How To Spy On Someone’s Text Messages Without Them Knowing

There are various reasons to worry about your kids’ and spouses’ safety and privacy. Believe or not, this latest evolving world of gadgets has raised numerous vulnerabilities compromising with our online security. Managing Twitter, Facebook, Insta, Tumblr, etc. seems quite easy, but the world remains full of suspicion. In fact, the professional trades are relying solely on inet, your absence has been enjoyed more by the strangers in your building, or even your friends’ or families lives are at stake falling prey to some strange entity. At some stage, the alarm goes off, and you take a decisive action. Better to take one now, and check out How to Spy on Someone’s Text Messages without Them Knowing.

It would be a bit cynical to imagine why you ever wanted such app or software, and who on earth would you monitor? A whole lot of reasons lingers with intensifying and equalizing a number of worries. But, friends, there indeed is some definite cause behind this urgent need, and I do hope it’d work for someone’s good. Let us know what you need to have and how to get it quickly.


MSpy is a mobile Spying app or SMS Tracker App to let the worried parents and concerned employers feel at home. Now, extending the limits of use, it is easily accessible to anyone who has concerns for, about or due to some other users around or away from them. MSpy gets you access to an owner’s phone, gaining the insight of the contacts, calendars, browser history, social media accounts, messaging, call logs, etc.

Ifs and buts about mSpy

There is only one question that should be answered correctly, why is mSpy unique?

Besides the basic functionality, which undoubtedly, is provided for free by many other apps, mSpy empowers the users with additional and advanced tools and features to monitor your target mobile more in-depth. You can keep track of your target user anytime. Don’t be hasty, that’s all mentioned here. Let us get to know first how to install and get started with this out of the box and chart topper.

Installing mSpy on iPhone

No rocket science too, just a few clicks and probably 10-13 minutes are needed to install it on your device. However, if you are looking to jailbreak an iPhone, the process is slightly different as you have to have physical access to your target device. If you are going in without jailbreak, then you’ll have to have access to the target iCloud account to sync your device, without having to access the iphone physically.

Installing mSpy on Android OS

Simple steps are all you need with android too.

  • Allow Installation from unknown sources first in Settings > Security.
  • Look for an mSpy download link from your control panel and install it following these steps.
  • Launch it, tap on some ‘Next’ buttons, and agree to the T&Cs.
  • Choose the target contact whether, Child, employee, or others and if significantly necessary, you can have a separate icon of the target device on your home screen.
  • Finishing the installation, press “Allow.”
  • A dialog box may pop up asking for access, just tap “Allow” and enter the Registration Id from your Panel.
  • Restart your device, and you’ll be ready to go.

mSpy Buying guide

  • mSpy comes with three payment plans, which are indeed a value for money. These are $29.99 per month and vary from $69.99 to $199.99 with an extended toolset for the quarterly and yearly subscription. If you have multi-devices to track, then opt for the family package (to monitor three devices at once), with either a 6-month ($359.97) or a 12-month plan ($479.97).
  • After getting done with payment, you get the necessary formality to checks like email confirmation and authentication details.
  • Once, you log on to your account; you need to select whether you wish to continue with or without jailbreaking the device.
  • Keeping the details abstracted, the “without jailbreak” method allows you access to some features. However, with the “jailbreak” selection, you’ll have a thorough process to follow.

What do you get in mSpy?

  • Forget about Jailbreak: If you have access to the iCloud account, you need not have jailbroken the target phone. Well, this feature is what the other apps missed and mSPy didn’t.
  • Access Remotely: Meaning you can access the details and records on the target device from anywhere and anytime without being in the vicinity or a specific range.
  • Access Browser History: Track the activities of users and see what they are up to using mSpy. You can add restrictions on some websites that you consider are harmful or objectionable for the kids or the user is not supposed to have access to.
  • Hijacking Online Accounts: You have access to the target users, so you are the co-owner of user’s media accounts including the messaging apps and social media accounts from Viber, snapchat, to Twitter and Skype, etc.
  • Access to Installed Apps: You have the record of all the currently installed apps and can track their usage and purpose.
  • Media Control: From Notes to Images and videos, you get everything on your monitor through the user’s control panel.
  • Access to Contacts/Address Book: Logs and calls, new addresses added or currently in use contacts are visible to you, because you own the authority now.
  • Detailed Analysis: You can even set up a request to get period detailed updates and analysis of all the activities of the phone.
  • Call Details: you have easy access to the detailed history of the calls received, made, missed, and its duration on the target users’ phone.
  • Text Message Control: You get all the notifications about who is communicating with your kids and family persons and allow or block the unknown numbers as per your concern.
  • Email Control: To get all the emails record like the sent ones, received ones, and the ones in the drafts, and what resides in those emails, keep checking your control notification regularly after syncing. (The prominent feature of mSpy for professionals)
  • Geo-Tracking: You can receive exact coordinates and GPS details of a user through mSpy. (Mostly, parents are the ones with benefits, since they need to keep a full eye on kids now and then).
  • Geo-Fencing Alerts: And for the seriously concerned parents, mSpy helps you set bounds to prompt you a red alert whenever your kids go farther than their physical limit. You’ll be beeped by mSpy.

Final Thoughts

Despite making a positive effort, there are some snoopers and stalkers around who may leverage this app. You need to be careful and aware of the facts that some acts are illegal or may be considered unethical. The developers’ team, however, kept their best to ensure to put mSpy to some helpful and friendly use. As a friendly reminder, all I have to say is stay away from troubles and try not to get convicted for any illegal or unsociable use of this app (Misuse may get you jailed).

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