7 Most Useful Types of Apps for Today’s Mobile Creatives

Doodle. Swipe. Click.

This is how effortless it is to come up with creative projects nowadays. Thanks to the wonders of technology, people in the creative world can share their crafts easily and conveniently.

Amazing Apps

The advent of technology has brought so many gadgets and gizmos that make life easier. Tasks are done quickly and even shared faster.

No longer do creative types have to stay chained to their work desks or stay stuck in their design dungeons. The gig workforce composed of artists, designers, musicians, video wizards and other artistic beings can now create their masterpiece whenever and wherever they are.

Smartphones, tablets and other portable devices that allow these creative masters to produce creative content are a boon to the world. Moreover, the apps that tech whizzes have come up are nothing short of amazing. It seems there is an app for everything nowadays. From apps that wake you up to apps that help you sleep, your life can be run with apps from sunup to sundown.

It is also worth mentioning that the highly improved telecommunications system has enabled top telecom providers to come up with attractive packages that address the needs of the mobile community.

A roster of personal and business bundles is available, each one offering voice, SMS and internet services that can be tailored to individual needs. Flexible connectivity options that allow creative professionals to stay online, such as a speedy 4G Internet package, put control right at each user’s fingertips.

With the power combo of reliable and faster telecom services and apps galore, working while mobile has now become commonplace. If you’re one of these creative types and want to maximize the use of your phone and mobile services, here are some of this year’s popular apps to try:

1. Repix

Available on either Android or iOS platforms, this app can be downloaded to your smartphone to help you do wonders with your photos.

Crop, layer on filter, and have fun converting your pictures into fabulous works of art. Enjoy hassle-free switching between tools as you have fun choosing from 16 different filter modes and 28 brush types.

2. Adobe Edge Inspect

Cross-platform development of graphic designs can be quite tricky. With Adobe Edge Inspect, graphic designers will have the ease and convenience of viewing their work on a smartphone or tablet. Simply by pairing their desktop or laptop with these mobile devices, changes and edits can be made through the synced-in function.

3. Snapseed

Improve your photos and amplify their overall look with a variety of digital effects and filters. Snapseed allows you all these as well as one-click enhancements through its auto adjust function.

Swipe to your heart’s content through a catalog of artsy filters. Save your editing history or go back to previous actions with ease. Then share away through your fave social networking sites like Facebook and Instagram.

4. TouchRetouch

Do you want to remove that pesky speck on your selfie? You can do so with TouchRetouch.

Remove unwanted objects from your photos just by brushing them away. It’s your go-to tool for easily erasing pesky photobombers or items that inadvertently made their way into your shot.

5. Magisto

Create incredible videos on your smartphone with this free app. Available on both Android and iOS platforms, you can use this app to choose your video editing style, select what photos and videos you would want included, then scroll through its built-in music library.

Voila! You have your own video in three easy steps that you can share with your friends or followers on social media.

6. PicPlayPost

Can’t get enough of photo collages? Level up to video collages with this app.

This is a simple and free app that lets you post a video collage on your Instagram account. For example, documenting your DIY craft-making steps while giving commentaries on the side is now possible. Easy and fun, right?

7. Soundcloud

Do you want to record, upload, share and promote your own musical creation? Turn your phone into a one-stop music studio that will record your music and share it with the world or maybe to just your gaggle of fans at home.

You can also just listen and be inspired with other musician’s works on Soundcloud. You can save your favorite playlists or tracks, and simply bask in the glorious sound of other musical geniuses.

Creative Mobility

From taking and editing photos and videos to creating beautiful music, you can bet there is an app designed to accomplish just that. These tech helpers won’t turn you into Annie Leibovitz or Hans Zimmer overnight, but they can help you polish your skills up to a certain level.

More importantly, you can get the ease and convenience of creating your obra maestra in a mobile way. Portable devices like your smartphone or tablet let you choose your place of work. Regardless if it’s in the middle of an urban café or a secluded park bench, you can easily jot down ideas or key in notes as they strike you.

With unlimited internet connection and value-for-money mobile services, you can be as creative as you want, and share your magnum opus to those who matter.