatting of a hard drive is actually quite a regular and unexpectedly easy mistake. The hard disk may contain all of your valuable data like business data, personal documents, music and photos. The good news is that accidental formatting of your hard drive does not necessarily mean a loss of all the data.

Why Can Formatted Data Be Recovered

When the hard drive saves data, it is stored in the free or available sectors of a hard disk. Once data is stored, these sectors are then marked used and to enable the hard disk to locate the data in future, the information about the data stored in these sectors is saved in header tables. Whenever data is deleted or formatted the header tables are deleted and the sectors are marked as free or available, however the data is still available in these sectors. But it cannot be located in these sectors without associated header table information. And these sectors can easily be overwritten whenever a new data is stored or any software is installed. Therefore, the first thing to do when your hard drive gets formatted is to disconnect it and not use it for anything till the data is recovered.

How to Recover Files from Formatted Hard Drive

How to Recover Files from Formatted Hard Drive

Remove Hard Drive– The first thing to do is to stop any work on the hard disk immediately and remove the hard disk from the computer so that recovery can be done from another system or using another hard disk.

Fit into an external hard drive enclosure– If you are using an internal hard disk enclose the hard disk into an adapt or so that it can be used in another system.

Install data recovery software– Recovering data without best data recovery software can be highly risky and therefore to ensure safe recovery of all your data, choosing the apt recovery software is essential. Stellar Data Recovery is the most reliable and efficient software. It has user-friendly interface which is easy to use.

Connect and scan drive– Connect the hard disk to the computer and run the software. The scanning would take some time depending upon the size of the hard disk and amount of data which needs to be recovered. At the end of the scanning process you would be able to preview all the files which have been recovered.

Save the recovered data to a different drive– The data which is recovered needs to be saved in a different drive and after the recovery you can reformat the affected drive.

Features of Stellar Data Recover Software

  • Files can be recovered instantly
  • User friendly interface
  • The file recovery follows an approach which is read only which in turn protects the data from being overwritten
  • It works on all standard hard drives
  • It can recover a number of files together
  • There is no data limitation

To recover formatted data from your hard disk, all you need is Stellar Data Recover Software. It uses the information already contained in your hard disk and retrieves the data that has been formatted with just a few clicks.It has an improved scanning algorithm and efficient recovering performance and therefore, it is the safest and best way to recover data.

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