How to Lock Whatsapp on iPhone Without Any Apps [Complete Guide]

Securing your Apps is a step towards being smarter, especially when it’s your daily use Apps like WhatsApp or messenger. Now, out of a thousand promising third-party apps offering security to your apps, it sometimes, get cumbersome on choosing which app suits your need and serves ample security features without any fuss.What if, you don’t have to have any additional app to lock your WhatsApp Messenger? Well, why don’t you try looking at this guide on How to Lock Whatsapp Without Any Apps for iPhone.

This Section covers both time and memory saving for your iPhone. Running through same, I sure can say you’ll find some handy stuff. Let’s scroll down a bit and find it out How to Lock WhatsApp without Using Third Party Apps.

First, let’s have a look at How to Lock WhatsApp iPhone by Hiding Widgets. Sounds a little techie though,but here is the thing, you need not to install additional App to get WhatsApp secured. There are a few steps and checks you need to perform to get your privacy close to tightened further.

Method 1:How to Lock WhatsApp on iPhone Hiding Widgets

  • First: Swipe left on the home-screen to open widgets.
  • Second:Scroll downwards and tap the option “Edit”.
  • Third:A red coloured circle is visible against each of the installed apps. Tap the one given against WhatsApp.
  • Fourth:Tap “Done” when it gets completed. Your WhatsApp on iPhone is secured now.

Method 2:How to Lock WhatsApp on iPhone by Enabling Restrictions

  • First: You’ll have to jump to device settings, displayed by a Gear Icon.
  • Second:Then choose “General”.
  • Third: Go to “Restrictions” Option.
  • Fourth: When you see the option “Enable Restrictions”, tap on it and provide Passcode when asked.
  • Fifth: Retype your Passcode and confirm it.

So, these are two simple and basic methods to Lock iPhone WhatsApp Without Apps. However, if you wish to implement tight security over WhatsApp, you may opt to go for other methods explained right below.

Want to try other methods? One thing to be sureis to be technically sound with the settings. If not, here is How to Lock WhatsApp Without Third Party Apps on iPhone iOS 12.

How to Lock WhatsApp Setting Apps Limit (ScreenTime)

Allrighty, you can restrict the use of Apps on your iPhone from here, and get a control over Social Networking websites, games, and messages.

how to Lock Whatsapp on iPhone Without Any Apps

There you go:

  • Go to Settings>ScreenTime
  • In this section, under Screen Time, you will see the time you spent on Apps. Tap the part to view the Screen Time Reports for the current and active session.
  • Here, you can view the Screen Time Report for Today and Last 7 Days.
  • Now, to set limit on WhatsApp, you have to scroll down and view the time spent on it.
  • To restrict and ad limit to it, tap Add Limit Button and type Screen Time Passcode.
  • Select the lowest time period say, 1 min and tap Add button.
  • Your WhatsApp is secure and can’t be accessed by anyone but you. The limit expires in the 24 hours, therefore, you need to set that option every time you share our device.

Locking WhatsApp on iPhone using DownTime

Pretty cool, yet not many are aware of it.Simple feature of this sort of restriction is that when you want to allow a set of specific Apps to someone when your personal data and other Apps stay safe in the vault. This is iOS 12 feature that permits users to set a schedule for some time apart from the screen. Once you set a particular App to “Always Allowed” users can access the app sthat are listed on the Allowed category.

Timing is the essence, so when you know someone from the house, say your kids, want to play video games on your iPhone, you just need to put that game in “Always Allowed” category. There you go, now, the kids can only play their favourite game, other Apps remain undisturbed.

How to Do it?

  • Go to Settings>Screen Time.
  • Next, go to switch to the options and put your ScreenTime passcode.
  • Then, tap the position of the switch titled Downtime to the right.
  • Set the downtime Start Time and End Time during which your WhatsApp remains locked.
  • Return to ScreenTime and tap “Always Allowed”now add the Apps your children will be using for a while.
  • And that is how it’s done.
  • Stayfree, cause your personal information and chats are secured now.