How to Create Your Own Free Website with Hpage

To choose the best website development tool is quite a confusing talk these days. With plenty of websites and online platforms to refer, the technicality walks hand in hand with friendly and trendy themes. There are several platforms on our minds to develop the pages and pick the theme to complement our content, for sure. Let us see, first at How to Create Free Website with Hpage and what more to have from the website builder and the plans and advantages you can have while creating one of your own.

Hpage has now turned into a central choice for over 2 million customers and has been in the business of web development for over 10 years. And thanks to Hpage’s easy and comprehensible methods to enable worldwide customers to choose their website’s customisability and technical parts.

Hpage website builders

Hpage website builder is a tool or set of tools enabling you to create your own website and or webpages without letting you confuse with the coding part. So if you are worried about handling HTML, CSS, or PHP, be known that is taken care of by Hpage already. Like most of the online website developing websites you have free as well as premium options to avail services from Obviously some features will be missing in the free service. The paid version is, however, available at affordable monthly pricing plans. If you consider expanding the site’s storage, installing a new plug-in or updating themes, you would have to register to the monthly subscription. Homepage and Signup 

It is rather easy to get started at to have the service at your fingertips. Create your user account by providing your email and verify it for further confirmation in order to start using the Hpage Website builder.

How to Create Free Website with Hpage After signup

  • Build your website by going to Hpage Website builder and choosing a website design for your website from the built-in templates section.
  • Many designs and themes are available in the library that you can choose the design editor menu to apply the design to your website.

How to Add /Create a Webpage at Hpage

  • Head to the ‘Pages’ menu to add pages to your website created in Hpage.
  • Add or write content on the page editor and when done, Publish it.
  • Once published, you have the option to hide the web page from the site’s menu and that appears as a link or on the website’s menu bar right away.

Free Plans for Starters (Recommended)

  • Benefits listed for beginners are:
  • Free storage space up to 300 Mb.
  • Basic Designs Library.
  • Subdomain:
  • Basic features
  • Ads are displayed
  • Basic Support

Premium Features for Private/Business-related Web-projects (Billed €4.99 / Month Billed minimum of 6 months)

  • 5 GB Storage Space
  • Premium Designs (& Basic Designs)
  • Professional Top-Level-Domain (e.g. .com or .de)
  • No Ads
  • Better Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • 5 E-Mail Addresses (e.g.
  • Improved Visitor Statistics
  • Premium Features (& Basic Features):
  • Page Backups & Restore
  • Blog
  • Calendar
  • Member Area
  • Newsletter
  • Password Protection
  • Pinboard
  • Premium Support

Benefits of a free website at hPage.

  • Here are short but significant things to note about Hpage. Build your website as a starter for which you need not pay anything.
  • If needed, switch to premium features anytime.
  • You can start your website even without any knowledge of coding or expertise in the dynamic programming concepts.
  • It’s always good to handle your projects on your own rather than giving your website to some other developer/programmers for upgrades or technical changes. Hpage gets you rid of such vulnerabilities.
  • Developing your website using Hpage is so easy that you can accomplish it within minutes, that too, making your website live at the same moment.

File storage. Every website at hPage has an ample amount of storage space to store photos, videos, and other files. The system automatically sorts them into their own categorical folders.