How Can One Use SMS Marketing

The millennial generation thrives on SMS marketing which would’ve seemed like an outlandish concept once upon a time. Being glued to their phones facilitates the purpose of marketing through SMS. People are always staying abreast of the notification on their phones through social media, emails and transactional SMS.

However, the frequency of checking one’s email is not as dynamic as SMS or other updates. The growing dependency on phones has opened a new model of marketing for brands. Mobile marketing is also instrumental, but the customer’s phone must receive the input and optimized for this ad. That is the only way a customer will return and make an investment.

Most people ridicule the concept of marketing via SMS. They think that email systems are more streamlined. However, mobile marketing is watered down with conversions, clients and other revenues. On the other hand, SMS marketing is growing and awaiting people to invest in it. Transactional SMS has led the audience to be more alert and hands-on with their messages, uplifting the overall SMS marketing scenario. Research suggests that SMS marketing engages a maximum number of people. It has surpassed Instagram as a design of marketing as well.HOW CAN ONE USE SMS MARKETING

In-Depth Understanding

The recent times have debunked notions that state that text messages are a thing of the past. Usage of promotional messages has become a widespread phenomenon. The process begins with the consumer opting an automated system by texting an initial short code. When this text is received, that individual’s number is stored on the marketing software. The system responds with a confirmation message regarding their subscription. The customers can choose to opt-out at any given point.

The rationale behind SMS marketing is to build a database with subscribers and amplify customer loyalty. SMS marketing is a boon to facilitate close range marketing, implying immediate offers in one’s vicinity. Other than expediting sales, these messages come in handy as reminders. People can shoot them to notify others regarding upcoming events, sales or take polls.

60% of customers ideally prefer being notified via SMS. Emails and push-notification services do not offer as much efficacy. Plenty of delivery forums enable easy segmentation and management, traversing the most relevant messages to those who are likely to convert. SMS marketing is also much cheaper in comparison to other modes of marketing. Hence, SMS marketing is a proactive approach that is known to yield desired results.

Things To Keep In Mind

SMS marketing can prove its efficacy considering a few facets first. The golden rule to ensure good results is by obtaining permission from the contacts to promote a smooth flow of messages. For the method to be effective, the messages should not reach people who are reluctant to receive them.

Making a mental note of the timing is essential. Unlike emails which are not checked rapidly, text messages are. Sending them at odd hours may induce a negative response. There is no point in notifying someone about ongoing sales or new offers at 4 am.

Some countries have also laid out special laws regarding distinct hours when companies can message customers.

Including crucial information like the name of the company, location, and a contact number are imperative. Bulk messages can often overlook these small yet critical details. Imagine a situation where a customer receives a promotion code, but there is no forwarding link to redeem it.

Advantages Of SMS Marketing

1) Most adults in a contemporary world own a cellphone and are not afraid to use it. Ample screen time means there is massive engagement, and people will heed these messages more.

2) This level of engagement ensures notice ability under 3 minutes without fail.

3) Countries that do not have ample wifi and promote expensive data plans preferably opt for SMS as a channel of information.

4) It easily syncs with other channels such as social media and email. Having excellent compatibility gives it an edge.

5) SMS is a great way to receive customer feedback and send out surveys regarding the same. Most customers respond to SMS based surveys within 5 minutes.

6) It is a brilliant technique to indulge more customers as timely updates regarding the brand. They like to know when the new collection drops or when the sale season begins.


In conclusion, we have established that SMS marketing is a brilliant and inexpensive mode of reaching people, creating awareness about a brand. By adding links to these texts, people end up saving time which is an attractive proposition.