VideoProc Review: Fast Process and Edit GoPro, DJI and iPhone 4K Videos

Nowadays, people are started to show their interest completely towards shooting the videos for various purposes. It is such a common thing where we often used to see among the youngsters. Some of the people may shoot the videos for their vlogs and for other purposes. At the end of the day, they used to expect the final draft of the video should be quality. Generally, before sharing on the social platforms, people would like to edit for the better outcome. The fact is editing process may take a big part of a time in a day.

On the other side, people are also used to shoot the 4K videos as well. But the outcome they expect like without losing the quality of videos. However, most of the editors offer the final videos by reducing the quality. If you are the one who wants the UHD videos as it is without reducing the quality, then you can start to use VideoProc. Here we are going to discuss the video editor called VideoProc. Hope this review would be helpful for you to gather some idea about this editor before going for usage.

Why VideoProc?

People who want to make a video editing process of 4K videos in a simpler way. Once started using this software, you can start to experience better video editing. Also, people who expect the good result, then they can experience the fast and easier way with the support of VideoProc. This thing makes it worth and encourages you to share. People who do not want to spend much on the tools, then this could be the best option for you to choose. If you start to use, then the options like edit, trim, cut, split, resize 4K video without quality loss and others make you experience the better user experience.

Insanely fast: It is considered to be the best when compared to its similar kind of tools. For information, VideoProc will start to utilize hardware acceleration in terms of video processing. It will lead to fast video processing whereas it keeps the usage of CPU low. At the same time, without stressing over the main processor and start to render the 4K videos. Also, the videos taken from DJI drones and iPhones can be converted 4k videos with 7 times faster rate.

Record the screen: If you are the one who wants to make videos for YouTube channel or looking for offering the tutorials to your followers, then it has the better option. The available of recorder will be useful in order to record the videos while playing. For instance, you can record the gameplay while playing and upload in video streaming platforms for the better reach. Also, it has the option to start and end recording of the video.

Download the videos: We actually started to use this tool for video editing purpose but the surprise we got from this tool is downloading feature. All you need to do is copy the URL of the video from any platforms like Facebook, Vimeo, YouTube and others and paste it to download. Even the videos with Ultra High Definition can be downloaded without experiencing any difficulties. So, whenever you are looking for videos to download from social media sites, then this tool can also be helpful in a better way.

Easy to Process Video from DJI drones, GoPro and Phones

When it comes to handling ProTune mode in GoPro, then it will generate larger video files at the end. However, by using VideoProc, you can start to convert the files into smaller without the losing the quality. or convert 4K HEVC to H.264 for free playback anywhere anytime. Also, you can start to edit the footage after some time as per your wish. With the support of this tool, you can also start to crop the videos and remove the unnecessary portions which are available in the videos.

Also, this tool helps to support all the types of videos, DVDs and audios. The highlight is you can also convert into any video format as per the choice and need. This amazing software will also be helpful for getting the shaky footages in order to get the great video quality.

Final words

Looking for the better video editor for your videos to trim or edit or whatever you want to do, then you can start to use VideoProc. After our successful usage, we experienced the best result in terms of offering good quality videos. So, you can use this software for its features for getting a good quality result at the end.