Importance of Checking Your Website’s Backlinks

In today’s world, everyone is trying to make money from digital means like YouTube channels, video, online shopping centers, and website making. Some people also do such stuff as a secondary source of earning. It is not easy to run the website successfully. It takes a lot of time, effort and management skills to keep it on the high rank as the competition is quite order to make your website top-ranked in the list of frequently searched ones on social media, you need a backlink checker.

What is a Backlink?

A backlink is a link on the website that is associated with the other web pages for getting a high rank, the quantity, and quality of the backlinks matter. If you have a great number of backlinks but these are not of high quality, then there will be of no use. A website with a good number of backlinks of high-quality instantly improves the ranks in google and achieves the search engine optimization.

A website with search engine optimization will appear on the first page of the search list and will gather the maximum clicks. This will ultimately lead to more earning. So, a backlink checker is required to check the status of your website.

Importance of checking your Website's backlinks

Small SEO tools is a website that is running successfully and guiding its users to achieve search engine optimization with ease. There is a large number of SEO tools offered by this website like the plagiarism checker, domain authority checker, backlink search tool, grammar checker, reverse image search tool, and much more. The purpose of all these tools is to enhance the quality of the website so that it gets a high rank.

Visit to view the backlink checker free. It is one of the most widely used free backlinks checkers. With the help of this amazing tool, you can access your current status of backlinks, and you can get the audit as well, you can track the original source of your backlinks, you can check the most liked and most viewed keyword; you can access your competitor sites.

How to use SmallSEOtools Backlink Checker?

SmallSEOtools have a number of advantages like:

  • Free to access
  • Free to use
  • Provide other SEO tools at one platform
  • Easy to use
  • No need for skill in its operation

Follow the following steps to check the backlinks of your website:

  • Get an internet connection.
  • Open the website of SmallSEOtools.
  • Search for the backlink checker tool.
  • Enter the URL of your website in the input section.
  • Tap “check backlink”.
  • The result will appear in a few seconds

Yes! It is this much simpler. This amazing tool will provide you with the first 100 backlinks that are a great figure and still, you can check more if you want.

Importance of Checking Backlinks

The importance of backlinks checking and backlink checker cannot be denied at all. The checker of backlinks is a tool of SEO, which means backlinks have a role in SEO. Following is a few main advantages of the backlink checking:

  1. To achieve search engine optimization
  2. To protect from spamming
  3. To maintain and protect the website’s reputation
  4. To protect from the penalty
  5. To access the customer’s reviews
  6. To enhance traffic on your website

To Achieve Search Engine Optimization

Google is the top search engine and to get the top rank, you need a high rank in google. Search engine optimization can be achieved by getting a high number of high-quality backlinks. This shows the great quality of the website. So always try to get high-quality backlinks in order to improve your website’s status.

To Protect from Spamming

It is a common complaint that is arousing nowadays. Any website that is improving and achieving a high rank will be hacked. This will end up in the waste of the whole effort, time, and money. Due to strong market competition, people do such wrong things, and they hack the well-managed website to gain benefits from someone else’s efforts.

To Maintain and Protect the Website’s Reputation

Some people get the wrong concept that SEO will be achieved by a large number of backlinks, and they start making efforts for it. In reality, the situation is different. A large number of backlinks with good quality is required; the poor quality backlinks can harm your reputation.

Once the reputation of any website or company is damaged, it cannot get crystal clear status as before. For this, it is mandatory to use the backlink checker to analyze your backlinks and their source.

To Protect from Penalty

If you use the backlink checker frequently, then you can check the backlinks. Otherwise, it can cause serious threats or penalties. If your backlinks are associated with the gambling sites or the sites with the foul language, then this will harm our reputation severely. Then, you also have to face the penalty from Google.

To Access the Customer’s Reviews

When you make and run a website, people see and give reviews for it. if you check your backlinks by the backlink checker regularly, then you can check the reviews of the people, too, either they are liking your content or not. In this way, you can improve your next content accordingly.

To Enhance Traffic on your Website

The good quality backlinks enhance the standard of the website and make t on top. This will eventually lead to users and viewers. If your customer trafficking is going low, then immediately use a backlink checker and access the backlinks. The backlink checker will help you in accessing which bad keyword or backlink of fowl site are you using that is reducing your traffic of viewers on the website. Immediately remove such as words and backlinks.

To Recover lost Backlinks

If you have lost some backlinks of your website, then it is not difficult to get these back. You can get these links back by the information provided by the backlink checker.

Track Competitor Backlinks

With the help of the backlink checking tool, you can access the backlink status and profile of the competitor sites as well. So, you can make new strategies to overcome the situation and maintain your rank.