How to Make Your Computer Run Like New In 5 Easy Steps

Hello, friends hoping you are going 5 by 5 with your PCs and laptops so far. In today’s session, I will be assisting you on How to make your computer Laptop Run like New in 5 Easy Steps. Some of you must be wondering why is there a need to read this when mine is a brand new freshly configured machine. Well, think again because, within a few months, you are going to face the slow processing issue. This is when you might need one of the solutions that I am going to be mentioning here.

I would start with my laptop, which is Lenovo G560. This is all I have at the moment. I bought it about 3 years ago. Now, only I know how it is making work with me till now. You better not ask it. There are many issues that I had to take care of to keep it up and running till this day. The tips and steps that I applied on mine are what I am sharing with you here.

Tips on How to make your computer/ Laptop Run like New in 5 Easy Steps

There was a time when I used to junk my system directories with piles of data from the internet or external drives. Besides just my study and project-related data, I kept copying and installing applications that now I think were no use having. What else could I do? I bought a new laptop then and I was just as the newbies who excitingly collect and store data files on their computers. But, now it is a different story. It is a machine after all. I had to get rid of the bottlenecks that started causing my computer processing rattled. Here are some of the applied tricks that helped me get my computer back in the rhythm.

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Junk off the Junk Files

Data is somewhat like a positive graph that keeps escalating upwards as your systems keep running. At some stage, you will require an extra storage for your enormous amount of data that you kept saying since the beginning. It is true because I myself have two separate Hard Drives to store my crucial system and media files. Better to start now or you’ll end like I did. Start with removing your duplicate files and then those which are no more in use. Junk files need to be removed regularly that usually reside in your Recycle Bin and Temporary files folder. You can further run a Disk Cleanup check up on your drives by clicking the Properties option in the context menu.

Disc Clean-up Explained

Just in time, I just talked about the Disk Cleanup utility. So here it is in further explanation. It is a built-in Windows feature to help you clean out the messed-up junk like cookies, deleted files, temporary files, and web form data like internet files. It is safe to delete all the stuff because; it keeps piling up as you keep using the computer. Just Right click on a Local drive and go to Properties. In the General tab, you’ll see a disk-shaped structure and a button right below it. This is exactly what you need to press to get started. The calculating process will take some time for sure but will do it for you. You just have to check a few boxes and hit the Clean-up System files.

Say Goodbye to Unwanted Applications

It is always to keep an eye on the sort of software that is no longer in use. Just like unused files deserve to be in the trash, unsupported applications or outdated versions need to be off of your system drives. You can do it in a few easy steps by jumping to the Control Panel and switch to the Programs icon. In the list of installed applications, look for the ones that are no longer need your attention and neither your device memory. Hit the uninstall button and do it right away. But be careful while doing so, because there are many system utilities and drivers that you would definitely need to keep your hands off. While uninstalling some programs, it may be possible for some files to remain on your computer. Just go to the folder named “Program Files” directory in the C-Drive and remove the files manually, named after the uninstalled applications.

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Hard Drive Defragmentation

Defragmentation is the main and foremost thing you should keep performing every once in a while. Once you are done removing unusable files and programs, try this next process. To those users who are unfamiliar with the term Defragmentation, It is the process of rearranging the empty spaced in your hard disk into a collective memory that can be used further. The rest about Defragmentation is available in other articles. Do find it in other articles on this website. The result you get is better speed and a kick booster to your system processes. You’ll notice the difference before and after the defragmentation as you finish doing it. Right Click on the “Computer” icon and click Manage, find the Disk defragmentation tools and off you go.

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Remove Programs From Launch

If there seem to be many icons visible on you start menu, then you should start considering removing all those that are no more in use. Remove the icons and get rid of the extra load. There are many processes that come into action whenever you turn your computer on. You can monitor the processes in the Windows Task Manager when you switch to the “Processes” tab. Kill the process that you think is not associated with your computer. Furthermore, do not download or access any suspicious malware online that is causing you more pains.  Avoid such websites and false friendly applications. This is how you can manage the startup applications from your end while stopping them to auto-load. In the start menu search bar, type “msconfig”. Press the Startup tab in the System Config window and uncheck the programs that you suspect are not relevant for your system while launching the operating System.

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Finally, Mind your Desktop Files

In the rush of work and all, we always forget to check what’s resting on our Desktop screens. This is what I sometimes fail to notice. There are sometimes so many files that I get confused figuring which one to keep and which one to trash. Do mind this factor, try to keep your desktop clean and sorted as far as possible. This is the easiest task to do, after all, all it takes is your attention. Because, believe it or not, whenever I had loads of files and folders lying on my desktop, I used to copy them in a folder and pasted the folder in my personal drive. I still don’t know what types of files are there in it.

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In conclusion

So as these tips were useful to me, I delivered these to your end. I do hope you understood them well. These tips on How to make your computer/ Laptop Run like New in 5 Easy Steps were literally useful to me. Now it is your turn to make them worth. Thanks for coming here and let me know what you want to know. I’ll try my quickest best to help you out with it. See you all very soon.

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