Comedian Paul Rodriguez Cuts an Ad for Romney

Mexican American actor/comedian Paul Rodriguez cut a radio ad this week for Mitt Romney in Spanish. You can listen to the ad by clicking here. This isn’t the first time Rodriguez has ventured into the political space. He’s been involved in water issues in California’s Central Valley, and in 2010, he endorsed Republican Meg Whitman, who was running for governor against Jerry Brown.

It’s uncertain if this ad will make much of a difference in Romney’s Latino outreach at this point. Recent polls who President Obama leading Romney in the Latino vote by wide margins, 67% – 23%. But this ad does show that Romney is still somewhat focused on reaching Spanish-speaking Latinos.

Here is a translation of the Paul Rodriguez ad:

“Hi friends, I’m comedian Paul Rodriguez. This election we’re deciding what kind of future we are leaving our children. The Hispanics sacrifice because we believe in the promise of this great country. But President Obama has led us toward more unemployment, more poverty, and an exorbitant debt that puts our future at risk. The question that we have to ask is “are we going to leave our children in a country that has less opportunity?” I don’t belong to a political party, but I believe in the United States where there is an opportunity for everyone. And this is why I’m supporting Mitt Romney. Mitt Romney has a plan to create 12 million jobs, reduce the debt, and reform education. President Obama tried, but he couldn’t do it. Democracy allows us to take a new path. For the future of our country and for the future of our children, I’m voting for Mitt Romney.”