Audials Radio iOS App Review

Do you prefer to listen radio stations on your apple device every now and then. You came to the right place then. I’ve discovered an excellent app to find various radio stations by putting in your favorite artist, genre, language, country etc.

It’s called Audials Radio. You will get around ten thousand international radio stations  like BBC Radio 2, KSFO, Heart Classic FM, WBAP, Magic, 92 KQRS and much more.

It provides initial info like genre, country and artist even before playing the song. Let me tell a bit more about Audials Radio iOS app before below. So, without any further ado let’s begin. Shall we?

Audials Radio iPhone App Overview

Audials is best app for all music lovers on Apple device without a doubt. It holds over 9,00,000 songs and pre-buffers songs to stream from radio station on your iPhone or iPad.

You can listen directly from the speakers without any headphone if you like. It lets you connect your iOS device with Bluetooth speakers as well. You can download it from iTunes for free. Alright. It’s time to learn about the key features of Audials Radio iOS app. Are you ready? Let’s start.

Audials Radio: Key Features

More than 120 Genres from around the world

You have to create an a/c or login with an existing Facebook ID to use Audio Radio app on iPhone or iPad. However, you can listen songs without any registration too. There are several options to notice in this app.

Just visit home menu and click on Radio to browse stations via countries, genres artists and more. It’s an outstanding music app with more than 120 genres worldwide. No kidding. It could be best app to explore unlimited music for iOS users at present.

Create a List of Your Favorite Stations

You can create a list of your favorite radio stations on this app easily. Just access a particular station and click on star icon to add it in the list. You can make a list of radio station to access quickly in this way.

Use Filter to Sort by Region and Genre

You can select a particular genre from the list of countries available on Audials Radio iOS app. It’s very helpful to sort music based on different genres and countries at once.

Sleep Timer

It has an alarm clock and sleep timer to close the player automatically. Isn’t it fantastic? Just click on the ‘Hamburg’ button and opt ‘Sleep Timer’. You need to select minutes between 1 to 120 to set the sleep timer, according to your choice.

Dark and Light Mode

You can change between dark and light mode by using ‘Hamburg’ button on Audials Radio to use on iPhone and iPad. It comes with a record function, which is excellent if you want to record songs, albums or playback from some other programs. Later, you can save your recording and rename if it’s necessary.

Car Mode, Video and Audio Podcasts

You’ll get a car mode, video and audio podcasts alongside 120K programs, millions of episodes and much more. Also, it provides news, videogames (previews), comedy, science, movies, sports language etc. Audials Radio is a spectacular iOS app for listening your favourite music for free of charge.

Special Add-on for Your Entertainment

You will get over thousand of podcasts on Audials Radio iOs app. It lets you find your favourite podcasts with a text search option to play the episodes even before downloading.

How do you record Music from Audio Streaming and Internet Radios?

There are numerous ways to record music online. But Audials makes it even easier to record your favourite music, unlike any other apps. I am going to tell you how to record music from audio streaming and internet radios with step by step details below.

How to Record Streaming Music as MP3?

Audials Tunebite Premuim lets you record all of your favorite songs from popular streaming platforms such as Spotify, Deezer, Amazon, Napster, Apple Music etc. You can convert all downloaded files to Mp3 to access all songs on any device later.  It means that you will be able to play on Android, iOS, Windows, Mac and game consoles (PS4, Xbox).

You may come across many tools for downloading Mp3 files from Spotify on the web till now. But most of these tools download videos from YouTube, extract audio and provide it as Mp3 to the users. It’s not just bad quality, but it recorded from cover or concert.

Audials Tunebite is the only software which allows its users to download songs from Spotify at double speed.  It offers lyrics, ID tags and album covers along with

Automatic song recognition and song separation to provide users a wonderful experience.

Audials Tunebite Premium is the best software to distinguish audio regularly. Also, it labels tracks and names them in the best possible way for the users. no need to edit tracks, therefore.

As I mentioned before that you can record streaming audio and save songs in Mp3 format. It works with Spotify and other popular streaming sites too.  Audials Tunebite Premium allows you to record playlists from social radio stations, i.e. It records music automatically when you’re browsing music sites, and saved on your computer to be converted and tagged afterwards.

In Conclusion

I’ve shared with you everything that you need to know about Audials Radio iOS app to stream and record music. It won’t be wrong to consider it as one of the best free music app for iOS users currently.

The app has clean, simple and user-friendly interface for listening to your favorite music. You can set a particular time to turn it off automatically.

Audials Radio is a free app, and it’s available on iTunes for free. You won’t see any ads or in-app purchase offer in the app. I recommend you to try this app  on your iOS device even at least once. Did you find it useful? Kindly share this article with your friends on social media so that they can enjoy Audials Radio app as well.

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