Ivacy VPN Review 2019

The world of internet is rife with hacking incidents causing number of victims to end up with lifelong trauma. In the fathomless darkness of scamming, sniffing, snooping, and hacking, Ivacy maintain its position as a guiding star on the horizon of internet freedom. Since its birth in 2007, Ivacy has been endeavoring to safeguard the privacy and information of its ever-growing pool of subscribers. Its award winning status along with high customer satisfaction rate serve as the evidence of its supremacy. This post is aimed to unpack its prominent offers and features with spotlight on its military-grade protection.

Why do you need a VPN?

Hackers and snoopers are getting increasingly equipped with the knowledge and advanced tools required to break into your privacy. Prevalence of public Wi-Fi has further intensified the threats relating to data security. Everything that you share, browse, or stream over an open source data connection is at a high risk of surveillance. Even your ISP can have a clue about your browsing and streaming habits from your repeated requests and the time spent on each web-page remaining into its logs. There is nothing you can do to remove these traces once left either due to your negligence or overconfidence.

A VPN creates trouble for predators by creating an encrypted tunnel through which the data goes back and forth as you browse or stream. As your VPN routes your data from the encrypted tunnel, it makes it impossible for anyone to spy on your online activities. To say differently, it masks your online identity and heightens your internet freedom. Therefore, keep your guards up and never forget to arm your devices with a reliable – yes, only a reliable VPN service.

Why only Ivacy VPN

It is as important to choose the right service provider as to realize the importance of protecting your connection. However, it is not a child’s play as the market abounds with the tall claimers that can hardly uphold their commitments. You may subscribe for a seemingly fully fledged provider being trapped by its deceptive yet outstanding portrayal of its functions and features only to discover later about its devastating fallibility. Beware of scammers and only rely on a highly trusted name. Here, I will show you what makes Ivacy stand apart from its rivals and how it deserves to be your top choice:

256 bit encryption key

Ivacy offers state of the art protection with its invincible 256 bit data encryption key. With such reliable security gateway, you leave nothing for the hackers to feel tempted. Sophistication of the security key makes it impossible for the hackers to ever make a close guess. This is one of the rarest ability as most of VPN providers take the strength of security key for granted despite its high vitality. However, Ivacy VPN, with its mission to have the dream of unadulterated internet-freedom come true, ensures that no security loophole is left to invite the hackers or snoopers.


It is common even with some high-profile service providers to expose the subscribers, without knowing them, to critical security threats as they happen to lose the connection with their VPN provider. These glitches have left number of users in an utter state of devastation in past by giving the hackers a fair chance to tear through their privacy. Realizing the severity of this incidence, Ivacy has introduced an additional feature namely “Kill-Switch” that comes into play after the user lose connection with IvacyVPN to disable their internet connection. The disabling of internet connection accompanied with outage of VPN saves them from the risks arising from an accidental exposure otherwise.


One of the most adorable features of Ivacy is its high compatibility making it support almost every device under the sun.


A renowned entity, BestVPN Awards 2019 had recently nominated Ivacy VPN for multiple award categories. Ivacy VPN again stood out by stealing the show with its repeated presence on the stage. Ivacy claimed first prize for the category of “Fastest VPN” and stood runner up for the categories of “Best Overall” and “Best Value”. These achievements have added significant luster to its already glittering reputation and raised its credibility to greater heights.

Innovative split-tunneling

Ivacy has also taken pride in pioneering the trends of added convenience within the domain of virtual private networking. Split-tunneling was one of the most innovative features that Ivacy VPN was first to introduce. It is same as the name implies. You can route your data through different tunnels based on your priorities. For example, you can direct the protectable sensitive information through the encrypted tunnel while the data relating to the commonly used applications running in the background through unprotected/regular channel. This will save your connection for getting unnecessarily over-burdened.

Ability to bypass geo-blocks

Online streaming is more than just a pastime for an ever growing community of online video streamers. Giant on-demand video streaming platforms like Netflix and Hulu to name only two reside in the hearts of millions of subscribers. However, several of these captivating platforms like ones mentioned before are facing geo-blocks. Some of them are not authorized outside a given territory an example of which is the ban on Netflix outside the United States while others are restricted in some selective parts of the world such as China or Russia.

Ivacy with its exhaustive list of servers included into its bundle makes bypassing geo-blocks as easy as one-two-three. All you need to do is to select the IP from a country that offers uninterrupted access to your favorite streaming platform and have unlimited fun anywhere and anytime.

Incredible pricing

Incredible as it may sound, Ivacy VPN is one of the most pocket-friendly providers in the marketplace. A two-yearly bundle will cost you as low as $2.25 per month. You may also choose to subscribe for short term plans like one yearly, six monthly, or, even, monthly package. However, it is always advisable to go with long term plans as they are comparatively more budget-friendly and let you avoid the hassle of going through repeated renewal processes.

Key Takeaway

Ivacy VPN is a complete package and one of the most reliable names. Make it part of your browsing experience to make your life easier.