Best Apps For Travelers

There are about a million travel apps available for Apple and Android devices but you can easily throw 95% in the trash right away.
As a world globetrotter myself, I have found myself installing and immediately uninstalling apps while on the move from place to place. Some apps I have encountered aren’t really travel apps perse but can make waiting at airports and bus stations a lot more pleasant. Personally, I really enjoyed online casino apps where you can easily apply for using an online casino bonus. I actually managed to pay my entire trip to Tunisia from my poker winnings during a tournament!

Now, I won’t go in too much detail about entertaining apps such as games and casinos. After all, it’s totally up to you how you kill time while waiting around between travels.

Here is a list of 10 apps that can really make a huge difference for people who like being “on the road”.

1. Hostelworld

When avoiding high-priced hotels and looking for more affordable hostels, the Hostelworld app is the mobile app you want within reach. It does exactly what a booking app needs to do, like using filters, giving descriptions, and searching for destinations and it does so in a stylish way. The full-screen interactive map makes it simple to see if the hostel you like is close enough to where you want to go, and the all-important ratings are only a touch away.

2. Skyscanner

Skyscanner is by far my favorite app when it comes to booking flights. This mobile travel giant delves into thousands of flights and you can easily filter out the best available options. Think about; cheapest flights, shortest routes, and price stunts. Skyscanner allows you to look for weeks or months ahead when flights appear and even sends you notifications when a match pops up.

3. Loungebuddy

After spending way too much time in airports, I became kind of an expert when it comes to killing time. Of course, I always end up booking the cheapest flights to save some money, but that results in long layovers, crappy food, terrible connections, and now chance of visiting a lounge. Unless you use the Loungebuddy app. This app allows you to see if there are any freebies around at the airport you are in and what lounges you can visit for a really cheap price.

4. Airbnb

Staying in an Airbnb is like being a guest at somebody’s home. Apart from the fact that you don’t have to share the bed, toilet or dinner table, of course. This app lets you find just the place for you if you use the filters correctly. It’s also a very convenient way to get in touch with the owner before and during your stay at the Airbnb. A very slick and well-planned app for Apple and Android.

5. HotelTonight

This app helps you find the best last-minute discounts in hotels that you usually ignore because of the higher price range. It is a really user-friendly app that displays hotel reviews including pictures of the rooms. It’s easy to find hotels near you or anywhere else in the world by using the map interface. Their customer support works around the clock and helped me find a place to stay, more often than once.

6. Couchsurfing

With a little help from this Couchsurfing app, you can easily get in touch with friendly people who can offer you a couch to sleep on. It’s a great way to meet new, and mostly, like-minded people and have a totally different sleepover experience than when you are staying in a hostel. The accommodation is free of costs and that explains why you usually don’t get appointed to a room with a separate bathroom. It’s very easy to get in contact with the people who offer you a place in their home and you can check reviews and remarks from the owners as well.

7. AirHelp

Many people have been the victim of delayed or canceled flights. I am sure one of them on multiple occasions and I can tell you’ It sucks! But did you know that you can get financially compensated according to EU and US laws? This app helps you find the legal ways to make sure that you get your money back from an overbooked or canceled flight. Sure, they take 25% if the claim is successful, but that is a lot better than letting the airline giants take off with your money, right?

8. OpenRice

If you are as crazy about Asian cuisine as I am, you will love this one. OpenRice introduces you to the wide world of Asian restaurants and displays not only restaurant reviews but also their menus and booking numbers. This app only applies for Asian countries and is a great help to navigate through the vast amount of culinary temptations.

9. Trail Wallet

I used this app to keep track of my cash flow. Set a daily limit to your expenses or organize them by trip or country. Each time that I received a bill or cheque, I would put it in my phone so it automatically did my bookkeeping for me. What a lifesaver!

10. Triplt

If you send all your confirmation emails such as hotel booking confirmations, car bookings, plane tickets, etc. to this app, it will automatically convert this information to your travel schedule. This way, you will have a well-organized plan layout that will clear things right up for you. Complete with notifications and alerts, this app helped me remember all the things I should have prepared for sooner. Ideal for a worn traveler with too much on his mind.

Happy travels!

So there you have it. Make sure to be well prepared and have these apps installed before you set out in the wide world. They should be able to help you out in many surprising situations as well as in planning your ideal trip. Personally, I have them all installed on my phone and I won’t go anywhere without them.