6 Cool Extension to Make Google Chrome Start Page more Attractive

Friend’s you are here because you are finding some cool and best Extension to Make Google Chrome Start Page more Attractive. So, let’s read our article and find your query.

Most of computer users use Google Chrome browser for browsing and net surfing because Google chrome is one of the popular, fastest and best browser for computer and Smartphone’s. It make more user friendly and user fill more comfortable to use Google chrome browser because it supports lots of apps and best Google chrome extensions to perform the tasks more effective and make your experience more creative.

As we know Google chrome Start page looks in grid views by default for the websites or WebPages which we visit more repeatedly on the browser. But if you wish to make Google chrome start page more attractive with some modified look then you need to take support from some cool Extension which Make Google Chrome Start Page more Attractive.

Before Starting our list of Cool Extension to Make Google Chrome Start Page more Attractive wait a moment here. Friends if you only want to make Google Chrome background page more attractive or want to set your own wallpaper on Google chrome background then you can do this with simple steps

Simply Sign-in to Google Chrome and click on the status area, where your account picture appears. Then go to Setting > Appearance > Get Themes, after that a page in Google web store will open, simply select your desired theme and click on add to chrome that’s it.

Now I am starting our article Best Google Chrome Extensions to make Google Chrome Start page more Attractivebest Google chrome Extension

5 Best Google Chrome Extensions to make Google Chrome Start page more Attractive

Speed Dial 2 New Tab Extension

Speed Dial 2 is one of the best and most used google chrome extension that replace your default new tab page with your favorite bookmarks, apps, most viewed webpages or even browser history. one of the best features of this extension, it tracks your browsing habits and shows you the most viewed pages in the morning, afternoon, evening and night. Speed Dial 2 help to increase your productivity on internet.

Features of Speed Dial 2

  • replace your default new tab page with your favorite bookmarks, apps, most viewed webpages, browser history
  • Very clean and intuitive design
  • beautiful theme with easy customization
  • Easy organize your favorite website into boost productivity


Momentum is one of the best and most popular Google chrome new tab replacement extension which completely change the look of your chrome browser new tab page. The extension featured with some great features such as to do list, weather notification, daily goals, motivational quotes and much more. Background wallpapers of Momentum will change automatically according to time which is impress you.

Momentum Features

  • To-do list to track your tasks easily
  • updates Weather reports for your area
  • Set a goal to focus your day
  • New link widget to add your own links
  • Change background automatically according to time

iChrome new tab

iChrome new tab is another best Google chrome extension that impress every chrome user. The extension aimed to create your new tab page the way should be fast, customizable, Attractive and protective. The impressive feature of iChrome new tab chrome extension is, you can build your own start page with over 30+ widgets and dozens of stunning themes.

Features of iChrome new tab

  • 30+ widgets and dozens of stunning wallpapers and themes including the being and Webshots photo of the day
  • Multiple layout options including 1-5 fixed or variable width columns
  • Google now integration to get right information at the right place
  • Voice search option and ‘Ok Google’ hot world detection


Onefeed is another best extension to Make Google Chrome Start Page more Attractive and nice looking. Onefeed chrome extension comes with various awesome features such as, it provide you all the popular news from the web because it brings the feeds from different social networking sites, blogs to shows you on the new tab page.

The notification center keeps you updated whenever you have a new email or facebook messenger.

Features of Onefeed

  • Keep updates with new mail or facebook messages from notification center
  • Switch modes to scroll through your social feeds – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram


Currently is another beautiful Google chrome extension, offers a beautiful interface containing joust two pieces of information that are time and temperature. Once you will install this extension want to dabble with the setting to suit your location, Celsius or Fahrenheit, 12 hour or 24 hour, dark or blue background and what about seconds or animations. Once the setting is complete click on save.

Features of Currently

  • It shows time and temperature in every new tab
  • Currently is lightest and beautiful chrome extension


As appear from the name, Instatabs chrome extension would be related to Instagram. If you are doing so then you are right, Instatabs will shows your instagram feeds all the time on Google chrome start page new tab. You can play videos or like photos by double click on any photo. here you have three option to chose Instatabs layouts as grid, scrolling and single photo.

Features of Instatabs

  • View popular Images or those from people your follow
    view, comment and like images
  • Follow or unfollow people
  • support for playback Instagram videos

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