10 Best Gmail Tips and Tricks to Use Gmail Like a Pro

How often did it strike your lobes to find something tremendous with Gmail? Well, I have no comment to this… because I was also one of such busy fellows to check my emails and forward the messages. Who’s got the time to find something extraordinary with Gmail? I barely have time to set my alarm on my smartphone. But, wait… I found out about these things and today I am going to get this Best Gmail Tips to Use Gmail like Pro that definitely is enough to surprise the person sitting beside or behind your desk.

Now, who doesn’t have a Gmail account these days? The answer is probably nobody (The ones who are on internet dependent regularly or occasionally). An authorized Google account is what you need to have today so as to avail the other internet facilities like being a twitteratti or a Facebook fan. Even to have some app downloaded on your smartphone, you’ll necessarily need one.

Best Gmail Tips and Tricks To Use Gmail Like a Pro

And I can say without any second guess, no matter how deep you go into it, you always are going to miss out on something tricky and amazing part. Who knows, what else does Google Mail service offers apart from that terabyte storage to get your data and emails safe. Let use dive in to know more.


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Got a Slowed Down net? Try HTML Version Of Gmail

It is quite unusual seeing HTML version of Gmail in the tips section, but believes me, it comes in handy sometimes. Most efficient when you have a slow connection and Gmail takes much longer than normal days. The solution is to switch to the view to “Basic HTML View”.You will feel deprived of some advanced features like Chat, Keyboard Shortcuts, Importing or Adding Contacts including the Rich Formatting. But, it saves you time for sure, and time is money Remember.

Accessing Large Emails

Have you done a wider search staying inside the Gmail or should I call it, the Gmail Inbox? Well, Google is well-known for its wider search potential that not many of us knew about till now. Google offers many helpful search shortcuts. Running out of Drive Space? Want to remove excessive and useless emails? Make an advance search for the bulk emails, follow these steps:

Type, “size:(X)m” in the search box, you will see all emails bigger than the ‘X’ which, here is the size of the emails in Mb that you want to find and delete. Demo Syntax: “size:5m” will list you all the emails bigger than 5 Mb in size.

Enabling Authentication Icon for Verified Senders

What spammers do to socially engineer you is they disguise themselves as legit companies. You may fall victim to such fraudulent emails easily if don’t authenticate the users. Google has the additional feature for users to self-defend themselves from any threatening emails. See how to enable “Authentication icon for verified senders” lab

When you enable this feature, a special key icon next to the received emails is displayed. The next time you receive emails from websites claiming they are from eBay, Amazon, or PayPal, you should be aware of them phishing emails, a legitimate brand will never ask you for your password or Credit information. The icon will be displayed whenever the mail is from a genuine sender, and if it’s not visible, you need not open it even, it’s a spam.

Follow me to Enable the Lab

  • Open your Gmail.
  • On the top right part, find Settings (the Gear-like icon).
  • Click Settings>Choose Labs.
  • In the “Authentication icon for verified senders” section, Choose“Enable”.
  • Finally, scroll down to the end of the page and click “Save Changes”.

Undo Send

Have you ever tried reversing a sent mail? I believe no. Well, do try it this one time.Anyone can commit a mistake, you curated a mail for some important person, but you mishit the recipient. What do you do? This is what you need to do.

Turn-On Undo Send” first

  • Open Gmail again, on the top right panel, click Settings (Gear-like icon again) and choose settings again.
  • Choose the General Tab and scroll down to see the Undo Send
  • In the “Undo Send” section, check the radio button next to “Enable Undo Send.”
  • In the “Send cancellation period” section, set the amount of time you want to set, by default, there are three options available namely for 5, 10, and 30 seconds.
  • Finally, scroll down to the bottom of the page, click Save Changes.

Once you change the settings, you’ll see the changes and an enabled option that will be visible until the last of the seconds you set in the settings.

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Get Smarter

Google was introduced as a search engine and later brought its email service for both commercial and personal purposes. Literally, Gmail gave users something better than just scrolling and sorting through their emails. The Keyword-based search eased the sorting process moreover users can take the advanced search to scale down the search limit. For instance, “Has: attachment” gets brings you all the emails with attachment or “after: Date” gets you the emails after the day you specify in the search criteria. E.g. “After: 2017/02/10” will display all the email after this date.

Canned Responses

The “Canned response” is something like you use to do with your Template. When you want to bulk mail your recipients, use, ”Canned Responses” that simply allows users to save a particular email and send the same to a number of users again and again. There will be no need to copy or paste it again. That’s what it says, you can a mail to take it out of the box repeatedly.

Here is how to enable this feature

  • Go to the settings panel and select the gear on the upper-right corner.
  • Choose “Settings” and Click “Labs”.
  • Select “Search for a lab,” and type Canned Responses in the search box.
  • After finding it, select the “Enable” radio button and Save the applied changes.

Now this time sending a canned message, take these steps in mind:

  • Compose the email and click the arrow next to the trash icon displayed at the bottom right of the Compose window.
  • Choose “Canned response”, on the menu and click “New canned response” in the submenu.
  • You are supposed to rename it as a template like “Regards” or “Acknowledgement” or something you like.

Batch Unsubscribe

Now, this is the nest and first thing I tried myself. There are millions of junk emails that not only are annoying but waste my storage space for no reason.I even forgot the reason why I subscribed and when I subscribed to such services. And forget about sorting them bulk emails individually and clicking the unsubscribe link. It will take my entire day.

Here is how to unsubscribe from all the mailers altogether.

Go to the third-party website called Unroll.me. This site will help you know all the emails and websites that you previously subscribed. Log on to your Gmail account and link it with unroll.me to allow it to get the statistics. With a click, you can get the job done.

Shift Hangout Chat to the Right

Sometimes hangout chat list gets longer there may be so many contacts to deal with. There should be if you are a busy kind of person. To shift the chat panel to the right, follow these steps I mentioned here.

Way to Enable Right Side Chat:

  • Follow the same settings, by clicking the gear and choose “Settings”.
  • Go to the “Lab” tab and scroll down to find “Right Side Chat”.
  • Check the radio button given against the “Enable” option.
  • Save the changes and go back to see the Facebook-like Chat panel.

Use Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts

Use Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts to save your efforts and time. If you are having more get-togethers with Gmail than your girlfriend, you better go for the shortcuts. With the shortcut methods like navigation, formatting texts, deleting and archiving texts you can save some minutes for sure.

Type “Shift+?” to acquire the complete list of Keyboard Shortcuts and the rest of process is as easy as to remembering the MS office keyboard shortcuts.

Follow me to turn-on Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Go to the Gear and click it to find “Settings”.
  • Find the “Keyboard shortcuts” section after scrolling a little and select the radio button against “Turn On”.
  • Exit the settings by hitting “Save Changes” button.

Note: Some keyboard shortcuts don’t seem compatible with Gmail shortcuts, be careful while connecting one.

Quick Links

When you want to a separate space for regularly contacted people, you wouldn’t want to waste your time searching the same name tomorrow that you sent a mail to yesterday today. You can place your often contacted people and links chats all under the quick links section. Many of us still use filters to sort out the emails and contacts working around with some clicks. The same can be done in a better way using the Quick Links.

By adding a Box at the Left-Hand segment, you can access the bookmarked URLs and stuff in a click.

Here is how to enable Quick Links

  • Find the Gear icon and click it.
  • Go to the settings and choose the “Lab” tab.
  • Scroll down a little and locate the “Quick Links Lab”.
  • Click the radio button to “Enable”.
  • Save Changes and Exit

Now Add Quick Linklike this

  • Navigate to the page you want to quick li
  • Click on the Quick Links lab at the bottom left-hand side.
  • In thepanel on the left-hand, opt for Add Quick Link.
  • Create a label for that Quick Link you just created.
  • Save the QL by its name finally.


These were my finds while searching for Best Gmail Tips to Use Gmail like Pro, there is so many and I am still finding out more. It is much better than knowing nothing. In fact, it did take me sometime going through, but it was worth it I am so cocksure. Have you tried them, because if you did, there are more I am going to be sharing with you.let me know if you have some other trick to save others’ time. Drop your thoughts in the comments Box.