Everything you Should Know About FAU-G | FAUG vs PUBG

Launched on India’s 72nd Republic Day and action-packed Fearless and United Guards is already a hit now. From 5 million+ registrations to 300k downloads, from top FAU-G Features to its specialties, here is everything you should know about FAU-G.

There is much more to this Made-in India Game besides than just battling and guarding your territory. Launched on 26th January 2021, FAU-G is developed by nCore Games (A Bangalore-based Company). Rumors had it that PUBG is going to be relaunched in India soon. The final nail was pushed by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology by prohibiting 118 Chinese apps permanently.

Why Play FAUG?

Why Not..? Well, it would be a grave mistake if you missed FAU-G. The game is based on the storyline of Indian Army soldiers and their challenges in Galwan Valley while protecting us. This action-packed game portrays a real-life feud between the Indian soldiers and Chinese troops (besides the enemy on the left end). This game is much hyped because it’s different from its counterpart and doesn’t come in a Battle Royale Game Mode.FAUG Game

Fearless And United Guards features a single-player campaign mode. Knock-knock..; Indian Film stars have already tweeted about FAU-G. So, there must be something worth checking out in Fearless and United Guards. The game has a couple of dedications for Indian soldiers and that’s why developers have tagged #Atmanirbharbharat and Bhaarat ke Veer. On the plus side, this is India’s first battle game that highlights real lives of our soldiers.

FAU-G Features and Requirements

Some of the best FAU-G features include not-too-bad graphics, and a compelling storyline. Every patriotic gamer would like to try it in deed. The game packs in hand-to-hand combat and weaponry action altogether where you enter the battlezone bare-handed and need to snatch weapons from your enemies.

  • It’s a single player combat.
  • It’s more of a FPS game that you can play individually
  • Doesn’t support iOS.
  • Installer Size-46 MB (Android)
  • In-app purchases (up to INR 1999)

The Game will require access to:

  • Storage
  • Photo gallery
  • Media gallery
  • Network settings
  • Full network access
  • View Network Connections and prevent the device from sleeping.
  • FAU-G mobile game comes with in 500 MB to 2 GB in size.
  • OS Supported- Android 8.0 or above
  • RAM – 4GB
  • A stable Internet connection

FAUG vs PUBG, Is it really worth it? 

pubg vs faug

Earlier, I thought there was some spot on competition while talking about PUBG vs FAU-G, but I guess I was wrong. FAU-G being in its starting phase has a long distance to cover in terms of graphics and gameplay. Nothing in this game is more attractive than the Turbanator soldier with Sunny Deol’s voice (reminds me of the movie Border). This game is a whole different form of PUBG with only one map to navigate through (Galwan Valley). Let’s hope to get plenty of added features in the coming days.

  • A few things that the game lacks is the Battle Royale Mode and several missions. FAU-G focuses on linear tasks and episodes progressing through the story, which can be played on multiplayer mode.
  • Running smoothly on Android 8.0 and up, FAU-G is a full-fledged game that won’t support previous versions of Android OS.

What’s More to Expect?

Despite the game developers have made a great deal of effort, the gaming community more understands the features expected in its future updates. So, we’ll have to wait until the next patches and hope that this Made-In-India game gets more attention and appreciation from the Indian gamers.

As of now, the main problems users have found so far are lack of movement controls, absence of Multiplayer mode, and of course, hi-tech weapons, and maps.

The Bright Side

This game is Military based which means you can expect future updates to bring your multiplayer mode besides support for iOS devices. Even though the game doesn’t have much in terms of options, you can consider that the developers are still bringing new stuff to dance. Meanwhile, Two character skins, average graphics, limited weapons, and a single map to explore are all you get in the current FAU-G version.