How To Start a Blog Step by Step Guide

With days passing, blogging has become a passion for most of the people and some people even earn the living of out of their blogs.

What is blogging?

Blogging is a skill of writing your stuff and sharing it with the world and in other words, blogging is all about helping others by solving their problems.

What are the benefits of a blog?

Generally, we always want benefits for everything that we do, it may our education, job, or for anything which takes time money and hard work, hence here are some good benefits of blogging

  • Blogging is the best way to brand yourself on online
  • It helps you to know how the online market
  • If you are skilled then you can earn money online
  • You can build a strong relation with your readers and clients
  • It makes you grow your intelligence in term analytical and logically thinking
  • Most important it gives you the freedom to work from any part of the world.
  • No boss

And still there are hundreds of benefits when you blog or when you become a successful blogger.

SO, you want to start a Blog? Great idea! 🙂

But…How to start a blog? There are so many information’s available over the web, and everyone presenting different kinds of suggestion. Whose listen and who do not listen, It’s too confusing!

So, you do not need to listen anyone. I also start my blogging as newbie too. I had the same problems. I started my Blog ( in 2013, and i knew less than nothing about blogging.

In the 2 years of blogging journey, I know a ton about blogging, and my recent blog doing pretty well. I am not a blogging Guru but, I certainly do know the basic of blogging.

So, you do start Blogging, It’s very simple and easy.

Now below we are starting our tutorial how to start a blog. So, read carefully this will help you to start your blog.

Choose Best Domain Name for Your Blog

Domain name represents your blog, be unique don’t take any domain which is already popular in your niche. Try to choose your domain name related to your niche interest and keywords. Your domain you should be catchy so that when people read it they remember well because catchy names are very easy to remember like TechCrunch, quicksprout , labnol, AllTipsFInder and try to keep the short name. Always try to prefer Dot com domains because they are internationally identified.

Places to buy domain names.

Godaddy, bigrock, namecheap, etc…

If you found your domain name go for it, register that name in GoDaddy, bigrock, Namecheap these are top domain registering companies so, and make sure that you choose the catchy and sensible domain names for your blog.

After that you need to choose a best hosting

Note – Before choosing any reliable Hosting plan you need to choose the platform where you will make your blog. You can create your blog with many different blogging platforms such as Wordpress, Blogger, Tumblr etc.

In this tutorial we will discuss how to start a blog on wordpress. There are many reasons to start blog on wordpress some of are…

Wordpress is FREE for everyone to use (including Wordpress themes, Plugins, Layouts and add-ons that many other blogging platform not provide)

Very easy to use – To start a blog on wordpress, you not need to learn additional tutorial or any extra knowledge. It is very easy to use and user friendly.

Choose Hosting for your Blog.

If you have selected your domain name, now the point is about where to host your domain I mean where are you going to store your data online? Images, text, videos, of your blog will be on the internet

So, now hosting plays a major role. A hosting is a web server which gives you web space to store your data. Thus, your domain name will be the name of your blog and all the information (data) of that blog will be stored on the online server (called as hosting).

Places to buy hosting

Bluehost, Hostgator are the big hosting companies where you will get the web hosting according to plan you choose to run your blog.

Install Wordpress from Your new cPanel

After the choosing your Domain Name and Hosting Package you will get given access to cPanel. This is the “engine” of your hosting and has dozens of different icons that link to all different services and features that are available inside your hosting Account.

To install Wordpress from cPanel, first login to your cPanel account which is provided by your hosting provider and scroll down until you find the icon called Install Wordpress. Click on it and follow given steps and fill out all the the required details then click on install now

And you’re done!

Once the installation has finished it will give you a confirmation screening showing you your unique Wordpress Login URL (look like –

Copy this Wordpress Login URL and open it with User name and password. This is the place where you can manage all your blog activities such as Change Wordpress theme, write posts etc.

Find a Perfect Theme WordPress theme for your blog

When it comes selecting right WordPress theme which works for your blog is the somewhat difficult task, as there are many themes on the web. As you search for perfect WordPress theme the search engine throws a number of options by seeing that you will be confused as to what to choose and what not choose.

Now we are here to help you with that issue by suggesting the best themes,

Child genesis theme by using this theme you can build any type of WordPress site like, it may be a news site, jobs site, and the theme is completely SEO optimized and you don’t have worry much about.

Magazine3 is the pretty good theme when you to build a new related site or sport because it provides some nice features that you miss it while using like easy navigation, featured images, very well optimized in term of SEO.

Place to Buy Best Wordpress Theme

MyThemeShop, Elegent Theme, Genesis theme are the best place to buy a great wordpress theme


With these given tutorial how to start a blog you have to basic knowledge to start your blog on wordpress platform. If you have any doubt about blogging then please let us know in the comment box. I shall try to get back to query as soon as possible.