Game Changers

Politic365 Game Changer. [pol-i-tik three siks fahyv geym cheynjer] noun, adjective, verb

  1. Someone who, through keen focus, innovative ideas, and progressive action and advocacy, is actively engaged in shaping and improving America’s social, economic, and political landscape.
  2. A member of an intergenerational, culturally diverse, bi-partisan class of leaders representing the public and private sectors whose visionary leadership is changing the very fabric of American life and culture.

According to Harry S. Truman, “progress occurs when courageous, skillful leaders seize the opportunity to change things for the better.”

In recognizing the power and importance of good leadership, Politic365 embarked upon a mission to identify and honor 365 individuals from across the country, all of whom are actively creating opportunities to improve the socio-economic and political climate in this country.

Whether through their social policy advocacy, political engineering, work behind the scenes at corporations large and small, or their ability to leverage their brand for the benefit of others, Politic365 Game Changers are shaping this nation in profound and dramatic ways.

In selecting our inaugural class of Game Changers, we sought to capture images of excellence from a cross-section of society. As demographics continue to shift, so too do the faces of leadership in this nation. It was, therefore, Politic365’s goal to honor those leaders who represent the very diversity of America that makes this country great – cross-cultural individuals who exemplify the best in where we are today, and the promise of where we’re headed in the future.

Leadership comes in many forms – elected and appointed officials, business leaders, policymakers, civil rights and social justice advocates, celebrities, new and traditional media personalities, academicians, entrepreneurs, scientists, technologists, innovators, and the list goes on.

The leaders who comprise Politic365’s Game Changers embody our ideals and personify vibrant leadership in this country – they strive to ‘do good and do well;’ they not only act, but they inspire; and they have mastered the art of holistic leadership, addressing the concerns of their core constituencies while looking to solve problems and confront new challenges affecting the nation at large from our point of view.

Over the next year, Politic365 will not only honor the 365 Game Changers on this list, but each day we will use our platform to further amplify their efforts and highlight the work they are doing to improve our communities and our country.

We salute the 2012 Politic365 Game Changers. They are a dynamic group of individuals, and we look forward to supporting their continued vision and leadership.