How to Find Right Products or Affiliate Programs to Promote for Your Blog

Affiliate marketers are always on a hunting mission for profitable products to promote and make money from.

No doubt, the web is filled with tons of products that offer affiliate programs for those who care to join; Affiliate programs that are spread across many niches.

Like many super affiliates do, you need to be careful about the product you promote and dedicate enough time to find the most suitable affiliate program for your website.

Many affiliate marketers fail because they pick the wrong affiliate product to endorse, and they end up hurting their own reputation.

The Basics of Affiliate Product Finding

You should keep in mind that when you pick an affiliate product you shouldn’t just look at the commission percentage or the product’s price to determine how profitable the product is.

There are many factors beside the price that can tell you if the affiliate product is indeed a money maker:

  1. The reputation of the product
  2. The quality of the product
  3. The affiliate commission being offered

The product’s reputation is perhaps the most important factor any affiliate marketer should consider before joining any affiliate program.

Products with excellent customer support tend to sell more, even if it has bugs or flaws.

People understand that this is part of any product and they count on customer and technical support to address their questions promptly and work on solving those issues.

If the product has bad reputation then it will generate a massive number of refunds and start to sell less as the time goes.

The danger of high refund rates for any product is that you will forfeit your affiliate commission as it has to be refunded as well, so you end up losing the time and perhaps the money you invested to generate the sale.

The product’s quality is also something that can either hurt you as an affiliate marketer or be beneficial to you.

Too many bugs and flaws and the inability of the product to provide the solutions it claims will make people agitated, and this is translated into high refund rates.

Whenever possible, use the product yourself before recommending it to your visitors.

If you can get your hands on a free review copy then it is all the better. This way you don’t commit to it before knowing what it really is.

Or you could just buy it and if it didn’t meet your standards then refund it and don’t join its affiliate program.

The affiliate commission should be the last thing you look at; of course you want high commissions on your affiliate product to make the most money out of it.

For example, many affiliate marketers choose to promote products on Amazon even though their commissions are as low as 4%.

But they know that most products on Amazon are of high quality and that leads to more and more people buying and therefore more money for the affiliate.

Finding Affiliate Programs on Networks

Affiliate networks are companies that host hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of products in every niche imaginable.

As an affiliate marketer you can freely sign up to these affiliate networks and gain access to their marketplace of products.

The leading affiliate marketing networks are:

  • Amazon
  • Clickbank
  • ShareASale
  • Commission Junction

There are many other affiliate networks, but those stand out as being the most used by affiliates. you can read our other article on ” Top and Best Affiliate Programs for Bloggers

I am going to show you how to pick your affiliate product on both Amazon and Clickbank.

Finding Profitable Affiliate Products on Amazon

Head to and type in your niche keyword:

Look for products with high number of reviews:

Those are more established products, and by reading the reviews left by customers you can know how the market perceives them.

Of course you can still promote products with small number of reviews, but you will have to read more about it.

New products do sell well especially if they are good, but if you are a beginner affiliate marketer then try to avoid them if you can.

Established affiliates can sell new products because people trust their recommendations and they will be more willing to try it out.

Of course, which product you choose to promote will depend greatly on how well it fits into your affiliate website.

For example, if your affiliate website provides recipes for weight loss then you are better off with products that are relevant to recipes, like recipes for protein shakes and so on…

That means that you need to find the suitable products for your niche first, and then pick the one with the higher reviews and not the other way around.

Finding Profitable Affiliate Products on Clickbank

Clickbank is yet another established affiliate network, known for its timely payments for affiliates and for the thousands of products they have in their marketplace.

Open Clickbank’s Marketplace and browse to your niche’s category:

From the huge number of products you will find, you need to know how Clickbank rates each one of them so that you can make an informed decision when selecting your products.

Unlike Amazon, Clickbank doesn’t have “reviews count” to give you an idea of how well a product sells or how good the customers found it.

Clickbank instead has a “Gravity” value; this value tells the affiliates how many sales the product generated through other affiliate marketers.

NOT how many sales it got in general, but the sales only generated by other affiliates.

The worst performing product has a gravity of 0 and the higher this number is the better, 500 being a really outstanding product with a massive track record of sales.

Ideally you will be looking to promote products with 30 or more gravity, but that shouldn’t stop you from promoting products with zero gravity.

Products with zero gravity could simply mean they are new or just an undiscovered gem.

Clickbank lists the gravity of any product along with how much money you will be making (your affiliate commission).

If you find a product with high gravity like those highlighted and offers high commissions then you could pick it and do further research to see if it is suitable for your affiliate website’s visitors.

As you can see, each affiliate network has its own way of judging the product’s profitability, and you should learn about the values that each marketplace offers you.

And use these values to pick the most profitable affiliate product to promote.

In Conclusion

Searching for affiliate programs and finding the profitable ones is not a rocket science, but it still requires further research on many fronts like discussed above.

Many affiliate marketing courses can help you dig the gem out of the ground by providing strategies and tools to compare various products so you can know which one is best.

When you master the skill of finding a niche and finding affiliate products, you will find that affiliate marketing becomes more and more easy. And the rest of your affiliate marketing campaign will run smoother.