How to Set Up & Use Find My Device On Android

Are you afraid of losing your mobile data? Here is the solution! here i will guide you step by step tutorial to Set Up & Use Find My Device On Android

Now a days, mobile phones are like a part of our body. Scenario has been changed and the value of mobile phones is also changed. If you go back a decade ago you will find that mobile phone was used just for calling and was seen as a tool to contact someone. It was not a BIG DEAL, but if you do this in these days…… are DEAD. RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!

This is 2020 and losing a mobile phone IS NOW A BIG DEAL… If you lost your phone, you will lose very important files and some important contacts saved in it. What if tell you that you can get all this data back from other sources which is quite safe. This is the year of technology and your mobile is your partner. We are totally depended on our mobile phones for everything we do, from our personal life to the professional level, we need our mobile phones. That is why we can’t take the risk to lose our personal and professional data as well.

If you are using an android device, there is a app called GOOGLE FIND MY DEVICE which provide us help to locate and lock your mobile phone in case it goes missing. Read Also:- How to Track lost Android Phone

Compatibility of android devices for FIND MY DEVICE

All apps don’t support any android version, it is important to know that if your device is compatible for FIND MY DEVICE. Find my device needs at least android 4.0 or more. If you want to verify your device compatibility launch SETTINGS > ABOUT PHONE.

Compatibility of android devices for FIND MY DEVICE


FIND MY DEVICE is an application which you can find on google play store. We have to download the app and set the app in our mobile.

To download FIND MY DEVICE  

  • Click on google play store icon and search FIND MY DEVICE and install it.
  • After installation, click the app and login with your preferred google account

find my device setup

  • The application requires location permission. Tap on ALLOW for it.

find my device setup 2

  • Now your app is READY TO USE.
  • Track your mobile phone with FIND MYDEVICE.

track your mobile number with find my device

Just imagine that you have lost your mobile phone or you have just a feeling of losing it.  WHAT TO DO NOW?

  • Once you have imagined the whole scenario, you will need to follow the rest of steps.
  • Open a new tab in browser window and go to FIND MY DEVICE WEBSITE.
  • As soon as the site loads it will automatically gather the current location of the mobile and the location will be visible on your screen
  • Apart from this you can check your mobile last online status by clicking i icon next to your device name
  • Rather than using a website you can locate your device by using a simple google search. Search “FIND MY DEVICE” on google and google will find your device and show it to you on the map.

how to setup find my device

Play a sound on your device

We can perform many actions using FIND MY DEVICE site on your phone and one of that is remotely play a sound on your device.

setup find my device play sound

Your device needs to be in close distance, you will be able to locate it if it play a sound. You can do this by using playsound feature.

Submit a recovery phone number or a message to the device.

The app allows you to show a recovery message or number on your device. if someone find your device, he/she will know who is the owner of the mobile.

Submit a recovery phone number on find my device

After submitting number and message click secure device.

Erase all the data on the device

If your device is lost and its not coming back. You can erase all the data on your mobile.

find my device Erase all the data on the device

Click on erase device to erase everything.


When your mobile get lost and there you want it back there are some things you can do to get it back. FIND MY DEVICE is one of the best things you can do in your device which will locate your device and make it possible to get back to you.