How to Fix ERR_CONNECTION_RESET In Chrome [100% Solve]

If you have a desk job, or you are a student doing research sitting in your college or school, you must have come across this problem at least for once. The connection reset message on your browser. And believe me, when you are browsing web staying connected through your dealing with dangling LAN cables and blinking Switches at your workplace, the scenarios get quite frustrating. Don’t wait up for someone from Tech support to help you out. When you have a curiosity to fix this problem, you must get it fixed right away. Here is How to Fix ERR_CONNECTION_RESET Chrome Error.

This error, in technical terms, is coded as Error 101 which you would be familiar with if meeting this message has become quite a habit for you.To help you further with this How to Guide, I’ll put some methods on the show that will troubleshoot your browser. Simple to follow, and easy to set up. But first, let us have a gander at what’s causing you pain.

ERR_CONNECTION_RESET Chrome Error-Possible Causes

  • This commonly pain-causing message has several reasons behind that you need to know for future.Error-101 appears on your screen because:
  • The destination website is unable to establish a connection.
  • There might be a server connection with your destination website due to overload of resource usage. (It means, there is something you can’t do to fixbut wait).
  • Third-Party applications that are taking away all your network stream (Antivirus/Firewalls/Extensions/Plug-ins).
  • Change of Network from LAN to Wi-Fi.
  • The LAN Cable at your end is faltered.
  • Plenty of Physical reasons related to Topology (That are also out of your hands unless you are a network engineer).

Doing this would definitely ward some stress off you.

Disable Antivirus Software

Well, try to get to the problem that is easy to cope with, let’s try disabling your Antivirus programs because sometimes, this often hinders some applications from working properly. Launch your antivirus program and disable it from the system tray or through the UI.

Delete Browser History/Cached Browser Files and Data

If the above two solutions don’t seem to work, you need to perform this option. There is a possibility of data redundancy in cached files and stored data which are causing your browser to under perform.

Follow the given steps to clear the Cache files. 

  • Launch Google Chrome and go to three vertical dots(settings) and select More Tools>>Browsing Data or press Ctrl+Shift+Del.
  • Choose to clear all the browsing data.
  • Check all the boxes and select “The Beginning of Time” and press clear.

Disabling Proxy

Press Windows+R and go to Run-Command.

Type intcpl.cpl and hit enter to open Internet Properties.

Navigate to Connections Tab and Click LAN Settings.

Uncheck Use your Proxy Server for your LAN

Keep the Automatically Detect Settings

Press Apply and OK.

Restart your System and Launch your Browser to See if the error is gone.


Many chrome users on windows have found this fix to work for them by just entering a command in the command prompt (CMD). This command reset WINSOCK and therefore resolves configuration error in some time. Follow given steps…

Open command prompt :- first press Windows+R to open RUN dialogue bos and type ‘cmd.exe’ in the Run dialogue box and press Enter.(windows 10 user can simply type CMD in the search app in task bar to open command prompt)

Once the command prompt opened, simply type the given command in command prompt and press Enter

‘metsh winsock reset catalog’

Now reset your PC and try to visit the website that produces the error in google chrome. Hope everything works fine for you.

Reset Browser Settings to Default

Google Chrome ERR_CONNECTION_RESET Error Message sometimes also appear due to obsolete browser configuration or overridden/changed browser settings.Easiest and most convenient way to fixing Error 101 in Google Chrome is to reset the properties to Default.

Following are the steps to do so

  • Navigate to the top right section of Chrome and click settings (third option from the bottom)of browser.
  • Scroll down further and reach the bottom of the page to see Advanced Settings.
  • The in the Reset and Clean-up section.
  • Choose to restore settings to their original default >> Reset Settings.
  • Shortcut URL for reset settings: chrome://settings/resetProfileSettings

If nothing seems to fix this, then you need to upgrade your browser and install the latest version of Google Chrome. To see if the current version of browser needs a fix, I suggest you install a new upgraded version of Google Chrome.You can get further update confirmation from here chrome://settings/help

These three methods explained above are enough to make it work for your browser error. I will be delivering some more on How to Fix ERR_CONNECTION_RESET Chrome Error and other related errors and their fixes.How helpful is this guide to you, don’t forget to write me about it.Comments box is waiting, as am I. See you very soon.