How to Cancel Disney+ (Plus) Subscription (Step by Step Guide)

How to Cancel Disney+ Subscription: – Disney+ Subscription is the easiest streaming service of all to buy, and the content is quite good too. Just about $7 a month, and everything’s perfect. Although, the streaming service may turn out to be a little disappointing, which is most likely due to licensing. This means you’d have a difficult time watching everything you want in a single subscription. That’s probably the reason why many users cancel this Subscription early. If you are also looking for How to Cancel Disney+ Subscription, please continue on. If you don’t do so, you’ll need to subscribe to more services later, which can be a hefty toll on your wallet.

How to Cancel Disney Plus Subscription

Canceling Disney+ Subscription is actually rather a simple process since you don’t have a hidden user-contract to deal with like other streaming services. Let’s have a look at three different methods to try this out.

How to Cancel Disney+ subscription Using Web Browser

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cancle diseny plus subscription

  • Choose your profile and then click on “Account” menu.
  • In account section click on Manage Account > locate the “Subscription” heading on the bottom of the page. Select the “billing details” menu to proceed next.

How to Cancel Disney plus Subscription

  • Opt for “Cancel Subscription” Under “Disney+ Subscription” Section

steps to Cancel Disney plus Subscription

  • Choose “Complete Cancellation” to confirm Disney Cancelation

How to Cancel Disney + Subscription

How to Cancel Disney+ subscription on iPhone or Android

You need to determine whether you have subscribed through either iTunes App Store or Google Play Store first. Only then can you unsubscribe the service through them. If your subscription is directly made through Disney, try these easy steps to get it done.

Cancelling Disney+ Subscription on iOS

  • Launch settings and tap on your account name
  • Tap on iTunes & App Store
  • Select Apple ID > View Apple ID
  • Tap on Subscriptions > Disney Plus > Cancel Subscription
  • Finally, tap on Confirm

Cancelling Disney+ Subscription on Android

  • Go to Google Play Store
  • Tap on the Menu button and choose Subscriptions
  • Select Disney Plus > Cancel Subscription
  • Tap Confirm to cancel it finally

As soon as you cancel your subscription, you can continue to stream Disney+ services until the next billing cycle. If you have opted for a yearly subscription, you can continue to stream its services up until the end of the subscription that means a whole year, even if you have decided to end it within a month.

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No user contract also means you can restart or cancel your subscription anytime, as you please.

Disney+ Pricing and Plans at Present

You can avail this streaming service at $6.99 monthly, or you can pay $69.99 for a whole year. Undoubtedly, this service is cheaper than any other streaming service. If you want a bundled version, you can get Hulu and ESPN+ at $12.99 per month instead of buying the services one by one. This plan is pretty much easier for your money.

Meanwhile, you can watch Disney+ on 1 to 4 devices simultaneously, which means, if you don’t have a family plan, you can still connect your Disney+ account to multiple devices, such as smart TV, mobile phones, PC, or tablet to stream your favorite content simultaneously.

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