Tips to Keep Your Home Safe from Criminals

The safety of your home and your family is important and cannot be ignored. Your home requires adequate security measures to protect it from unexpected crimes and give you peace of mind whenever you are not around. Planning ahead using the best home security systems can deter potential thieves and robbers.

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Sometimes installing a security system and putting up a few lights around the home may not be enough to guarantee its security. The few tips below can help you safeguard your home and everyone in it.

Trim the Shrubs along Entrances and Walkways

Dense shrubs along the entrance of the house or anywhere close to the home can become a hiding spot for robbers, most especially if it’s not well lit. They can offer cover for thieves to plan their attack. Trim them down to make them visible while enhancing your home’s curb appeal as well.

You can also be creative and plant thorny shrubs by all the windows to make it painful and difficult to break in. While doing this, install motion sensor lighting outside to turn on automatically when they sense movement. This will tip you off when intruders approach your home.

Install Smart Locks that Don’t Require Keys

There are smart locks that allow you to open your door using your mobile device, a finger scan, or keypad. You will do away with keys that can easily get lost. Installing smart locks is easy and takes a short time. You do not even need hard wiring or drilling. Although they are a bit expensive, the benefits outweigh the drawbacks. These smart devices can record the time and date of code entries to help you know who entered your home.

Install Video Door Bells

When burglars manage to enter your home, they will try to ring the doorbell to find out whether you are home or not. This old trick is still popular until now. But you can counter this by installing a smart doorbell that will make them believe you are home when you are not.

Installing a video doorbell will show you who is at the door before you open it. The doorbell will allow you to see the person at the door, hear and speak to them from wherever you are.

Set Timers on Your TVs and Lights

No thief wants to be caught, and if they see your TV booming or the lights inside are turned on, they will not dare badge into your house. You can set timers on your TV and lights when you are away from home to prevent burglars from breaking in. Choose the lights near the windows for a perfect disguise. Electrical timers can be found in home improvement stores.

You can also choose to turn your home into a smart home which will allow you to control and monitor your TV and lights from your phone. This will create the illusion that you are home and discourage criminals from making a move.

Build a Perimeter Fence around the Home

A fence is an excellent way to ward off intruders from your property. There are plenty of different types of fences available. One of the most preferable fencings for effective security is the ornamental metal fencing which can be secured into concrete. Although they are private, with less noise interruption, solid fences may not be the right choice. They are easy to climb and hide unless you secure them using barbed wire fencing or sharp-pointed edges.

Install an Alarm System

An alarm system is a sure-fire way to protect your property and loved ones from burglars. A lot of alarm systems can be found in the market. Assess your needs carefully before you choose your best home security alarm system. A security system company can help you to evaluate your needs and install the appropriate alarm system for your home. You can deter potential criminals by plopping security signs and security system stickers on your windows and front yard.

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Set Up a Complete Home Security System

Your home needs a comprehensive home security system that includes home automation and professional monitoring. Invest in a system that will provide you with the best customer support from the provider, smart home capabilities, and extra monitoring perks.

A complete system will come with motion detector lighting that is most helpful at night. Thieves who strike in the dark are not lucky when you have motion detector lighting, especially when you have detector floodlights at the back, front and sides of your house or in hidden places.


There are plenty of ways to keep your home safe from criminals. Some techniques need planning while others require common sense to implement. Either way, it is your duty to take the initiative of ensuring your home safety. Taking the measures necessary to ensure that your home is safeguarded will be worth your efforts.

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